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Enjoy my regular updates of important lessons I've learned in my life, along with inspirational stories from my own life. I share them in the hopes of helping and inspiring you as well. Heart donations and love offerings can be made to me by e-transfer to

Nov. 18, 2019


I had an amazing Monday. It all started with meditation at noon. One young woman came and was going through a lot of emotions. So I, along with one of her friends and regular attendees, got her to start sharing. We let her speak and gave her an opportunity to shed as many emotions as she needed to. We tried reassuring her and letting her know we were there for her and that she'd get through it. Then I decided to conduct a Hawaiian Healing modality, Ho'Oponopono, for each of us, especially for her and her relationship issues. The healing method is a way to bring peace to any person, relationship or issue and involves reciting a series of prayers. The central themes include, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you." So as we went along, I could feel how healing it was for all of us. I followed the script, but also improvised at points and made it my own. By the end of it, we all felt a lot more peaceful and calm. It was a very powerful experience. I was so happy to be of service and that I was able to help. I felt great.

The message I got from that experience was to trust yourself and improvise when you feel the need to. Learn to go with the flow. Adapt to the changing situations as best you can. Offer whatever you can when presented with them. Your best is always enough. You might just end up helping someone else a lot more than you realize.

Then I had a Reiki energy healing session in the afternoon. I had done a free one on a lady a couple weeks ago as part of Metamorphosis' one-year anniversary. My friend Liz owns the shop and gave me one of my first breaks by allowing me to lead weekly meditatoins there. This particular lady enjoyed the session so much that she decided to come back. It was another very powerful and humbling experience. She felt a lot more relaxed and at peace later. She even told me after the first session, she went home and took a nap! That's how relaxed she was! She enjoyed this one as well. We chatted a little more later and she expressed an interest in meeting with me again to find out whatever services I can provide her to help her out. She even mentioned being interested in receiving life-coaching to help her on her path. I was so humbled to hear that she trusted in me that much already and wants to do even more work with me. I haven't done much life-coaching yet, so I think this might end up being a great learning experience for the both of us. I'll get even more experience, and she'll get the guidance she needs. It's a win-win for the both of us.

Afterwards, I was getting ready to go to Golden Journey's weekly Ho'Oponopono meeting. The shop owner, Lizanne, messaged me to let me know she couldn't make it that night. So, she wanted me to lead it. Again, I was so honoured to have been asked to lead and facilitate the group. I had a quick bite to eat and rushed over to the shop. Along the way, I felt so amazing. I really felt like I was doing the work I was meant to do. I was doing spiritual work all day, from leading meditation, an Ho'Onoponopono session, a Reiki healing session, and then another Hawaiian healing session to finish the night off.

The final session went great. Everyone loved it and felt great afterwards. I felt so much peace as well. In fact, I just started laying down and relaxing in all that peace, and so did a couple of the others. It was such an amazing day. I felt right at home and completely in my element. I know this is the work I'm meant to do. I want it to become full-time work so much, and Monday was a great example of what my future career will look like. In fact, my future career is already here in the present. One of the lady's there said she really liked my style and expressed an interest in being mentored by me! I was so humbled and honoured even more to hear that! What a gift! My spiritual work is really taking off and dreams are coming true. So many amazing things. The future is so open and full of possibilities. I look forward to working with and helping as many people as I can, and making a livelihood off of it.

Looking back over the entire day, I think the message I want to pass on to you all is to keep following your dreams. Keep following your passion. Let it lead you on your path. Keep putting in your work and time in the direction of your heart's desire. Magincal things will unfold for you. If it's true for me, it's true for you. Just keep at it. Keep going. Keep trying to better yourself, and at the same time, loving yourself the whole time for who you are and who you are becoming. Be happy and grateful for all the lessons you've learned in the past to get you where you are today, and let all of that move you forward. Let your passion fuel the rest of your journey. Don't settle. Don't doubt. Overcome those momentary moments of weakness and keep following your bliss. Before long, you'll be a living, breathing example of what's possible when you put your soul into something. You'll be living your dream. If I can do it, so can you.



Living The Life You Were Meant To Live :)

Sticking With It. Words Are Powerful :)

Nov. 17, 2019

I'm so glad I went to meditation at the main library led by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne. As soon as I got there, I saw another young man there who had stopped in for meditation a few weeks ago. He was only able to stay for a few minutes that time, so I told him about the men's group I lead at Vere : Golden Jour​ney. He tried stopping by to the group afterwards, but it just didn't work out. This time though, I sat right beside him and said we can try to meet again at the next men's group. The rest of the meditation went great and everyone found it very relaxing.

I showed up for men's group today, but a couple of my regulars weren't able to come. Thankfully though, that young man I met at meditation was able to make it. So, it was just the two of us and it gave us a chance to talk and share more. He enjoyed it so much that he said he plans on coming back and bringing a friend next time.

The message I got from all that is to keep trying no matter what. When I first starting facilitating the men's groups, no one showed up for the first six weeks. I remember Lizanne stopping by one time and reminding me that it was just a test to see how committed I was to continuing my work. I knew it then and I was determined to keep showing up, spreading the word, and making sure I was there for any man who'd end up needing a place to go. I knew how important it was to have a safe place for men to go and share. There aren't many other sharing groups specifically for men, so I knew it was necessary to provide an option for them. As men, we need to learn that it's not only ok to speak about what's really going on, but necessary, and a true sign of strength. That's really how we can all grow together.

Luckily, many months ago, I met one man at meditation and invited him to come. He started joining me every week and we shared and grew together. Then we met another man at meditation and he ended up joining us and those two soon became my regular men who come to the sharing circle. I remember at some of my first meeting with the first man, and then again when both of them were there, saying we may not have a lot of people here yet, but whoever is meant to be here will be here, that it's important to keep it going, and that it will continue to grow over time. Well now, it looks like with this new guy, we have a fourth guy to join our group, and he's going to bring another friend next time. So, that would be five of us! I'm honoured and proud that I never lost hope or stopped going. I knew it would grow eventually, and regardless, I knew the community needed something just for men. We had a women's circle, and men needed one just for them too to feel comfortable sharing with their own group as well.

So, please let this short story be a reminder to you to stick to your dreams and to your passions. Keep showing up and giving it your all. Even if you don't see immediate results, don't stop. Know that if it's your passion, things will work out every time. Everything is just an opportunity for growth and a place to bring your faith and love. So keep being the presence of love as much as you can and know that everything will work out over time. Choose your words carefully. Speak your truth. Prophesize. Speak things into reality. The more you speak the words in the direction of what you want, the more it'll make things happen. You're just adding energy to what you want. You're fueling your future dream. So make sure to say exactly what you want. Don't just say the words though; feel them. Say them with conviction and authority, like you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that things will come to pass. When you speak without fear and pure faith and knowing, you super-charge your desire. Before long, things will start manifesting for you. Even if it takes some time, or if it grows in installments, the main thing is it's growing and going in the right direction.

Here's to speaking with authority and conviction in the direction of your passion and desire. I've come so far and I plan on making this spiritual work a career. I've already started helping people and making some money, but I know it'll get even bigger. My dream of turning this love of spiritual work and helping others into a job I can live off of continues to fuel me. I speak those words regularly and when I do, I feel it on every level. I know everything has led to this and that everything will work out for my benefit and for all those involved. It's just a matter of time. I'm already on that path. It's just a matter of continuing to walk along my journey. So please continue walking your path. If it's true for me, I know it's true for you too. We're all in this together. We'll be sharing stories of inspiring successes very soon. I've already started, and I know you will too. :)




Never Give Up, The Sun Will Shine Again :)

Nov. 13, 2019

I went to meditation led by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, on Wednesday. During our sharing circle, one lady mentioned how one of her friends' daughters had a drug overdose and died. That led to Lizanne talking about one of her friends' daughter who had mental issues, got caught up with drugs and ended up committing suicide. She also mentioned how one of her other friends was diagnosed with mental issues when in fact, she believes she's having a spiritual awakening. That young person wrote a book about her issues as a youth. Lizanne talked about how she wished she could have given that book to her late friend because she felt it could really have helped her.

We ended up meditating and sending all those affected healing energy. It really made me think afterwards. Lizanne was asked to lead a meditation at the Sudbury Youth Action Centre on Thursday. She can't make it there though, so she asked me to go. I humbly agreed. I look forward to trying to help the youth as much as I can. I know how important it is to be heard, so I look forward to listening to them and helping them realize their own potential, like I've found in myself.

So many people struggle in silence because they're afraid to speak up. They're afraid of being made fun of or not being loved. Sometimes, they try to numb the pain through alcohol or drugs. That never works though. The pain must be addressed and healed. That's why it's so important for people to be heard. So if you know of anyone who you think may be suffering in silence, please reach out to them. You might be the only one who notices them and reaches out to them. Ultimately, it's better to be safe than sorry, but chances are you're right. You just might be helping to save their life. Never underestimate the power of your words. You can have a huge impact on those around you. Everything you say, think and do impacts the whole. We're all connected that way. So never give up. Keep working on bettering yourself. Reach out when you need to, and let others be heard when they need to speak. We're all in this together. We're all here to help each other out. You're never alone. We're never alone. There's always hope. No matter how dark it might get sometimes, the sun will shine again. Every day is a new chance to start again. Where there's a will, there's a way. So accept the blessing of a new chance at life every day and make the most of it.

You have unlimited power within you. I was told that before and didn't believe it. Now, I know it to be true, and soon, so will you. Just trust me on it for now. You can overcome anything. That's why you're here; to prove it. You are love and light in action. So spread your love and light everywhere. Be that love and light. Be that for yourself. Give yourself that love you seek. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. We're all brothers and sisters here in one big human family. We succeed together. We rise together. We shine together. Shine your light always, as much as you can. You might just be the only ray of light someone will see and need that day. If you're suffering, know that others can be that light for you too. Let them help you to see that you have that same light within you. The more you use it, the more you see it, the more you feel it, the more you'll realize you're indestructible. You have an eternal flame within you that inextinguishable. So keep moving forward, one day at a time. Use other people's stories as inspiration when you need it, and then become that inspiration f​or other. Always remember no matter how cold and dark it can get, the sun will come up again, help melt all of that darkness, and warm you up again from the inside out.  :)




Walk Your Own Path :)

Nov. 10, 2019

On Saturday, I received my certification for the Body Process called BMM. The hands-on energetic healing process helps us to eliminate ways in which we mimic others' pathways, problems, and points of views. Through this method, we can become aware of where we mimic each other, so we can then learn to create our own lives and heal our bodies in countless ways.

I was amazed at how this process worked. I've learned that each healing modality feels different and offers it's own kind of healing. This one was mind-blowing for me. It really helped me to sence, feel, and understand how we can have a tendency to take on other people's pains, issues or beliefs, physically and otherwise. Often times, we look and listen to others and follow their leads. By doing this, we may find ourselves inadvertently copying them in order to relate to them more. If someone has an illness and tells you about it and how prevalent it is, you may subconsciously take on that illness yourself. BMM helps you to erase all that programming and create new, healthier pathways. As we practiced the process, I felt it's power and healing energy. It also helped me to think about and recognize areas in which I may have mimicked others. The more I thought about it, the more I was conscious of what I allow into my being.

So my message to you this week is to be mindful of what you allow into your body, your mind, and your spirit. Just because others say something, believes something, or are undergoing something and telling you about it doesn't mean you need to take on those same issues. You are your own person. You're more powerful than you realize. Other people's thoughts, beliefs, opinions, physical sicknesses or ways of life don't have to change the way you think or feel. Your body is nobody's body but your own. You are in charge of it. You can feed it whatever you want, literally, and figuratively. You can fuel it with positive thoughts that will help you in all areas of your life. Know yourself. Realize what's true for you. Don't take on other people's problems, physically or in any other way. Harness your own energy and power within you to maximize your body, mind and soul.

On that note, during the second part of the day, we were taught a healing method to help maximize our brain potential. The message that came from that which I'd like to send to you now is not to limit yourself in any way. Your potential, brain-wise, body-wise, and in every other way, is limitless. Remember that you can be, do or have anything you want. You are the writer in your own play. Decide what you want and go after it. Don't fall into the trap of mimicking others' pains. Be yourself. Be unique. Be your awesome self. You are one of a kind! You are the only one who can be you. :)




Giving and Receiving Praise, Making Things Right Through Peace :)

Nov. 11, 2019

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of leading my men's healing and sharing group. It was more special as one of my regulars made sure to thank me for all the support I've given him over the last many months. Things are going well in his life now and he's come so far, but he wanted to make sure that I knew how grateful he was for my efforts in being there to help him along the way. It made me feel great to see how well he's doing and to know I played a small part in helping him get there, but it was him who did the work. I was proud of him for working on himself and putting in all that time and effort. The message here is that when you give with an open heart, you will get it back. That makes it more than worth it every time. Also, be sure to thank those who've helped you. It's only right to commend those who've supported you, but it'll also make their day to hear that too. Most importantly, it's up to you to do the work on yourself. It's up to you to be your own hero. Help yourself. Others can help you, but you are the one who can help yourself the most. Do whatever is necessary to help yourself grow and flourish.

