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My Background

I went through a lot of challenging situations in my life, including being raised in a verbally abusive environment, nearly dying from ulcerative cholitis, dealing with panic attacks, chronic anxiety, depression and  obsessive compulsive disorder, as well as very painful relationship break-ups. I started having many psychic dreams. Then I had my first out-of-body experience over 15 years ago. It really grabbed my attention and I wanted to know what happened. So I started researching and buying and reading countless books and watching endless videos on souls, soul mates, reincarnation, astral travel, spirit guides, angels, psychic development, and everything spiritual. 

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My Journey Begins

I wanted to find out why things happened the way they did and what my life purpose was. So, I started seeing my spiritual teacher, Caroline McIntosh. She helped me realize everything I went through was on-the-job training for the work I was going to be doing to help others. Over many months, she trained me so I could guide others through their turbulence, help them realize their full potential and discover their life purpose, and finally empower them to be their own pilot and take control of their lives. Last time I saw her, she said she saw Moses in me; someone who was going to help lead others to where they need to go. She told me part of the money I paid her to train me, she used in part to pay for a table at a holistic fair that weekend. Since we were at the point where my training was done and I was going to start working with others, she asked me to assist her at the fair the next morning. I agreed and I told her I'll see her in the soul world since it was getting late. I showed up at the fair the next morning only to find out she passed away over night. When I got there, I was reminded of what her answer to every question was; "What Would Love Do?" I stayed and offered my help.

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My Journey Starts to Take Off

Over the year that followed, I started offering life reviews and past life regressions. got business cards made for myself, as well as pamphlets, and started building this website. I also started working with spiritual facilitator Lizanne Leclair. She had a spiritual development shop called VERE:Golden Journey that featured a variety of spiritually-empowering and healing services, including twice-weekly meditations, weekly drumming circles, and weekly sharing/healing circles for men and women. I was motivated to study and became a Certified Meditation Instructor and Master Life Coach. She saw the consistent growth in me, and allowed me to work out of her shop and to co- facilitate her men's healing group every Sunday at 1. Shortly after that, the other co-facilitator, Doug Sharpe, also saw something special in me and gifted me his Eagle Feathers. So then I started leading the group on my own, as well as meditations there. I also began leading weekly meditations at Metamorphosis in Val Caron, as well as monthly at the Sudbury Public Library.


My Journey Takes Flight As I Started Shining Even Brighter

I went on to complete my Shaktipat soul-purifying process, which involved connecting with the elements of earth, fire, sky, water, and air, as well as the womb chakra over nearly a year. It also helped me connect with my spirit guides, especially angels. I was soon guided to go out a buy a wide variety of angel cards, which I realized after was so that I can offer angel card readings and help out anyone, no matter what they were going through, since I had such a wide variety of decks to choose from. After being attuned to the empowering and element-based healing energy of Shaktipat, I went on to learn about the Hawaiian peace-making process of Ho'Onoponpono and became a Ho'Onoponopono Teacher as well. From there, I was inspired to be attuned to the relaxing and healing energy of Reiki. As I was undergoing the transmission of energy, I remembered my first out-of-body experience when my hands and arms were being divinely placed in a certain prayer positions As it turns out, it was exactly the same position that is used during the Reiki attunement. So, I knew I was on the right path and doing exactly what I was guided and destined to do. I bought my own Reiki top-of-the-line Reiki table, set up my Reiki room, and began offering healing sessions. I went to continue my studies and become a Reiki Master Teacher.

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I'm Flying High and Have Become My Own Soul Pilot; 

Now I'm Here to Help You Learn to Fly Too

I wanted to keep learning and growing more. So, I learned about  how to open up to unlimited possibilities by becoming an Access Consciousness Bars practitioner. I continued learning a handful of other Access Bars Body Processes, which can help access and optimize your body's abilities in various areas.

I wanted to acquire even more tools that I could use to be be able to adapt and help serve anyone in any way they needed it. So I was attuned to the multi-dimensional healing modality of Shamballa. After receiving the powerful Level I Shamballa energy, I got my life in order even more and bought my first house as I focused on making my spiritual work my career.. I then received the Level II energy and I was moved to start my own youtube channel, offer daily online meditations, and put together a number of uplifting videos. After receiving the Level III energy, I added tons of new content to this website, began teaching Reiki, purchased a multitude of spiritual and angelic items to help make all of my clients feel right at home, and began offering meditations from my home as well. I was even divinely guided to officially register my business; Spiritual Healings With the Soul Pilot.

Since receiving the Level 4 attunement energy and becoming a Shamballa Master Teacher in July of 2022, I began offering even more spiritual healing products, including oracle and tarot cards, incense, diffusers, candles, essential oils, balancing sprays, and tons of other amazing products. I've been offering those items, as well as my healing services, at more and more healing fairs across Ontario. At each fair, I've been reaching and assisting more and more people as each fair has been more successful than the last. I've also been blessed to be getting more and more clients and helping more and more people locally and abroad. 

Most recently, I completed several more healing courses and have been attuned to new healing methods and energies, including Angel Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, the 7 Rays of Angels Reiki Energy System, the 15 Archangels Divine Attunement Energy Healing System, and the 20 Angel Essences Attunements Reiki System. I look forward to continuing to utilize and offer these healing energies and systems, as well as all my other healing modalities, services, and my various spiritual products to help as many more people as I can. For now, until then, and always and forever, I'm here to be of divine service and help you, and everyone else, achieve your highest potential as well. :)

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