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Dozens of Angel Decks to Choose From

I completed a nearly year-long process of energy healing called Shaktipat. It helps to purify your soul and connect with the natural elements of earth, fire, water, and air, as well as the sky. The sky element mantra helps to connect with the angels to receive guidance and telepathic communication from the loving beings that are always there for us when we ask for their help. As I was listening to angelic music and reciting my mantras in meditation for that element, I received many signs and confirmations that the angels are very connected with me. In particular, I went to bed with my diffuser light turned off, only to be awakened several hours later by an alert on my phone from a friend who liked an encouraging quote I posted online. I looked at the time and it was 3:33, which was one sign that the angels are in alignment with me, and then I was amazed to see the light on my diffuser was magically turned on! I live alone and I’m positive it was off when I went to bed, so I know it was a clear sign that the angels were and are present with me. Plus, I’ve left my computer off only to come home after work to find it on and playing angelic music! The more I meditated and chanted my mantras to connect more with the angels, the more I felt their presence surrounding me. Before long, I started getting a very strong and relentless desire for me to get some angel cards. So, I felt moved to get a wide variety of angel, guardian angel, and archangel oracle cards to work with. I didn’t question the desire as I know it was placed inside me to help myself and others with whatever help and guidance they need. I know I'm here now as a spirit guide to act as a channel for my guides and angels to speak through the cards and through me to help you along your path of fulfilling your life mission.


Giving Guidance For Every Aspect of Your Life

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So whether you’re looking for simple answers to your questions and you want some general daily guidance, or you want to focus more in-depth on certain area of your life, like financial abundance, health, career, your divine life purpose, or you want to gain more courage and motivation to pursue your dreams, I have the angel deck for you! I have angel decks that work with all the angels, and then ones that deal specifically with crystals, and then others featuring archangel Michael for inner strength, Gabriel for occupations, and Raphael for healings, as well decks where you can receive guidance from powerful ascended masters, non-denominational saints, as well as cross-cultural angelic godesses. If you feel more connected with or want to connect more with angelic nature spirits, I have a variety of fairy decks to help you with simple and more in-depth issues. For all those who love flowers and want to connect with the angelic realm of the flower kingdom, I have a deck that can offer you insightful advice, and I have a butterfly deck for those who are going through life-changing situations, like a new job or moving or something challenging and would like some inner strength and guidance on which path to take. For your children, and for those who want to connect with their own inner-child, I have a magical unicorn deck, as well as a magical dolphin and mermaid set of cards to help make your dreams come true. Plus, I have native spirit of the wheel oracle cards to help you connect with your ancestors, as well as native spirit animal cards. For those wanting to connect with and receive messages from lost loved ones, I have a powerfully healing and uplifting mediumship deck as well. If you’re struggling with an issue and can’t figure out why and you think it might be connected to a past-life, or even if you’re just interested in past lives you may have lived, I have a deck that can help you remember and find answers. Then there’s a deck I have that focuses on how you can receive messages through your dreams.


Connect With Your Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Fairies, Animal Guides, Spirit Guides, Lost Loved Ones, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Saints

I also have a lot of tarot cards to choose from, including angels, archangels, guardian angel, fairies, animals, and one where you can access your akashic hall of records, which includes every life you’ve ever lived. I even have a law of attraction deck to help you focus on what you really want and how you can manifest it, as well as a tarot deck for beginners. Finally, I have some divine light and love oracle cards featuring inspiring words from the world-renowned prophet Jesus, and one for his immaculate angelic mother, Mary. For those starting their spiritual path and are beginning to open up to their gifts, I have a deck dedicated to represent those strong-willed inspiring leaders, often referred to as indigos. So whatever answers or guidance you’re looking for, I can help you find the answers you’re looking for. 


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