Monday was my Ho'Oponopono healing group. I wasn't sure if I was going to go to this one. I had a feeling I'd end up leading this one too. I felt pretty calm though, and I wanted to experience the healing benefits, so I went. I'm so glad I did. I did end up being asked to lead it. We focused on clearing our relationships with eachother there, since we often travel in soul groups and spend many lifetimes together. I decided to lead with chanting first. Being in front of everyone triggered me a little and I could feel my voice shaking a bit from the nervousness. It reminded me of my fears of reading out load and performing infront of everyone. My heart started to race a lot and it was a few seconds of panic for sure. Deep down though, I knew this is why I'm pushing myself; to heal myself and help heal others. The key is to show up and keep working on yourself to help yourself heal and grow. I managed to focus on my spiritual work and within seconds, I was able to calm myself. I led with a breathing exercise and that definitely helped me relax, as well as everyone else. The rest of the night went beautifully.

Afterwards, everyone thanked me for leading and said I did a great job. I felt great doing it. I heard everyone else breathing alongside me and repeating my words as part of the process. I coud feel how healing it was for everyone else there too. It made me feel so good to know I was helping myself, but especially others. I commended them on being so brave to work on themselves, and that if I can come this far, so can they; we're all in this together. The same message applies to you. Don't give up. Keep working on yourself. Face your fears. Accept and embrace them with love. Bring peace to them, as well as to your traumas. It's the only way to heal them. Ho'Oponopono is a great way to do that. If you've never tried it, I suggest you give it a try. It's all about making things right with whatever person or subject you need to bring peace to. The four main ideas are, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you." Focus on everyone who has ever hurt you or that you hurt, or any subject that has challenged you. By embracing it, you heal it. If I and we can do it, so can you. :)



Tuning In To Healing Frequencies :)

Nov. 7, 2019

I attended another guided meditation by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, yesterday. It was very relaxing and insightful. Over the last two years, I've learned just to allow and go with the flow in meditation. My piece of advice to those of you who haven't attempted it is to give it a try. The key, ironically, is not to try too hard when you're meditating. The more you relax, the better. The idea is to find peace within yourself without putting too much effort into it. That peace is within you. All you have to do is tune in to it.

Speaking of tuning in, I also went to the Thursday meditation led by Lizanne at the MacKenzie Library. Every first Thursday of the month, she teaches a class. So this one was about healing sounds and frequencies that you can listen to that can help you relax. It was right up my alley.

I first bought relaxing music CDs over 15 years ago. I had CDs with the sounds of rain, water, birds chirping, nature in general, drumming ones, and countless others. I also heard about binaural beats, which is a form of sound wave therapy in which the right and left ear each receive a slightly different frequency tone, yet the brain perceives them as a single tone. I listened to them every night for years. They definitely helped me relax and find greater peace within. There are also isochronic tones, which are regular beats of a single tone that creates sharp, distinctive pulses of sound. Speaking from experience, both can help you align with your inner self and inner knowing.Then there are the Solfeggio frequencies, which make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music. The chants and their special tones are believed to impart spiritual blessings. Each tone is comprised of a specific frequency to help balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in harmony. For the last many months, I've been listening to frequencies that are supposed to balance all of your chakras. I can definitely say they work to help you feel more collectively at peace and aligned.

Last year, I underwent a soul-purifying process called Shaktipat. The energy healing process helps you to connect with the elements, like air, water, earth, fire, and sky. It also helps to connect with the angels. So I started listening to tones that are supposed to connect with the angels, in what I refer to as angelic healing music. I can attest to it helping me connect with the angels even more. That's what led to me buying countless angel card decks and receiving so many confirming signs that the angels are all around me.

If you go on, you can find healing music for just about any subject. All of them use various frequencies and healing tones to help in a particular area. There are some to help release guilt, fears, increase confidence, astral travel outside of the body, open your third eye, and countless others. You can even find ones to work on your energy centres, knows as chakras. I've been listening to those recording for the last couple of months.

My message to you today is to give healing music a try. Just go on and type in angelic music, solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats or isochronic tones. You'll be provided with a wide variety of healing music for any area you want to work on. Having tried it myself for years, take my word for it; they really work. At the very least, you'll be more relaxed and at peace and you'll feel great too. We're all energy after all, so why not expose yourself to healing, relaxing energy? You will become what you focus on and listen to. The more you listen to relaxing and healing music, the more relaxed you'll become. :)




Giving Back to Those Who've Helped You :)

Nov. 6, 2019

My friend Liz was celebrating the one-year anniversary of her Yoga, Arts, and Meditation shop, called Metamorphosis. I met her last spring and she showed great faith in me right away. She offered to let me lead meditation there every Monday, even when I was just starting out. It's been an amazing journey ever since. Looking back, I'm so grateful towards her for showing such trust in me and for giving me an opportunity to grow and help others. Over the last many months leading meditation there, I've met so many incredible people and made some amazing friends as well. Everyone is so loving, supportive and so strong inside for being willing to work on themselves and trying to grow. Overall, I owe her so much for helping me find confidence in myself, giving me the experience I needed, and for providing a place for me to reach out and help others, while also making new friends.

So when she asked me if I'd be interested in providing card readings and healing for others to celebrate her shop's one-year anniversary, I knew it was a great way for me to say thank you and give back to her. I ended up getting a couple of new clients. I did card readings for both of them. Neither had much experience with readings before, but they both ended up getting a lot out of them. They picked out the angel cards they needed that gave them the guidance and helpful reminders they sought. Both were very grateful and both had healing tears in their eyes from the heart-warming guidance they received. After the card-readings, they both wanted a Reiki energy healing as well. Neither of them had ever received Reiki before, so it was great chance to let them experience it. Both of them loved it, as they both found great inner peace and healing as a result. They were able to quiet their minds for a while and just be open to receiving healing energy, and that's exactly what they felt. They both left with a smile on their faces. I loved every minute of it too. As soon as I started giving healing sessions many months ago, I realized right away you can't give loving energy without also receiving it back. Every time, I've left feeling amazing myself. I think that's a good message for everyone in general too; when you give out love in your life in any form, you'll get it back as well.

As soon as I was done, Liz invited me to join in for the last part of her yoga class. I was very humbled to be given that chance. It was a great way for me to wind down and finish off my afternoon of energy work. I was grateful that she thought of me and let me experience yoga for the first time. I found it very relaxing and would recommend it to others as well.

The other message that came across from this amazing day that I'd like to share with you all now is to always remember to give back to those who've helped you along the way. Keep in mind everyone who's given you words of encouragement to get you started, provided you with an opportunity to get your foot in the door, or given a good reference for you to others. No matter who or which way others have helped you get where you are, make sure you hold a special place in your heart for them and let them know how grateful you are for them. When you're given a chance to give back to them, jump at it. It can be a great way to show your appreciation for everything they've done for you. You can even show initiative and do something nice for them before even be asked. The main point is to honour and pay tribute to all those who've helped you get to where you are. Even if you're not exactly where you want to be yet, we've all received some kind of help along our path, so remember to be humble and give thanks any way you can. We're all in this together, so give a pat on the back to all those who you know are really on your side. :)




Angel Cards Will Guide You Every Time, What It Means to Be a Man :)

Nov. 5, 2019

I got to lead my monthly meditation at the MacKenzie Library today. Everyone ended up enjoying it. It was a powerful experience.

Later on during the day, I had the pleasure of being asked to do a 30-minute card reading today. It ended up going perfectly. I've been doing card readings for a while now, but I'm still always amazed about how accurate they are. I always tell people they really work and you always get the card you need. I know they work. Yet, I'm always impressed seeing how accurate they are.

In this case, the young man got the entrepreneur card. It turns out he has another job, but wasn't feeling unfulfilled and was considering opening up his own line of work doing something he loved. The card was confirmation that he was on the right track and that he should pursue his one business ventures. He also wanted a clear yes or no answer to one of the properties he was interested in buying. I told him about my simple answers deck that has 44 cards in it. He ended up getting the very clear, "Yes!" card! I was amazed how out of all the other cards he could have picked, he got the answer he sought. He also got confirmation about the woman he was with. He got the soulmate card! She had gone to see a psychic about him and she ended up getting the soulmate card too! So, he was happy to see that their soulmate status was confirmed. He ended up being very happy with the reading and paid me more than what I had asked for! Plus, we finished on time. I have struggled with finishing on time before as I often want to spend more time with my clients to make sure they're ok. This time, I made the extra effort to also be brief, concise and to the point just like my late teacher, Caroline, taught me. I gave him exactly what he needed in that time period, and that is what I was called to do.

So the messages from this short story are that angel cards really do work. I suggest you try them out yourself. You'll definitely get the guidance you seek. You can't make a mistake. You'll automatically be guided to the right card every time. Also, it's not the quantity of anything that counts, but the quality. You can make your point across succinctly when you get to the heart of the matter and focus on what's important.

It was a male client, which was nice to see too. Most of the people I've dealt with in this spiritual healing field are female, so it was a breath of fresh air to see a man. I want to use this chance to talk to all the men out there and let them know they're more than welcome to step into this world and learn how beneficial it can be. Too many men have grown up being wrongly told to be tough and not let their true feelings out because they're signs of weaknesses. As a man, I'm here to tell you that the strongest and most courageous souls are the ones who want to change, who do the necessary work to move forward, those who speak freely and openly about what's really going on, and those who aren't afraid to show who they really are. So I invite all the men out there to open themselves up more, express their honest feelings and learn to be their true selves. The more you're open and honest, the more it helps those around you and yourself. Others will follow your lead, but it starts with you. Be honest with yourself and with others. That's the key to true healing, for men and women. Loving yourself completely begins with openness, acceptance, and truth. :)




Embracing Your Fears :)

Nov. 4, 2019

I had an uneasy feeling all day today. I knew I had another meditation to lead and then another healing group, Ho'Oponpono, at night. Nonetheless, I was able to accept and transmute those feelings into calmness and openness. So meditation ended up being very memorable and powerful as I called upon lost loved ones and our spirit guides to be with us.

After I got home, I kind of wanted to stay by myself and just relax. I thought about all the work I've been doing trying to better myself and help others, so I felt like I could probably use a break. Just thinking about all the effort I've put into facing my fears every day and every week for years, leading meditations and healing groups and performing my spiritual work on people was emotionally exhausting. As much as I love going to do my spiritual work, it can still be challenging for me at times as I continue to learn to live wth and accept my anxiety. It's definitely a gift and helps me be more aware of myself and everyone and everything around me; however sometimes it can feel over-whelming. So I considered resting at home and not going to my Ho'Oponopono healing group. I had a feeling that if I did go, I'd end up being asked to lead it since I recently became certified in it and my spiritual teacher, Lizanne, wanted to start giving the newest trainees a chance to practice. Maybe that's why I felt anxious all day, sensing I'd have to perform a lot that day. Overall though, I'm still very driven to do my spiritual work no matter what, and to lead by example. I know that what I do makes a difference and that the work I do on myself not only helps me, but everyone. I am very aware that everything I do has an affect on the whole, since we're all one and we're all inter-connected. I want to show everyone that if I can face my fears and bring love to them, they can do the same in all the dark areas of their lives.

So I prepared for the healing group, slightly unsure if I should go. Then Lizanne messaged me to see if i was going. I took that as my sign to go. Deep down, I knew she'd ask me to lead it. So as we all sat around beforehand, I was feeling even more anxious, sensing that others there were anxious of what was going to happen too. Lizanne asked the group who wanted to lead. She asked one other trainee, but she declined, just like I realistically should have done since I wasn't feeling confident. However, she looked right at me next and asked if I wanted to lead. I told her I would. I felt she already helped me so much and that I would do my best to make her proud and to help everyone else there as much as I could by being an example of embracing fear and darkness with love.

So I started our sharing circle and we did angel cards together. As everyone shared, my heart continued to race, and I felt just like I felt so many times in my past; afraid, anxious, and wanting to run away. That thought even crossed my mind; I can just leave and not put myself through this challenging situation. I even mentally asked myself why I put myself through such heart-wrenching situations. I didn't know how I'd be able to lead the group feeling this way, but I knew it was my spiritual duty and that my spirit body and soul would find a way.

Finally, it was my turn to speak. I was afraid to even read my angel cards. I laughed as soon as I saw them though. I got the autumn card! The day before at men's group, one guy picked the winter card, the other got the summer card and I got the spring card. I thought it was pretty amazing that out of a deck of 44 cards, all three of us got one of the four seasonal cards; the only other season we didn't get was autumn, and I thought it was fitting since it's the season of fall. Well guess what card I got on this night? The autumn card! It talked about letting go of the past, as well as fears and blocks. I was amazed by it's accuracy and found myself rising up the challenge and speaking with truth, confidence and authority. I expressed exactly how I felt anxious, but that I was determined to lead by example and show them that facing, embracing and bringing love to your fears and the things we don't like is why we're all here; to be love in action and shine our light in the darkness. I was amazed how I was able to hold myself together and speak with such conviction, honesty, openness, and strength. I even gave myself a pat on the back as I finished and got up to lead the rest of the group. The rest of the night unfolded perfectly and miraculously. I felt at home at the front of the class and writing notes on the blackboard. It reminded me of a meditation early on when I envisioned myself at a blackboard explaining that I'm a soul pilot; someone who has learned to take control and guide his soul along his path, and that I was there to help others do the same. Then someone mentioned the word, "leader" and the term, "love in action." I almost crying on the inside; those were terms my late spiritual teacher, Caroline, used to help me. She told me I'd be a leader, and there I was leading.

Once we came up with a series of sentences we wanted to recite, it was my job to read through and get them to recite a series of prayers and words of affirmations. I ended up reading with a sense of purpose, authority, grace, and gentleness. Everyone thanked me afterwords and commended me on doing a great job and being an inspiring leader. I thanked them for the kind words and trust they showed in me. I also made it clear of how much of a miracle it was for me to be able to lead that group and to read through all the necessary lines. I explained how reading out loud used to be my greatest fear. I was always afraid to perform in front of people, or to do presentations, but reading was even harder for me. I always just felt so scared and anxious of everyone listening to my every word; afraid I'd mess up and be made fun of. I ended up avoiding any similar situation so I wouldn't have to face them. I even chose classes in high school and college that I felt comfortable with knowing I wouldn't have to read aloud or perform in front of the class.

Since then though, I have learned to embrace my anxiety as the gift that it is. I've learned it helps me, and countless others, to be hyper-aware of themselves, everyone else, and the impact they can have. I've realized I have a sixth sense, just like everyone else; just I've learned to embrace mine and use it to help me and others. I'm now living proof that we're all stronger than we think we are. We can all overcome anything in life. We can face our greatest fears with courage and love. If I can do it, so can you. We all have our own unique fears, challenges, or circumstances, but if someone like me, who lived in fear his whole life, can grow so much and embrace himself fully, so can you. You are an indestructible ray of light and love. You're here to prove it. I'm doing my part, and now I ask you to do the same by shining your light and love. :)




Letting Go of What No Longer Serves You to Make Room for the New :)

Oct. 31, 2019

I had an interesting meditation with my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, on Wednesday. I felt like I was transported into another dimension! It was quite the experience. I suggest you try attending one of her meditations to see what it's like. One message that I was able to get out of it, though, was to get my certificates that I've earned framed and then put them up in a room where I can do my energy healings. I also received the message to do a house cleaning and get rid of things that I no longer need to make room for new things to come in.

So I spent some time on Halloween beginning that process by going through one of my rooms downstairs. I was amazed at how much stuff I forgot that I had in that room and how many things that were just taking up space. I ended up taking out a lot of things I no longer had any use for and putting them in the garbage. Then I placed my certificates in frames and am planning on hanging them up soon. The first step, though, was to declutter and remove unnecessary items to make room for the new.

Let this short story be an example to you to start getting rid of things in your life that you no longer need. We're in the season of fall. That's the time when the trees shed all of their leaves in preparation for the changing climate ahead. The autumn season serves as a symbolic reminder to us all that we need to learn to let go of things as well. Too often, many of hold on to things, even if we no longer need them or use them. Sometimes, things just accumulate over time and we don't even notice how much stuff there really is there. Often times, we hold on to things because we associate them with certain times in our past and we're afraid of moving forward and letting go of those memories. The thing is we can't fully receive the gift of the present moment or build towards the future unless we let go of the past. It's a matter of taking what you need, learning from it as much as you can, and then releasing all of that which no longer serves you. It can be challenging at times to try to change things up or release certain things, but it's a necessary part of our growth and development. I've learned in my life that if we continue to hold on to things, they end up weighing us down. We can end up staying stagnant and not moving forward. It's like we have our hands wrapped tightly on things and have no room for anything else to grab a hold of. The key is to release your grip on things that you've become attached to and allow your hands and arms to be free and open. Only then do you have the necessary room to make way for new blessings. Then you can accept those blessings with open arms. Even if you've collected a lot of stuff over the years and don't know where to start, just make your first effort to get everything back in order. Start releasing one thing at a time. Begin the process of letting go. Keep working on letting things go and before you know it, you'll realize you can live without them. When you're no longer attached to the past or even anything in the present, your future dreams will unfold right in front of you and you'll be able to embrace them with open arms. :)




Learning From the Past and Living in the Present :)

Oct. 28, 2019

One of my occasional attendees to meditation at Metamorphosis wanted to have an energy healing Reiki session with me. I was honoured to be asked by her and greatly appreciated the trust she showed in me. It was a powerful experience and I felt like she did a lot of releasing of negative energies, and made room for more loving energies to come in. She said she loved the experience and felt a lot lighter and more calm afterwards. I was very happy to hear that. It felt so good to be of service to her and to know that I helped her help herself to heal.

After that, she stayed for meditation and we were joined by another regular attendee. Just before we began our meditation, a young girl came to the door. She was there for a meeting with the shop owner, Liz, in regards to a potential co-op placement there. Liz wasn't there yet, so I invited the young girl to join our meditation. She declined at first and simply waited outside for Liz to arrive. I led the meditation and then once we were done, we did our usual card-sharing. I saw that same girl come in again. I went to go see her and welcomed her to wait inside with us. In fact, I invited her to join us in reading angel cards. She accepted this time and ended up loving the experience. I called Liz to make sure she was on the way. As it turns out, she wasn't going to be back in town until the next day. So we did our best to help the young girl feel welcomed and at home. We expressed how impressed we were with her willingness to learn more, her already great wealth of knowledge, and her clear limitless potential for the future. She left with a big smile on her face feeling great about herself.

Please let this simple example serve as a reminder to you to be present and to make others feel as comfortable as possible. Never underestimate the affect you can have on someone else. You could make their day simply by acknowledging them and helping them to realize their unlimited potential and natural abilities.

Later on that same day, I, along with a handful of Ho'Oponopono facilitators gathered at Vere: Golden Journey to heal our past lives by living our spiritual truths in the present. We had recently been certified in the Hawaiian healing modality and are now meeting every Monday to practice. My friend, Linda, who had gifted me with a medicine pouch and sage shell, as well as a tuning fork, was leading this special group tonight. It was great to see her leading. I was very proud of her. She was there when I began my spiritual journey almost two years ago, so it was good to see how far we both have come. It was even better to be in a group of like-minded individuals speaking about past lives, which is a subject I've been interested in and researching for almost the last 15 years. I've come to realize that we are all eternal souls who come here to earth to learn lessons about love and growth in our quest to ascend and help others do the same. We come together in the soul world, our natural home, and make life plans with other souls to come to earth to help learn necessary lessons. We often incarnate with the same souls that we feel comfortable with, called soulmates. They can play various roles for us, but the main goal is to help us grow on a spiritual and soul level as we progress on our spiritual path.

I know it's a lot for some people to grasp at first. However, I know this all to be true. I had an out-of-body experience over 15 years ago inwhich I felt my soul rising up our of my body. I felt myself outside of my body and knew instantly that we were more than just our physical bodies. In fact, we were souls with a spirit. It was an experience I'll always remember and one that got me interested in this whole soul and spiritual world. I started doing research and learned all about past lives. I even had a past-life regression, inwhich I learned how to access our past lives and how to learn from them. By healing our past, we can live more freely in the present. It worked for me, and I know it can work for you too. I'd suggest just keeping an open mind and being open to the possibility. It really makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

I remember when I was younger not understanding why people were born into apparent unfair situations, like with deformities or illnesses, or in poverty without enough food to eat or a safe place to live. It didn't seem right that some people would be born into that and others would be born into much easier and acceptable situations. The idea that we live countless lives helps us to understand all that. Every life is an opportunity to grow and learn. Our "challenges" are really opportunities for growth. We are meant to learn from them and develop along our soul's path. We keep coming back here as often as we need to in order to learn lessons about love, acceptance, forgiveness, empathy, resiliency, and countless other concepts involving our eternal soul. I've learned our soul is eternal. It can overcome anything. Our physical body dies, but our soul lives on forever. So we have nothing to fear. We're indestructible. Everything is a chance for us to bring our love and our energy here, for ourselves and those around us. We all called to be the ambassadors for our Creator. We are doing Creator's work. We are here to bring our heavenly soul home to planet earth. This is our classroom. This is where we act as teachers and students in order to grow and help others develop. It's all part of our evolution as a species back to our natural state of pure love. We're here to master all of the other emotions by bringing our love to it. Love is all there really is. We're here to prove it.

I guess my message today is to imagine the possibility. Play around with it for a bit. Think back to when you were a child and when anything was possible. Let go of everything you think you know or that you've been taught, and open up to the potential that we are eternal light beings. Start to open to the idea that our Creator is not outside of us, but that it's within us. We are all part of the Creator. We have that spark within us. With that energy, Creator's love, anything is possible. What if apparent injustices were really just chances for us to expand and be that spark of love here on earth? What if what we judge as a "bad" event or "evil" person was just there to help us transform this world and help it ascend? What if we learned our greatest strengths and potentials for growth through our biggest challenges? How could we ever learn to forgive unless someone else played the "bad" person for us? What if we asked that person to play that part so we can learn how to deal with their actions? What if that soul and countless others loved us so much that they agreed to play various roles for us? What if we came here retaining all of this knowledge in our higher selves on a deep soul level, but are here to live it out in a physical plane to help us remember who we really are and why we're here? What if everything is lovable and we just judge things as good or bad, when really it's all for our own growth? Start asking questions. Keep asking questions. I did that for years. That's where the quest for knowledge really begins. Our journey continues and that's why we're here; to continue along our path to ascension until we reunite together all as one great divine soul family. We're all in this together. We're all just at different levels of growth and playing out roles for each other. Play with the idea. Start to believe and soon you'll see that everything and everyone around you is there to help you. We're all one big family helping eachother find our way home to our soul world, and the way to do that is by learning to be our true selves; love in action. :)




Accepting and the Art of Allowing :)

Oct. 27, 2019

One of my usual attendees to my men's group I lead asked if it was ok if he brought his 7 1/2 year-old daughter. I, of course, agreed and she ended up watching videos quietly in the other room while we had our sharing group. After we were done, we thanked the young girl for coming. She left with a smile on her face. Her father was very grateful for us being so accommodating too. I was happy they all left happy.

Let this short story be the impetus for you to try to be more accommodating in your life. Learn to accept. It's amazing how much that helps others feel better. In this case, the father felt great, the girl enjoyed herself, and I was happy too. Acceptance really is a big part of being loving. Accpetance doesn't judge or have any pre-conceived ideas about how things ought to be; it just allows.

During the meditation I led that day, it was only me and one other regular attendee who stayed, since the other father had to bring his daughter back home. This other attendee had practiced transcendental meditation for years, so I thought it be a great idea to try this practice of detachment from everything and focusing on the present. So instead of doing a guided meditation, I figured this was a good chance to learn to accept whatever comes. Generally, people come to meditate to find peace. Often, they have so much going on in their minds. So they go there to find some peace. I have learned, though, that part of finding peace is accepting. That means being accepting of the reoccurring thoughts in your mind. Too often people try to fight those thoughts, but that just adds more energy to them, so they keep coming back. I think the key is to notice those thoughts, acknowledge them, welcome them in, embrace them, let them be heard and felt, and then you can release them more easily. So that's what we worked on in meditation. We both enjoyed the experience.

Please try to do the same in your life. Whether you're trying to meditate, or even just going about your daily life, remember to allow. Don't fight the thoughts in your head that you don't want. Just notice them, listen to what they have to say, and then set them free. Once they're no longer there, that's where you make room for healthier thoughts to come in. Acceptance means not judging them. Learn to allow without attachment. Observe without reaction. It's a process, but well worth it. The more you accept, the more you can accept. Pretty soon, your judgments will be reduced and eventually you'll get to a place of acceptance and peace. Focus, dignify and grow the thoughts you want and then those thoughts will continue to grow. Think about being grateful and live in a state of appreciation. That helps you to focus more on all your blessings. It'll help bring you to a place of acceptance as well. The more you practice acceptance, the more at peace you'll be. :)




Learning to Say Goodbye, Friends Last Forever :)

Oct. 24, 2019

Meditation at the library led by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, was great today. I received a lot of peace and calming energy, and so did everyone else. There was one lady missing though. This lady has been coming to all of Lizanne's meditations, as well as mine, for about a year straight. She's grown so much and helped herself heal and find peace within herself. Every time she came to meditation, she'd see me and greet me with a big hug. She called me, "Her Gianni." She has a son named Johnny, and often said she looked up to me like one of her kids. We developed a special bond over the last year. One time in particular, I remember going to Vere: Golden Journey because Lizanne, who owns the shop, couldn't make it. It ended up being this lady and I alone for a sharing/healing group. We spent some time talking together and opening up. We were close ever since.

Well last night, she announced that she's been getting messages from her guides that she needs a break from all this spiritual work right now. She's learned so much and now it's time for her to integrate it all into their being and take time alone for herself. I looked to her and told her, "You know I'm going to give you a big hug, eh?" We did hug, but she couldn't hold it very long because she started to tear up knowing she wouldn't get to see me for a while. It was such a powerful moment. I told her she's more than welcome to call or message me anytime and that I'm always here if she needs anything. I think of her now every time I go to meditation. She was always the first to greet me. I know she's there supporting us in


So I guess my message to you all now is to enjoy the time you have with those you've developed a friendship with. Cherish the time you get with them. Savour all those moments. Put them in your memory banks and keep them in a special place. They're all little blessings for us. We can reminisce and remember those special moments any time we want to or need to. We all have a different life plans here and we're all walking our own path. We're all in this together, and at the same time, there are times we need to walk in a different direction and go where our soul and our spirit takes us. Sometimes, those close to us drift apart or are called to be somewhere else for the time being. Accept all of that as part of our unique journeys in life. Just because we don't always see our friends doesn't mean they stopped caring or we stopped caring. True friends support you no matter what and accept when it's time to go their own way and do their own thing.

So, remember this when you think you've "lost" a friend, or you need to go in a new direction. During those times, realize you don't really lose anything. You keep the memories in your heart and soul forever. You retain the moments that made you feel good and you take with you all the lessons and positive aspects you've learned from them. You can take those on your journey moving forward, and know they will do the same for you. Always remember you can make new friends. A friend can be a stranger you haven't met yet. Real friends are those who will always be there for you no matter what, whether it's in person or from a distance. The love between friends never goes away; it just finds a new way to be present always. :)




Being Born Again Every Day :)

Oct. 23, 2019

Last night was an amazing night. I was able to give an interview on camera! I've come so far with my anxiety issues and learned to channel my energies into healing myself and helping others. I felt like I had completed a part of my life mission last night by overcoming my fears and trying to serve as an inspirational example for others. I woke up today feeling like this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. This is a whole new start for me. It's like I graduated from one phase or grade in the classroom of life, and I'm ready for the next level. I felt born again today.

It would have been my late mother's 71st birthday today. She crossed over six years ago. However, I know she's still with me in spirit and is very proud of how far I've come. I feel her presence and know she helps give me the energy to go on. I feel like what I do with my life is a gift to her. She helped give me this life, so now it's my turn to repay her. I thanked her for everything she did for me countless times in person. However, I feel like my greatest gratitude can best be expressed with what I do with my life on her behalf and for me.

Meditation tonight brought me all those messages about being all I can be, making her proud, as well as myself, and letting her spirit live on through me.

My message to you all tonight is to remember all those who have gone on before you and be grateful for all the time you had with them. We're really not owed anything in life. Everything is a bonus. We've all been blessed with so much. We have the ability to see, to hear, to taste, to touch, to smell, and to do pretty much whatever we want. Our family, our friends, and everyone we meet is a gift. They are loaned to us. We are here to enjoy their presence while we have them in our life, and then learn from them. Our loved ones don't belong to us though. We all belong to the Creator. We ought to be appreciative for what we've been granted since everything is love. Everything is a blessing. Everything is here to help us grow and become more of who and what we are; love in action. So enjoy every moment with those in your life now. Be thankful for everything and everyone. Remember all those who have gone before us. Feel their presence and know that you can still love them anytime and communicate with them whenever you want. Their spirit lives on. Love knows. It can hear everything and sense you completely. Anytime you want to reach out to those who've gone on before us, make the effort, be open, and know it's possible and natural. We're souls. We're divine beings. We are eternal, and we're all connected. :)




Stepping Up, Speaking Your Truth for Yourself and Others :)

Oct. 22, 2019

My spiritual mentor, Lizanne, messaged me and a few of her friends late last night. She explained that she had gone to an alien/light being expo in Toronto several weeks ago, and that a couple people who owned their own YouTube channel had interviewed her. They were so interested in her spiritual work and her connection with guides and angels that they decided to come all the way up here to Sudbury to spend some time observing her spiritual work and documenting how she helps countless people find their true selves. They were there tonight to video-tape and record her again. She wanted me and her close friends to be present and support her. She's helped me so much and I wouldn't be where I am today without her, so I jumped at the chance to support her. I had a hunch in the back of my mind that I might be asked to give an interview on her behalf, but I decided not to let my potential fears get in the way of my support of her.

Once I got there, I saw there were video cameras every where. They were interviewing and documenting her all day. She decided to have a meditation that night to show them a little bit about what she offers. They were going to record that process as well. One of the other ladies there found that out and instantly decided she was going to leave. She didn't want to be recorded. I saw a lot of my past-self in her. I would have been the guy who ran away as soon as I heard it would be recorded. I would have been too afraid, too anxious to be on camera. I always had fears of being the centre of attention and embarrassing myself or making mistakes in front of everyone.

Over the last two years of going there though, I've learned to face my fears, accept my anxieties as a gift that I can use to pick up on everyone around me, as well as to understand how important it is to speak my truth. I've understood I get anxious because I realize what I have to say matters and that's it's important to speak my truth regardless of any doubts or fears. Other people are counting on me, just like I got help from Lizanne. She helped me grow into the man and healer I am today. So, I knew I had the responsibility; the ability to respond accordingly. It was my job to acknowledge and express how much she helped me, and so many countless others. Instead of being nervous about it, I took great pride and felt honoured to be able to speak on her behalf. This was about her and her work in helping people, and I wanted others to learn about everything she offers and how much she leads by example.

So during sharing circle beforehand, I felt a little nervous. However, I channeled that into speaking the truth about how strong of a soul she was and is, and how grateful I am for all the help and leadership by example she provides me and countless others. I wanted everyone out there to know what a loving, accepting environment she creates and how everyone is welcome to come, heal, and grow.

It reminded me of the day after my first spiritual teacher, Caroline, crossed over. I was supposed to help assist her at a holistic fair. All the healers and table vendors gathered the next day to pay respects to her. I got there late, just as they were about to move on with their day. I could have easily let this opportunity go by, just like I could have easily left on this night when I saw the video cameras.

Instead, my soul and spirit moved me to make my way through everyone that night and stand at the front of the stage. Instead of listening to my past anxieties, I worked through my spirit body and spoke from my heart and soul. I explained how much Caroline helped me and how I wouldn't be where I was that day without her. It was such a powerful experience and example of someone finding their voice and assuming responsibility for where their soul brought them, and the responsibility they had to lead by example for others. That still drives me to this day. That's what drove me tonight to speak on Lizanne's behalf while we were being recorded on camera.

She then led us on a guided meditation in which we were taken to a special room with our names on it. I visualized seeing all my certificates that I've achieved hanging in frames on the wall in a special place where I was going to take my spiritual work to the next level; a room that would become my office where I 'd offer a variety of services.

After meditation, everyone was leaving. Then, one of the camera guys came up to me and asked if I still wanted to be interviewed. I instantly agreed. Lizanne listened on close by as they asked me to talk about my journey and how I got there. Even with the cameras on me, I remained calm and spoke from my spirit body about my soul's journey to get there. I wasn't thinking of what to say, I just channeled what I thought people needed to hear about my story. I articulated how much Lizanne helped me to find my voice so I could start branching out, attaining certificates, and offering my healing services. I found myself saying countless inspiring things to the interviewer, as well as to whoever was going to watch this video. For that whole interview, it was as if time has stood still and I was stepping into the real me; reciting the story of my life and what I've learned.

Afterwards, the interviewer thanked me for being so open and genuine and for helping him. He admittedly struggled with anxiety as well and had heart-breaks too. So my story helped him. That made it all worth it. I'm glad I reached at least one person. One of his fellow camera guys took me aside afterwards and personally thanked me for speaking my truth because his friend really needed to hear everything I said. Lizanne thanked me as well.

It was such a powerful evening. I left feeling so energetic, like I completed a part of my life mission. Many years ago, you couldn't pay me to be recorded on camera; now I was voluntarily speaking on behalf of someone else to help others. I'm proud to say Lizanne serves as a great inspiration for me. She's dealt with a near-death experience, she learned to work through her issues and anxieties, and healed herself. Now, she has her own shop to help others heal. She has a daytime job as a youth probation officer and barely breaks even at the shop. So, she doesn't do this spiritual work for the money; instead she says she made a deal with a light being that night of her near-death-experience to do her spiritual work. I'm so grateful she did her part and continues to do it. Just a few weeks ago, she had her bank card robbed from her, and she was threatened with a knife at a grocerty store. Instead of cowering in fear and seeing herself as a victim, she stepped up and spoke her truth in both instances. She knew what her responsibility was, and she rose up to the task on those occasions and since her near-death experience. Now I know it's my turn to rise up. It's my job now to follow in her footsteps, and Caroline's as well; to lead by example and help others help themselves to heal, just like they helped me. If we can do it, so can you.

Let this empowering story speak to you. If I can face my greatest fears and speak openly about my greatest vulnerabilities, so can you. If I can find the strength within myself to heal with the help of others, so can you. If I can find my voice, so can you. If I can figure out my life mission, so can you. You don't have to know how you'll accomplish something; just know you will. Step up to who you are and why you're here. You'll know when to rise up and when to speak your truth, and then you'll do it and live by it. If I can do it, so can you. :)




Love Can Overcome Death :)

Oct. 21, 2019

There was a woman who had messaged me a few weeks ago about wanting to know if I could connect with those who had passed on. I told her I had a mediumship deck of cards that can help deliver messages from lost those who have crossed over. I hadn't heard back from her in a while until this morning. She asked if I was available. We ended up agreeing to a 30-minute card-reading.

I sensed beforehand that this would be a special reading. I decided to bring out my eagle feather as well as my sage. Once she got there, I realized she was only 20 and lost her dad to a drug overdose several months ago. I knew right away that my instincts were correct and this would be a memorable session. I explained how burning sage is a traditional way of removing negative energies and that the eagle feather was a gift I received that helps to give those who carry it the power to speak their truth. I shared a little bit about my spiritual path that led me to my work and told her about some of the services that I offered. Then, I passed her the feather and allowed her to speak. It was exactly what she needed. I could sense the more she spoke and released, the more healing she was receiving. Although she was there originally for a card-reading, I felt she needed to be heard more. So it turned out to be more of a life-coaching and sharing/healing session. She even released some deep-seated pains by shedding healing tears. She felt a lot better afterwards. I thanked her for being so strong to come and share so openly and for releasing everything that needed to be released. I helped her to see that burying your emotions doesn't make them go away; the only way to heal them is to bring them up to the surface, acknowledge the, take what you can gain from them and then make peace with them. It takes great strength to release them, but once you do, you make more room for acceptance, love, and healing to take it's place. I also spoke on behalf of her dad and helped her to realize that he'll always be with her in spirit, that he loves her, and that everything happened to help her to become even stronger, self-accepting, and resilient so she can follow her own path. We eventually did the mediumship cards and the same messages were confirmed. The first card was, "I'm sorry, please forgive me," (for his drug addiction) followed by, "I'm not dead (I'm with you in spirit), and soulmates (We'll always be connected in a special way on a soul level). She shed tears upon seeing that first card about forgiveness. As much as she loved and missed him, she felt a little upset about his actions. So that was exactly what she needed to hear in order to make peace with him and release all those negative feelings.

She ended up staying for almost three hours. I knew it would last longer than usual, but I felt she needed that time. Her sense of peace and connection she left with, along with her smile on her face, made it all worth it. I felt great too knowing I did my part to help her realize powerful spiritual truths about love along with discovering her unique connection with one of her soulmates; someone who she spent many lifetimes with before and who helps her learn necessary lessons for soul growth. After she left, I had a deep knowing that this is the work I'm meant to do and that I'm on the right path.

Let this all help remind you to listen to your intuition. Go with your instincts. Your sixth sense is a powerful indicator and is there to help you. The more you listen to it, the more you'll see how accurate it is. You'll soon learn to listen to it more and follow it accordingly. It might not make sense initially, however you will see the reasons later on. Just learn to trust yourself and the messages you get. Just like the angel mediumship cards, you'll always get the right messages every time. It's just a matter of opening up to them and accepting them.

To all those who have "lost" loved ones, remember that they're never lost. Their love will always remain. You don't have to see them to love them. They don't have to physically be here for you to continue to love them. Divine love is eternal. It knows no bounds. Love is the only thing that's real. We're here to be the presence of love and to prove that love always wins. Death is one of the most challenging tests we take; however, it's also one of our greatest opportunities to experience, accept, understand, and know that divine love can overcome anything. Love will always remain. That's why we cry sometimes when we "lose" someone we love; because we know deep down that although the situation and way we love someone who's passed may change, that love will remain and only get stronger. Love can overcome everything, no matter what. We are love.We are indestructible. Everything is here to make us stronger and more aware of our love. Our loved ones are love. Everything is love. It can never be lost, it can only find new, deeper, more spiritual, more profound and true ways to express itself and to be. We are the presence of love, and we always will be. We are here to prove it and to be it in all situations in order to master all of our other emotions, which all go back to love and wanting to be loved. Rest knowing we'll all be reunited again in dream time and in the soul world, our true home. This is just a classroom where we learn lessons about who we really are. Before long, we'll learn the necessary lessons and graduate from the earth plane and go home together to our soul heaven. Remember, we're all one and we're all connected. We're all in this together. :)




The Shining Example of Children Can be Our Greatest Teachers :)

Oct. 21, 2019

I usually lead meditations at noon on Mondays at Metamorphosis, but there was a special event during the day. So, I ended up leading meditation at night. I had my usual attendees join me and they brought along their young daughters. I've met their girls a few times already since they brought them a few times during the summer when they were off from school. I actually saw one of them with their mother at the store a few months ago after I met them at meditation. She was very happy to see me and smiled and waved as soon as she saw me. It was really adorable. She's only 6. It really warmed my soul. They ended up coming to meditation again the next week and the youngster volunarily decided to pick a strawberry and brought it just for me. That really made my day and made me feel special. She presented it to me with such a genuine loving spirit and a big smile on her face. Her, her older sister who's ten, as well as another regular attendee who brought along her young girls occasionally, ended up taking part in the card-readings before meditation a few times. They especially loved my unicorn deck as well as my mermaid one. It was incredible to bask in all the pureness, innocence, and love as the children happily read their cards. One of them even took part in sharing beforehand a few times and started expressing everything she was grateful for. It was so refreshing to hear. It was so heart-warming and such a breath of fresh air to be exposed to the innocence of young children at meditation. They have so much to offer and teach us about being ourselves. They're all so gifted in so many ways and help bring us so much peace, happiness and appreciation just by being their true selves. They serve as an amazing example of how we, as adults, are meant to live our lives; with an open mind, heart, and spirit. With such a limiless imaginaiton and wealth of energy, they help us older people realize anything is possible. Children never really live in the past or worry much about the future; they're always focused and living in the present moment. Again, leading by example and showing us the way to be.

I had the pleasure of seeing all these girls again this past Monday night since their school day was done by that time. They were all happy to see me and gave me big hugs when they came. It's incredible every time for me and such a powerful reminder that I, and every one else out there, is lovable and worthy of love. We don't have to say or do anything to be worthy of love We are the presence of love at all times and the more we understand that, the more we can be that naturally. The same is true for everyone around us. We are all love in action. Everything is about love. We all want to be loved, even those who don't act lovingly. Every act is a cry out for love. Sometimes we are just afrad of being hurt of don't think we deserve it. It all comes back to love though. Kids help us to see that. They give love freely to all, especially those they can relate to.

They joined us for another card-sharing session before meditation and even joined us as we chanted the chakras (our energy centres) which helps raise our frequency and connect more with our guides. They joined in on the chanting a few times in the past as well. They have such angelic and innocent voices, it's so heavenly to hear them. Their mother even told me they've chanted before at home on their own just because they enjoyed the sound. It's amazing to think of the influence one soul can have on another. It's very inspiring.

They ran outside after the chanting, and us adults began to meditate. I guided us on a short spiritual journey, and then heard the kids start to come back in. So, I was finishing up my channeling session, talking about visualizing ourselves giving eachother a big spiritual hug when the six-year-old and another one of the youngers came up to me and gave me a real-life hug! It was so special to receive those hugs. I felt like it was another powerful example of what happens when you open yourself up to start to receive it ten-fold.

So let this all be helpful reminders for you to open up to love like children do. Live in the moment, express yourself freely without fear or hesitation, be grateful for all the things you've been blessed with, notice the little miracles and joys all around you and spread your love everywhere you go. Be like children. They can be, and often are, our greatest teachers. :)




Learn From Children and Just Be :)

Oct. 20, 2019

I got certified in the Access Bars Body Process called MTVSS. The Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System is a hands-on energy healing method that can help boost and stimulate the immune system, as well as restore the body to its natural function. We spent the day giving and receiving this relaxing treatment. I felt very much at peace and contentment all day. I felt the relaxing and reinvigorating affects right away. It's amazing to think how well things, in particular our bodies, will work once we get out of the way and just let their natural restorative abilities work their magic. At the class, there was a mother who brought her 12-year-old daughter there too. I was so inspired and impressed with the child's openness and abilities. She's so young, but she's already a great example of leadership. She serves as a reminder to keep that child within you. Stay open and accepting instead of judging or doubting what is or isn't possible. A child doesn't worry about how things work or if things work; they just accept that anything is possible. There are no limits in their minds. That's how we need to be as adults. That's where kids can serve as our greatest teachers. You're never too young or too old to try something new. Everyone can teach you something. Just stay open yourself. Be willing to learn. Don't think like you already know everything or know more than others. Stay teachable. You can always learn more, especially from children. Learn to look at the world through their eyes. See limitless possibilities. Let your imagination take you anywhere you want to go, and know that you can help make, or more accurately, you can allow anything to come to be. It all comes down to just being your true form; love in action. When you're not sure what steps to take or how to act, just ask what would love do? Then just be the presence of love. That's what children do all the time. They don't have to try to be anything; they just are. That's how you can be; just be. Always remember anything is possible. Just stay open to the limitless possibilities all around you. :)




Let Limitless Energy Flow :)

Oct. 19, 2019

I got certified in Access Consciousness Bars today! I had heard a lot about this method of energy healing and how well it worked. My friend signed up to take the course and I wanted to add another service I could offer my clients, so I decided to take it too. I'm so glad I did.

I know all energy healing modalities work because I've seen, felt, and experienced the miraculous results. However, I was still amazed my first time receiving and doing this treatment. The Access Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through your head that connect to various aspects of your life. I felt very relaxed when I was receiving the procedure the first time. I also felt a lot more open-minded and calmer afterwards. I was even able to give a video interview, which I never would have been able to do before. I'll go into detail about that event in a future blog.

Anyway, the most amazing part for the bars came when I was running one on someone else. I placed a few of my fingers on the related points and then a few of the times, my baby fingers started vibrating and pulsating uncontrollably! My mind was blown! I tried to reposition my arms and hands a bit thinking maybe it was just my body position that was causing my baby fingers to move around very quickly without me moving them. No matter which way I put my arms and hands though, my fingers continued to rotate quickly. I couldn't hide it any more and told the facilitator about it. She was not surprised and said that can happen sometimes since there's so much energy that we're working with in the process. I was relieved to know there wasn't anything wrong with me; in fact, everything was right! It was the energy flowing and working through me and my client. She explained that when you do a bars of energy run, the giver also receives the energetic benefits. I was and still am amazed at how much they worked!

One of the clients I worked on followed up with me a few days later. She told me she was having a lot of thought-provoking breakthroughs and epiphanies/moments of clarity as mental blocks she had for a long time slowly were giving way to endless possibilities. That's what the bars do. By placing finergs on various points on the head, bars of energy flow more freely and so the energy of long-held limiting beliefs is replaced with a steady stream of clear limitless energy. All I can say is it works.

I remember, many months ago, meeting with a fellow spiritual healer and telling her about how far I had come. She had assumed I had my bars run back then, but I admitted to her that I didn't even know much about them. She was amazed. She had her bars run and her life completely changed as her whole perspective on life was transformed. So, she had assumed I had to had my bars run. Now I know what she meant. They are powerful and they work.

So my message to you is to give Access Bars a chance. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. At the very least, you'll get an hour of calmness, peace, and relaxation. I can guarantee you, though, that you'll get so much more than that. All you have to do is keep an open mind and allow the energy to do the work. Don't fight it, don't have pre-conceived notions, doubts or fears. Simply be and allow. It's how I suggest you try living your life in general. Simply go with the flow. Allow. Just be present. Go with the flow of energy. Let it move you and take you where every you're meant to go. That's really the best way to live life; with the current. Just imagine being in a kayak with your oars and you're trying to control where you're going. I'd say it's time to let go of those oars. Throw them in the water. Completely surrender to the current. Trust the waves will take you to where you're meant to be. Give up your control. When you're putting your energy outwards forcefully and trying to control everything around you, you're fighting the current and the natural flow. That prevents you from receiving even more of what's coming to you. You're trying too hard. You're putting too much energy into it. You want it too much. Plus, you're limiting the possibilities believing what you want is the best thing you can have. Maybe there can be something better for you if you just let go of how you want things to work out. Open your mind to the possibility that Creator has even greater gifts for you and all you have to do is release control, let go of what you've become attached to and carry in your hands, and open your hands up to what Creator has for you. Trust and accept. Learn to be present, be still, and let the waves lead you on your path. Lay back and enjoy the ride. Open up your arms wide and expand to every possibility. Don't limit yourself anymore. Stay open to receiving. I promise you it'll be the greatest trip of your life and you'll end up being happier and more fulfilled. If it's true for me, it's true for you. :)



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Recieving Blessings :)

Oct. 17, 2019

I didn't feel very good, but I wanted to go to meditation. So I made it there. As soon as I got there, they were discussing feet. It made me recall a dream I had the night before about my losing my feet. Plus, my friend that morning was talking to me about feet too. So, I made sure to mention all that as we shared beforehand. I expressed my gratitude for my feet and helped remind others what a blessing it is to be able to walk and go where ever we want. It can be overlooked some times, but it truly is a blessing. I also talked about trees. I have lots of trees by my place. I've seen them countless times, but the last couple days, I really noticed them. They're so big and tall. I realized how we, as humans, think we're so important, but those trees are so much taller and bigger than all of us. Plus, we need them to survive. It just made me appreciate how blessed we are to have these magnificent creations and how much we need them to survive. They really do serve as a great example of strength, loyalty, selfless giving with their oxygen, perseverance through challenging seasons, and how to learn to let go of things and adapt to changes.

After meditation, I was supposed to meet with a lady there who had mentioned she had anxiety before. I wanted to share my story and help her any way I could. Thankfully though, she understood I didn't feel good that day, so I was grateful and we plan on rescheduling for another time. A simple example of something to be grateful for. I was in no pysical shape to help her, so I was thankful she let me take time for myself to feel better.

Then one of the mothers of one of the men I work with at men's group was there. She came up to me randomly and thanked me for all my help with her son. It was very heart-warming. It's funny because I just had finished writing a reference letter for him that spoke of how far he's come and how much he's grown. I was so proud of him. It was nice to see his mom noticed too and for her to thank me for working with him. I told her he's a good man and he's the one who put in the work to better himself. It was a nice moment.

Those are the moments I ask you to keep track of. Look for them and you'll find them more often. Sometimes they may only last a few seconds, but the meaning behind them will stay with you for a long time. Those are the moments that make like worth living and make every thing you do worth it. Realize when those moments happen and be graeful for them. It's so meaningful when you try to do the right thing even if you don't think any one is looking, but when you get noticed and recognized for it, it makes it so humbling and inspiring. So keep doing the honourable thing, always do your best to help yourself and others, and just rest knowing it'll all be worth it in the end. It'll always end up in divine order and for the greatest good for you and every one involved. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you; it will happen to you. Just notice and accept those moments when they arise. It's ok to accept. It's all about balance; giving and receiving. The more you recieve, the more you have to give. :)



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Making Others Laugh and Smile :)

Oct. 16, 2019

I had the pleasure of going to another great meditation led by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne Leclair. During our sharing beforehand, I was thinking of what to say and feeling a little nervous and sensing every one there was a little too serious. So when I received the eagle feather, I just said, "Here's Gianni." Everyone started laughing. It lightened the mood and I felt great too. It's such a good feeling to make others laugh and to know you're the reason for bringing about that joy. Even if it's only a few seconds, you get an instant indication of the powerful affect you can have on people. You can help change their energy just like that. So, I'll try to be less serious all the time and to spread more laughter and joy. I suggest you try to do the same. Laugtther is the best medicine and helps others feel at ease instantly.

Then I recited a story with my little cousin who I don't get to see very often. I saw him at Thanksgiving and when I went to leave, he grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let me go. He didn't want me to leave. It was the most adorable thing ever. It made me feel so good and loved. Such a beautiful moment. That message was to cherish moments like those and just soak in all that adoration. Let it flow. Accept it and be grateful and just become that loving feeling. It's contagious. Meditation was very relaxing and uplifting. I left feeling so much better. It happens every time. If you've never been to a guided meditation, I suggest you definitely try it, and Leclair is definitely the person I'd direct you too. I'm only here because of her leadership, so I know she can help uplift you as well. Hopefully, I will help others as much as she did for me. :)



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Giving Thanks and Spreading Peace :)

Oct. 14, 2019


I had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you all did too. I went to church with my sister, which was really special. It was nice to spend some time alone with her. I happen to see one o my co-workers there and she ended up sitting behind me. She smiled and waved, and then when it came to spreading peace, we shook hands. Before she left, she made sure to say goodbye. All the little things really made me feel great. It really is all about the small gestures. Always look for the little gifts that can be found everywhere. A simple wave, a simple hello, a handshake; they're all priceless. Capture those moments in your mind and learn to replay those nice moments when you need to bring a smile to your own face.

I wanted to go see my dad at Extendicare Falconbridge, but I have a little bit of a cold. As much as I wanted to see him, I didn't want him to get sick. I put his well-being ahead of my desire to see him. I guess that's another message; sometimes the loving thing to do is let others be and send them love from a distance. They'll feel it either way. That's what energy healing is all about really; transmuting all or your energy into selfless love with detachment to outcomes and sending it out. It's an acquired skill, but once you get in the habit, it becomes who you are and what you're all about. If I can do it, so can you.

Anyway, later, my sister, brother-in-law and I had dinner together and then we went to vote since the advance-voting will still open. It was a great way to spend time together and do our civic duty. There are countless people around the world who would do anything for the right to vote, so I take it as a great honor and privilege to be able to do it so freely and easily here.

On the Monday, I got to lead meditation at Metamorphosis in Val Caron. It was a holiday, but I definitely wanted to make sure to still be there. I figured some people might not have the chance to spend the day with their family or might be lonely. Plus, it was a day off work for many. So, I thought it might be the only chance someone might get to go to mediation on Monday afternoon. I was right in that case as one of my visitors, who's a teacher, got the chance to come on his day off.

I was amazed when I started channelling and was led to describing a little puppy that came to see us. It brought us so much joy just by showing up. The message was to be like that puppy; to allow yourself to spread happiness and joy just by being yourself. You don't have to try, just be yourself and others will be touched by your authenticity.

After meditation, one of the visitors there commented on how calm, strong, and inspiring me and my voice was. It was so heart-warming to hear that. It makes me smile when I hear things like that because I've come so far to get to this point where I can speak in public. My voice used to shake and tremble if I ever was forced to speak in front of others; now I get complimented on how relaxing and powerful and confident it is! I can get here, so can all of you. Keep trying and replace your fears with love and you'll get there like I did. We ended up chatting a bit about the election. I saw it as a great way to try to spread peace to this often debatable and challenging topic. So many people can be so opinionated and their energy can instantly be changed by just a political thought or opinion. It was nice to be able to just sit back, listen, and discuss politics in a relaxed, calm, and open environment. The message there was to try to do the same every where you go. We all may have our opinions, but every one is entitled to their views and shouldn't be judged for them. Acceptance is key. It starts with you. Just be open and receptive. It's all part of learning the art of allowing and letting things flow. The more you step back and just go with the flow, the easier and more calm the energy will flow. So keep spreading your peace every place you go. :)




Learning to Fly :)

Oct. 10, 2019


Meditation with Lizanne at the library today was very powerful. We ended up using Ho'oponopono, a Hawaiian healing modality, to heal any injuries caused to all of our relations, intentionally and unintentionally. It was very relaxing and powerful. Ho'oponopono involves making peace with a situation or person by reciting prayers. There are sections where you add in your name, and those are the parts that really resonated with me. That made it more personal and powerful. I really found myself engrossed in the process and then someone mistakenly tried to come in the room. That startled me and my first vocal reaction was, "Jesus." It was amazing to think of all the guides that were present in the room with us, and the fact that I reacted with Jesus' name was very humbling. I don't usually use his name, but that was my first natural reaction.

Afterwards during sharing, I mentioned that moment and everyone smiled. Let this cute story remind you that there are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. When you call upon guides, and angels, Jesus and the rest of the ascended Masters are close by too.

I also shared how during the meditation, I visualized a baby bird in my hands just getting ready to spread it's wings and fly. It was a very eye-opening experience. It was very symbolic. My message to you is to imagine being that baby bird. See yourself getting ready to spread your wings and fly too. All you have to do is take that first leap of faith and know you'll be able to take flight. :)




Standing Tall :)

Oct. 9, 2019​




I went to meditation with my mentor, Lizanne, again today. She offerend to let me sit inside of a copper pyramid she made to help make the experience more profound. It definitely worked. I found myself not being able to get comfortable, so I tried laying down for a bit. Then I got the message to kneel down, almost in the fetal position. As I crowched down there, I realized this was the kind of position I lived in for much of my life. I lived in fear with my head down trying to protect myself, like so many others continue to do; consciously or unconsciously. It was a very powerful message indeed. I knew it was completely true. I did shield myself a lot and always hid away as I lived in fear. Of course, over the past couple of years as I've travelled along my spiritual path, I've learned to stand up on my own two feet. I've made amazing progress and accomplished things I never thought I would. I've found new found strength and learned to stand tall and with more confidence, just as my late teacher, Caroline, said I would. The message I got in that copper pyramid though was that it's time for me to really start standing taller than I've ever stood before. It's time for me to break out of my shell completely and let myself stand in all of my power in my spirit body, physical body, as well as emotional and mental body. It's time for me to be a true leader and release any inhibitions I've clung onto. I've made great progress, but the message was clear that now I'm meant to stand even more firm in all of my glory.

My message to you now is to try to do the same. No matter what situation you find yourself in, know that you are capable of even more. Don't limit yourself. Don't settle. Don't hide. Realize your potential. Start using the gifts you've be given and let them grow you into becoming the person you're meant to be. Keep taking one step at a time, accepting it may be a long process, but you'll make it all the way to the end. Have faith and know within yourself that you can accomplish great things. Even if you've tried a lot and failed, keep trying. Don't give up. You're stronger than you think. You will overcome your struggles. They're only there to make you stronger and to help you realize your own strength. It just takes time, perseverance, and a desire to continue to try and grow even more. If you're like me and made great strides, feel proud of all you've accomplished. It's ok to give yourself that pat on your back. You deserve it for all your efforts.Don't stop there, though. Realize you can go even higher. You can stand more firm. There are no limits. Literally anything is possible. Continue on that upward trajectory and aim for the heavens. Before long, you'll be standing taller and more self-assuredly than you ever throught possible. You will realize the power you possess inside and you'll use it to transform your entire world into excatly how you want to see it and live in it. If I can do it, so can you. For those about to stand tall, I salute you! For those who are willing to try, I salute you. For those about to stand taller than they've ever stood, I stand with you. We're stronger together. :)





Speaking Your Truth Is Healing :)

Oct. 7, 2019



I had a great Monday. It started with going to Metamorphosis to do an angel card reading with a client. When it comes to card readings, I've learned to have faith and ot be nervous at all because it's all in the angels' hands. I'm just the facilitator who helps explain what the messages are to help guide people on their path. I've done them long enough to know that the cards are always right; you always end up receiving the card you need with the right message you need to hear for your highest good.

So the session ended up going amazingly well. We used several decks and they all made perfect sense for her and gave her all the guidance and confirmation that she needed. She was very happy with how things turned out and left with a smile on her face with a renewed sense of strength and motivation to follow along her path. I felt great too knowing that everything went so well.

I finished just in time to lead my meditation. My regular group was there and I shared my excitement with them. As we went around and shared with each other, a couple of them started opening up on a deep level. One of them even started shedding some healing tears. She wanted to stop crying and tried to pass me the feather to move on, but I politely insisted that she continue to release. She released a little bit more and then said she was ready to continue That's when I said that I felt like instead of doing a meditation, we can receive deep healing by just sharing and opening up even more. A similar thing happened at meditation at the MacKenzie Library last week when my friend, LIzanne, planned to do a Ho'oponopon energy healing, but ended up letting people be heard. Sometimes, talking and listening is the most healing thing we can do. So we spent some time expressing and sharing our stories on a meaningful level again today. Often times, I find when one person opens up, it encourages others to do the same. It's very therapeutic and everyone ends up feeling lighter and better. That's what happened this afternoon, so it was a very powerful experience.

When we all felt better, we started doing several decks of angel cards together. Again, we all received the messages we were meant to get. One of the cards for one of the ladies even talked about her meeting three people who she'll end up talking to and becoming friends with! We were four people, so it's like the cards were confirming to her that the three of us were there to help her.

Looking back, there were so many amazing messages that came out of today. The card reading was an example of learning not to worry, but just going with the flow and trusting that everything will work out for the best. It did for me, and although it was just one small example, in that moment, I felt and knew it applied to everyone. We all have moments when we can become a little nervous or apprehensive about the future, but by sharing little stories like that, we learn that we're not alone and that we'll get through it together. It's a constant process of facing, embracing and replacing our fears with love. The same is true for you and whatever you may be going through. You will find a way. Just let go of trying to hide or control everything and allow yourself to be led and taken in the direction you're meant to go. Ask for support from your guides and angels and you'll be guided to what's best for you and everyone. The other big message was to let yourself be heard. Don't shy away from speaking or sharing what you're going through. One of those ladies mentioned she was afraid to come because she knew she'd end up having to speak and would probably end up crying. I've learned those are the moments when it's important to make the effort and speak your truth. It's a great way to release what you don't need and what's holding you back. Running away from your deep-seated issues is only a temporary measure and won't bring you the lasting peace you seek. Speaking your truth will. We all spoke ours and felt better because of it, and the same is true for you. Always know that when you ask for help and guidance from your angels and guides, they'll always listen and help you. They'll give helpful guidance through the cards, they'll lead you to the people you need to speak to, they'll help you say and hear the words you need to hear and give you the energy you need to move forward. It all comes down to knowing that they're there to help you and will. All you have to do is speak your truth; whether it's out loud or in your mind, they'll hear you, and that's the first step to healing. :)





The Importance of Allowing and Healing Yourself on Deep Levels :)

Oct. 6, 2019


I made a last-day decision to go to class on Access Consciousness and Cellular Memory. I've already tried a lot of different healing methods and I love them all. I figure the more methods I can learn, the more I can help myself and others. Each time I try a new one, I already know on a deep level that they'll work. I don't just believe it or have faith in it; I just intrinsically know it'll work. I've learned the the key is to open yourself up and allow the healing to take place for yourself and others.

Having said that, my expectations weren't too high since I've already tried so many different things and have gotten used to the idea of them working in their own way. I was definitely pleasantly surprised. The facilitator, Cynthia Widawski, talked to us about the method and said it wouldn't feel anything like other healing methods, like Reiki. She was absolutely right. The method is designed especially for those who've had surgeries or who constantly get injuries or pain in the same areas. The idea is that that by sending this type of healing to that area, you're able to heal the body and soul on a deep cellular memory. It helps to release various types of blocks so that you feel better and more at peace.

She first worked on my digestive area, since I had surgery to remove my ulcerated large intestine when I was younger. It felt better and I even had an involuntary full-body spasm that caught my attention. Very powerful stuff. There was definitely healing going on. Then she started working on my hip, since I mentioned I sometimes have pain in that area. Before long, she felt like she needed to work on my knees. That's when I felt the healing the most. It felt like a strong pulsating energy all around my knee area. I could swear she was moving her fingers slightly to explain the sensations I was feeling, but she wasn't. Her hands were perfectly still, yet I felt the healing energy moving around very strongly. It truly felt like nothing I felt before. I was amazed and impressed. I felt at complete peace and didn't want to move from the bed, even after she was done working on me.

I practiced it as well and saw similar results with others. As I laid my hands on various areas needing healing, the clients would have involuntary movements, just like i did. I later received my certification and plan on using this method to help others in the future.

So my message to you is to always keep an open mind, whether it's about an energy healing, or anything else in your life. Let go of any doubts or preconceived notions of how things should go or even ideas of how things will go. Learn to stay open, receptive, and in the moment. The important thing is to allow and let things unfold naturally. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you'll get out of anything. Don't doubt or you'll just end up blocking yourself from receiving all you can. Keep your arms open and remain in a receptive state, instead of closing yourself off for fear of being hurt or disappointed. The past is th past; this is the present. Anything is possible. There are no limits except those you put on yourself. So as you move forward in your life, remember to let yourself be and stay open to receiving. Learn to accept things. You're worthy of everything being offered to you. :)




Shine Your Inner Light :)

Oct. 2, 2019


I went to another relaxing meditation led by my spiritual teacher, Lizanne. We ended up becoming big rays of light and filling ourselves up with so much healing light. It felt so good. I truly did feel lighter and felt like I was taking in so much light that I was overflowing and shining that light back out to everyone. To me, that's what meditation is all about. Working with your energy, releasing what you don't need or what doesn't serve you, and then allowing light to come in and fill in those empty spaces. Before long, you fill yourself up so much that you feel full again. Often times, people feel like they're going to cry as they shed things they don't need and fill those spots in with healing energy. I can speak on it, but it truly is something you have to experience yourself to realize how powerful it can be.

I remember when I didn't even know what meditation was. I did't know how to or what I was doing. Over time, I learned it's more about not trying too hard and just being present, and accepting the healing energy within us and around us. That's why it's so much more powerful to meditate in a group; there's more energy there. I also remember a time when I had been meditating for over a year and I thought I knew how powerful and healing it was. Then one night as we meditated, I found myself shedding healing tears myself! I never really cry, so that was a very powerful experience. I saw lot's of people cry there, or even at healing circles, and I'm always the first one to commend that person and encourage them to release all of those trapped emotions within them to make room for healing energy to come in. I'm glad I naturally did that for myself. I encourage you to do the same. Crying is very therapeutic and helpful. Never keep things in or try not to let yourself cry too much. Release all of that! It needs to come out. All those feelings were buried inside you for years, so they're dying to come out and they need to come out. You'll feel so much better afterwards.

Whether you end up shedding healing tears and crying, or you end up falling asleep, I encourage you to try meditation. There are so many different kinds, but I find the spiritually guided ones are the most powerful. Whatever way you choose, it's all about finding the peace within yourself. It's in you and you have access to it at all times. It's like your breathe; it's always there for you. You don't always notice it or focus on it, but it can be found. All you have to do is take a moment to calm your mind and focus on your breathe. Realize how natural breathing is and how you don't have to try to breathe. It's the same with peace. It's within you, you just have to allow it in and focus on it. Realize also how your breathe has been with you your whole life. Every thing you've been through, every single moment, you were never alone. You're breathe carried you through everything, and always will.

So I guess the message is to be open to meditation, or at least being present. Focus on yourself and your breathe and realize what a beautiful gift it is. Hug that breathe. Take comfort in it. Feel how soothing it is. Remember how it'll always be there for you. Learn to take the time to breathe deeply and calm your breathe. Take that time for yourself. As you do that, you'll be filling yourself up with vital life force energy in the air, often called prana. We all need that breathe to live. So focus on taking in all that energy and filling yourself up with all that light, and before long, you'll be overflowing with light and shining for yourself and others. :)




Miracles Happen Every Day :)


Oct. 1, 2019



I had the pleasure of leading my monthly meditation at the library on Tuesday. We had a new lady there and it was her fist time meditating. She absolutely loved it and complimented me afterwards. She said I had a very soothing voice, that's I'm a really good person for doing the work I do and to keep sharing it everywhere. I was humbled by it all. I laugh every time someone says they love my voice and find it calming. It took so much work for me to get to this point. My voice used to tremble with fear every time I spoke, especially in a group. I'd shake uncontrollably. I avoided anything like that at all costs. In the past, and still occasionally, I feel a little bit of nerves coming on before I have to perform. This day though and more often now, I'm more calm than usual. I keep reminding myself that others are coming to me now to find peace and relaxation. So, it's very important for me to be as calm as possible and provide them with that energy. I'm getting more and more comfortable with it all now. Now I'm regularly getting reassuring comments about my calming nature. Every time I think of how far I come, I'm amazed. I consider it a little miracle every day.

Sometimes we think of miracles being big things that we've never seen before, like somebody turning water into wine. Miracles happen every day though, big and small. The fact that we are here is a miracle. Countless sperm and you were the one that survived and found that one egg. The fact that you can see, hear, touch, feel, talk, walk, think... all miracles. The fact that I can lead anything is a miracle. I was so riddled with anxiety before that it completely put me in a sheltered box I didn't leave. Now I lead groups without even giving it much thought or worry. Truly a miracle.

Let this all be an example and reminder to you that miracles happen eachh day and all the time. When you see the sun come up, that's a little miracle. When you open your eyes, that's a miracle, when you find the strength to face your fears, that's a miracle, when you find the courage to change and heal, that's a miracle. Think of all the things you've overcome to get to where you are, and think of every thing those around you have overcome. Truly miraculous. So open up to all the miracles around you and be grateful for all that you have. I find myself saying, "miracles happen every day" every time someone is pleasantly surprised with how things turn out. It's almost a daily thing now. I encourage you to look for those same miracles, notice them, and remind yourself and others that we are all miracles and miracles are happening all around us. :)




Opening Up to Abundance :)

Sept. 30, 2019


I, along with a handful of others, were just certified in the Hawaiian healing modality, Ho'oponopono. We decided to start meeting every Monday to practice together. So this Monday, we decided to clear up all of our blocks to receiving financial abundance. Finances is an area many people struggle with. Personally, I love doing the spiritual work I do now. In fact, I'd do it for free, and offer my services voluntarily and free of charge many times. I love helping people and I know my mission as a soul is to help be of service to others and help them find their own healing and strength, just as others did for me. At the same time though, I want to make it into a career. I want to be able to make a living off of it. For many years, I've been praying to find a full-time job that I love to do, can do naturally, and can survive and thrive off of. I have another regular job, but I know I'm meant for so much more. When I found this spiritual work, I knew this was and is my calling. It was a long process to get to this point where I have my own business cards, my own web site, I've been working holistic fairs, I have my own blog, and I have met with many clients to help them. I put in years of work to heal myself, and I've taken many classes and courses and am now certified in a variety of healing modalities to help others heal. Now, I feel like I'm ready for the next step; to transition and turn this into my life's work; a full-time "job" that I can thrive off of.

I've met a few people in the spiritual field who have a hard time charging money, and I'm no different. I just want to help people, like all of us healers. However, I also learned a lot from my spiritual teacher, Caroline. She taught me that we're providing a service and that it's ok to charge for that service. It's about honouring ourselves, realizing we have worth, and understanding that we live in a material world where money is needed to survive. She charged a lot of money for her services. However, she also was willing to receive a "love offering." If someone couldn't afford to pay for her services but needed the help, she'd ask them to ask themselves what would love give or offer in exchange for the services and then asked them to just give that. It could involve giving something of value, doing something nice, or whatever love asks you to give.

Anyway, I remembered what she taught me. I have prices on my services, but they're not listed on my website. I leave it somewhat open depending on the circumstances. I also meet with people or stay after meditation for hours to be of service any way I can. Often people just need someone to listen so I'm there to listen and show them they're cared for. Of course, I want to do this job full-time, without money being an issue and without my other job getting in the way.I want my spiritual work to be financially worth-while and profitable for me. Everyone has to make money to live off of somehow, so it might as well be something you love to do.

So that is what the Ho'oponopono focused on Monday. I remember sharing to the rest of them that this Ho'oponpono, as with all the other healings I've learned about, I know works. So I told them that at the end of our session, we removed our blocks to financial abundance and that now all we have to do is receive and let it in. So I'm just going with the flow and knowing in my heart and soul that somehow, this spiritual work will be financially profitable for me.

So my message to you all is to ask yourself what brings you joy. Find out what you're really good at. Think about things that come naturally to you and that make you happy. Pursue those things. Focus on them and open up to the possibility of turning that love into a career. Don't worry about how you're going to get there or if it'll be financially worthwhile; that just adds to potential blocks and makes doubt sneak in. Instead release all those fears to the angels as soon as they arise, and ask those same angels to infuse you with the faith and knowledge that financial abundance is on the way. Keep moving forward pursuing what you love and know that all will work out in the end. Even if the money doesn't flow right away or if you don't see how it'll work, don't worry. You don't have to know how it'll work; just know it will. In the meantime, just enjoy the process. Be happy that you're doing what you love and fill yourself with that joy. Feel that emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being, and know it'll soon equate to financial success as well. Ask the angels for guidance along the way and then follow their lead. Know they have your highest interests at heart and that all will unfold for the highest good for you and everyone involved. I look forward to following up with you very soon about how I've achieved a place of financial profitability with my spirituality, and I look forward to hearing your success stories as well. Keep following your path! Know it'll lead to every thing you want. Destiny awaits! :)


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I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, I Thank You :)

Sept. 28, 2019



I heard about Ho'oponpono from my spiritual teacher, Lizanne. It's a Hawaiin healing method to bring peace to any situation. I've been waiting a long time to get certified for it and Saturday was finally the day. Lizanne led us on a healing journey so we could experience what it's like, and then later taught us how to facilitate healings for others. So I'm now a certified Ho'oponpono practitioner. I even got to practice it at our men's group on Sunday.

It was an amazing day Saturday though. We started off with our usual sharing circle. I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. My friend, Linda, who I met when I began my spiritual journey almost two years ago, was there. She was the same woman who gifted me my medicine pouch as well as a shell to burn sage in. I didn't realize the significance until later and now use that as an example to others to realize the gifts that they have and to use them.

So during our circle, she began to share and then out of the blue said, "When I think of love, I think of this man, Gianni." I was so taken aback, humbled and honoured to hear such kind words. It really warmed my heart and made me feel so special. She then talked about how she felt the need to gift me for all my efforts and then proceeded to give me a tuning fork to use when I'm working with my energy centre around my heart. I was so overcome with gratitude and appreciation for the acknowledgement and recognition I received in front of everyone. I was deeply touched by how much she sees in me. That helps motivate me to keep going forward and carrying on my work. It truly is inspiring. It reminded me of my late spiritual teacher, Caroline, and the inspiring words she said to me about being a leader, like Moses. I now try to prove her right by being the best I can be.

So let this all serve as a reminder to you to keep following your path, do what brings you joy and fuels you. Do it for all the right reasons and with an open heart, and know that all your efforts are appreciated and will be noticed in divine timing. We're not supposed to do things to get things, but that's often how it works when we do things with an open heart and mind. Caroline told me all this would happen. She said I'd get the recognition and appreciation that I wanted deep down when I got to the point where I didn't need it and I was just being my strong, loving authentic self. She said people would notice my genuineness and that's when everything would unfold for me. Well I guess she was right about that too.

Please remember the same message now; you will get what you want when you don't need it; when you release the need to control the end results; when you become the love that you seek. It's love with detachment; when you just give and receive love without any expectations. That's when you learn to breathe love, inhaling and exhaling; giving and receiving in equal balanced measure. Remember to acknowledge others around you as well. When you see someone you admire or making an effort you appreciate, feel free to let them know. You might just make their day and help fuel them on their journey. You'll be providing them with extra motivation and inspiration to continue moving forward.

Finally, always remember to live the main messages of Ho'oponpono; I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you. Think about any person or issue that needs healing and apply these mantras towards them. These four simple sentences form the basis for making everything better again and bringing peace to any situation. Focus on these mantras any time you want to clear anything in your life. Remember to do these mantras for yourself as well. We are all worthy of the love we seek because we area all made of that same love.





Making Others Feel Welcome :)

Sept. 26, 2019


I attended meditation at the main library led by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne. As we were just about to begin, a couple of guys knocked on the door. I was closest to the door, so I answered. They were from a recovery house near by and only had a half hour before they had to go back. They were very interested in trying meditation though and we're wondering if it was ok if they joined us for a bit. I instantly said they're more than welcome to come and not to worry if they came a little late or had to leave early. I told them the door is always open for others to come and leave as they please. That's one thing that Lizanne and her shop has taught me; acceptance is key. Everyone wants to feel accepted. Acceptance equals love. Everyone wants to feel loved and acceptance gives them that same feeling. People want to be heard too, to be validated and shown that they are valued and that they matter. I felt that same welcoming and accepting energy as soon as I walked into her shop the first day, and every time that I've attended her meditations since. I pride myself now on helping to provide others with that same sense of acceptance, love, and dignity.

So the two guys were able to open up and share a little bit and that made that meditation special. They talked about how they're often lonely and want to begin their spiritual journey. When it was my chance to talk, I welcomed them again with a friendly handshake and told them they'll never be lonely again knowing that the are welcome to join us any time and that they're welcome to come to our men's group. They appreciated the offer very much. I hope to be able to see them again soon.

No matter what happens with them though, at least they caught a glimpse of what it means to be accepted with open arms and to get a chance to speak and be heard. I know those moments will stay with them because that sense of belonging and caring is what we all need in this world. I'm so grateful to have found it at Vere : Golden Journey and Metamorphosis and I'm humbled to be able to help provide that same feeling to every new person that comes to join us. I encourage you all to accept others in your lives as well. Be as welcoming as you can be, and know that that will be returned to you. It's the loving and caring thing to do. Always remember what my late spiritual teacher, Caroline, taught me; always ask what would love do, then do that. :)




One Person Can Change Everything :)

Sept. 25, 2019



I went to attend meditation again led by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne. Her youngest daughter was there. She's very gifted and sensitive to other people's energies and doesn't enjoy coming to meditation as a result. Tonight though, she made a last-minute decision to join our group. It was the cutest thing as she ended up writing love notes to her mom and laying down on her lap as she led meditation. Just that image alone serves as a reminder to enjoy the priceless gifts in our lives. All the memorable moments like that really make everything worth it and always stand the test of time. So remember to notice and appreciate all these little things. The little things are often the biggest moments, the ones that matter the most and that you'll take with you forever.

As she guided us on our inner journey, her daughter started crying and shedding tears. As it turned out, she was picking up on everyone's energies there and releasing it all for them. It was a powerful example of the power of one young soul to make a big difference and help others heal just by allowing herself to be present. Everyone felt better afterwards.

It's ironic because our meditation started out with our chanting and as we chanted, someone started getting the chuckles. She started laughing and couldn't stop. That made me want to burst out laughing too. It completely changed the energy in our circle as we began our meditation. That just served as another reminder of the difference one person can make. It goes to show you the power we all possess to influence each other. What we say and do affects the whole in major ways. We really do change the world around us by being ourselves. Never underestimate the power you possess within you. You can change everything. :)





Living In the Moment, Miracles Happen Every Day :)

Sept. 23, 2019


My friend came over to give me a ride to meditation. I was going to fix my hair straight since it's getting longer and it's usually very unruly and curly when I wake up. She suggested I just go as I was. I didn't think it was a good idea at first. I was a little self-conscious, but then she kind of talked me into just going natural. The more I thought of it, the more it made sense. It could serve as a message and reminder to be your authentic self and not worry about what other think or say, and that people will notice you more because they're seeing the real you.

So as soon as I got there, the owner of the studio, Liz, smiled and said, "I love your hair!" That was so nice to hear. The rest of the people commented on it too and said they loved it as well. So I began our group talking about how even though I was a little worried about how I looked, I came as I was as an example to the rest of them to come as they are too. I explained to them that too often in life, many of us try to make ourselves look better or try to appear perfect or to be someone we're not, and that in those cases, we're only fooling ourselves. I suggested to them not to worry about their fears or the opinions of others, but rather just to be their true natural selves; whether that means not fixing your hair perfectly every time, or not putting make-up on all the time to cover up insecurities, or just being honest and saying exactly what you think and feel without fear of rejection. Honesty is always the best policy. Being yourself will always be the best look for you because that's when people will see the real you and feel the real you. If you want to get all done up, that's great, but it's how you feel that's important. The better and more natural you feel, the better it is for everyone. They'll sense your genuineness and that's what will make you look your best.

So learn to trust yourself at all times. Learn to accept every part of you; the things you like and the things you don't really like. Learn to love it all because all of it makes you who you are. It's all lovable. You are lovable. Always remember that and walk around with that confidence.

So I led meditation after we opened our sharing circle. I asked for our guides and angels to be with us and then I just waited to see what they had for me to say. The message I got was to stand up and go over to each one of the clients there, place my hands on their shoulders, and do an energy healing on them. I heard that message again and I knew that I had to rise up to the moment and just go with what I got. So, I explained to them the message I got and what I'd be doing and then performed energy healings on them individually. I even found myself channeling unique messages for each one of them. Then I sat back down and opened up to my guides some more and let them help me guide the rest of them in a meditation inwhich we became stars shining in the sky. Then we saw our stars inside of our hearts and we were asked to let them shine. It was a very powerful visual and meditation for sure. Everyone loved it and said they felt a lot of healing from it.

Later that day, I went to lead another healing group at Vere : Golden Journey. There, I got the message to try an open-eye meditation where we could focus on the candle light flickering in front of us. So, I listened and we proceeded to stare at the candle flame. At first, I was quiet, but then I got messages to share about sending our fears and blocks into the candle light to be transmuted and to open up to the light from the candle as it sent us back healing energy. We focused on the candle for a few minutes. Then I got the message to close our eyes, see the darkness and just imagine that light. It turned out to be a powerful message that we can still choose to see our own light even if nothing is shining for us. The messages just kept coming after that about being the light we want to see in the world and bringing light to the darkness. By doing that, we light up our own lives and the lives of those around us. It was such a profound example that we are such powerful beings because we are all light carriers. We light up this planet by shining our light and that light is in each one of us. We can shine when life shines on us and we can shine our own light when there's no other lights around. When we do that, we become a ray of light, and that's all it take to light up everything and everyone around us.

It was such an amazing day. Beautiful examples to be genuine and to realize that you're always worthy of love; not to worry about others, but to follow your own path and guidance and that you'll be rewarded in special ways for doing so; and that we are this light and are here to help light up our surroundings. So keep shining your light. All it takes is one point of light to brighten this universe. :)



Living In the Moment, Miracles Happen Every Day :)

Sept. 22, 2019

I worked late Saturday night and didn't get to bed until approximately 6 am. Then I had to get up at a little after 7 for a holistic fair on Manitoulin Island. When my alarm went off, I could have easily shut it off and went back to bed. Plus it was pouring rain outside and it was forecast to continue all day. Besides, my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, wasn't able to come so I'd end up going by myself. Nonetheless, I knew this was a great opportunity for me and that people there were relying on me to be there. I knew I'd end up helping clients there who could relate to me and my journey.

So I went. I'm so glad I did. It turned out to be the most amazing fair I've ever been to. Someone came up to my table withing the first few minutes and wanted a healing, but said he'd take a look around first. It was all in divine order and meant to be like that since as soon as he left, another young lady came up to my table and she needed my help even more. She sat down for a card reading, but I ended up being more of a life coach for her. She started talking about her anxiety and depression issues and how it ran in her family, and then I shared my story. We were able to relate and that really helped her open up even more. I ended up channeling her guides and saying everything she needed to hear. She felt great afterwards, especially after the energy healing I did on her. Then she got her mom to come over too! Sadly, she was suicidal and even had an attempt on her life in the last week. She started crying right away and sharing her story of mental issues. I was so amazed again by the fact that she and her daughter were drawn to me. Of all the people there that they could have went to, it was me they were drawn to; the one guy who could relate to them the most and help them the most. So I listened and let the mother be heard and then just spoke from my heart and soul. I didn't have to think about what to say; I just channeled the messages from her guides and angels that she needed to hear. She shed lots of healing and cleansing tears and felt a lot better afterwards. Then she got an energy from me as well. I gave her a big hug and she left with a big smile on her face. I truly felt like she was better and no longer suicidal. I left her my contact information, but I know she'll be ok. I knew right away that they were the reason I got up to go there that day. My day was made at that point, but it just got better.

It was the first holistic fair inwhich I got back-to-back-to-back clients, one right after the other, all day. As I was doing the healings, people saw me doing the energy work and wanted to sign up. I also noticed one lady from a vendor table across from me who was assisting her friend. She came over and wanted a card reading. She ended up getting the entrepreneur card! It was the first time that card came up in all the readings I've done. She was the one it was meant for as she soon revealed she's been thinking of venturing out on her own for a while now. All the cards gave her the confirmation that she needed to move forward with confidence. She left feeling so much happier and so much more assured of what she needed to do. She definitely got the confirmation she needed. Another reason I was so glad I went. She needed that confirmation.

Later on that day, a lady came over with her mom. It turns out she came to an animal communication workshop with me last year. She recognized and remembered me right away. She wanted me to do an energy healing on her mom, who had dementia. She then tried to explain to her mom that I was a gifted healer, that she trusted me and knew I'd do a great job! I was so humbled. I only met this lady once for a few hours a long time ago. Somehow though, I left an amazing impression on her; enough for her to trust me and put her mom's well-being in my hands. So I did Reiki on her mom. I thought of my dad, who also has dementia. It was quite the eye-opening and humbling situation to see her daughter accompanying her mom and taking care of her, just like I did for so many years with my dad. It just helped me to realize how connected we all are. I worked on her mom, but I also saw my dad in her. It made me realize as you help one person, you help everyone. We truly are one big family of brothers and sisters.

By the end of the day, I made all my money back and even made a profit! I was so happy and grateful for how the day turned out. I truly felt blessed and that I helped a lot of people. I completed my soul mission that day.

So from all this, I hope you can see how things can often work out even better than you can possibly imagine; better than anything you could hope for. Even if things don't necessarily work out exactly how you want them to ahead of time, things always have a way of working out; and not only working out in an ordinary way, but in a way that's for the greater good for everyone involved. Just keep trusting and having faith in the process. Go with the flow. Let your soul be led in the direction of your passion and where your heart leads you. You'll end up exactly where you need to be. Just as my late spiritual teacher used to say, Love knows where love needs to be and there you are. Creator knows the best person available for whatever job he needs done, and fate will ensure it comes to pass. So let your guides lead you, move you, and speak through you. The words others need to hear from you, you will speak when you open up to them. Just be present and in the moment. Don't worry about the past or the future or about everything coming out perfectly; it'll come out exactly as necessary when you allow yourself to be completely open and transparent and present. You help people even more than your realize with the simple things you say and do. Try to grasp the importance of who you are and what you do. Only you can fulfill that role. So be yourself completely and that'll always be more than enough. Remember miracles happen every day, and you are a miracle. Miracles can and do happen all around you. Just allow them and appreciate all the little miracles around you in every moment. Recognize how you, and everything around you, is a miracle in itself. Things will always turn out better than you can imagine when you have a great realistic, but optimistic outlook like that. Keep seeing that light, being that light, and shining that light! :)



fc7829154aa463480b9ad6e16738c457 (1).jpg
Learning How to Lead :)

Sept. 19, 2019


I went to meditation at the library lead by my spiritual mentor, Lizanne. She ended up listening to her guides and asking anyone in attendance there who had any energy modalities that they wanted to share to go around and do energy healings on people as we meditated. I jumped at the opportunity. I look up to Lizanne so much. I admire how much she listens to her guides and follows their messages. She doesn't worry about what others think or say and doesn't let any doubts or fears stop her. She just opens up to her guides and follows their guidance. It's amazing because a few times in the past, I got the same idea; to go around doing energy healings on people during meditation. I even talked about it with another regular visitor there. I just didn't know how I'd ever get the courage and confidence to do that. I felt like it would take a lot to be that comfortable with yourself and that trusting of your guides.

Luckily for me, I have a good role model and leader in Lizanne to lead by example and show me the way. Seeing her do energy healings and inviting other healers, like me , to stand up and do the same gave me the peace of mind and confidence I needed. I loved every minute of it. I felt completely at home and in my element. I didn't worry about anything. I just opened up and allowed the energies to flow through me. Everybody there enjoyed the healings as well. So it was an amazing afternoon and left me with the confidence I needed to know that I can do the same whenever I feel guided to do it.

So my message to all of you from this day is to observe those around you whom you have a lot of respect and admiration for. Look up to them. Let them lead you. Let them inspire you. Allow them to help you grown. See yourself in them and let them help you to follow your own path with strength and self-assuredness. We are all here to help each other out. We are all teachers and students. We can all learn and motivate eachother to become even better versions of ourselves. Sometimes we have big ideas and too often second-guess ourselves, but when you see someone else following through on what moves them, it can give you all the energy you need to move forward with your idea. Then once you finally do follow your soul's calling, you'll become the leader you saw in someone you looked up to. That's called the circle of life. Be the change you want to see in the world, and let others help you to see what's possible. Real leaders help others become leaders themselves. I'm living proof. You don't have to know how you'll do it; just know you can. If it's true for others you look up to, it can be true for you. Even if you don't think it's in you, you can find a way. It just takes time, a willingness to try and to be open the guidance you get to lead you there. :)



Opening Up :)

Nov. 18, 2019


I had an amazing Monday. It all started with meditation at noon. One young woman came and was going through a lot of emotions. So I, along with one of her friends and regular attendees, got her to start sharing. We let her speak and gave her an opportunity to shed as many emotions as she needed to. We tried reassuring her and letting her know we were there for her and that she'd get through it. Then I decided to conduct a Hawaiian Healing modality, Ho'Oponopono, for each of us, especially for her and her relationship issues. The healing method is a way to bring peace to any person, relationship or issue and involves reciting a series of prayers. The central themes include, "I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and I thank you." So as we went along, I could feel how healing it was for all of us. I followed the script, but also improvised at points and made it my own. By the end of it, we all felt a lot more peaceful and calm. It was a very powerful experience. I was so happy to be of service and that I was able to help. I felt great.

The message I got from that experience was to trust yourself and improvise when you feel the need to. Learn to go with the flow. Adapt to the changing situations as best you can. Offer whatever you can when presented with them. Your best is always enough. You might just end up helping someone else a lot more than you realize.

Then I had a Reiki energy healing session in the afternoon. I had done a free one on a lady a couple weeks ago as part of Metamorphosis' one-year anniversary. My friend Liz owns the shop and gave me one of my first breaks by allowing me to lead weekly meditatoins there. This particular lady enjoyed the session so much that she decided to come back. It was another very powerful and humbling experience. She felt a lot more relaxed and at peace later. She even told me after the first session, she went home and took a nap! That's how relaxed she was! She enjoyed this one as well. We chatted a little more later and she expressed an interest in meeting with me again to find out whatever services I can provide her to help her out. She even mentioned being interested in receiving life-coaching to help her on her path. I was so humbled to hear that she trusted in me that much already and wants to do even more work with me. I haven't done much life-coaching yet, so I think this might end up being a great learning experience for the both of us. I'll get even more experience, and she'll get the guidance she needs. It's a win-win for the both of us.

Afterwards, I was getting ready to go to Golden Journey's weekly Ho'Oponopono meeting. The shop owner, Lizanne, messaged me to let me know she couldn't make it that night. So, she wanted me to lead it. Again, I was so honoured to have been asked to lead and facilitate the group. I had a quick bite to eat and rushed over to the shop. Along the way, I felt so amazing. I really felt like I was doing the work I was meant to do. I was doing spiritual work all day, from leading meditation, an Ho'Onoponopono session, a Reiki healing session, and then another Hawaiian healing session to finish the night off.

The final session went great. Everyone loved it and felt great afterwards. I felt so much peace as well. In fact, I just started laying down and relaxing in all that peace, and so did a couple of the others. It was such an amazing day. I felt right at home and completely in my element. I know this is the work I'm meant to do. I want it to become full-time work so much, and Monday was a great example of what my future career will look like. In fact, my future career is already here in the present. One of the lady's there said she really liked my style and expressed an interest in being mentored by me! I was so humbled and honoured even more to hear that! What a gift! My spiritual work is really taking off and dreams are coming true. So many amazing things. The future is so open and full of possibilities. I look forward to working with and helping as many people as I can, and making a livelihood off of it.

Looking back over the entire day, I think the message I want to pass on to you all is to keep following your dreams. Keep following your passion. Let it lead you on your path. Keep putting in your work and time in the direction of your heart's desire. Magincal things will unfold for you. If it's true for me, it's true for you. Just keep at it. Keep going. Keep trying to better yourself, and at the same time, loving yourself the whole time for who you are and who you are becoming. Be happy and grateful for all the lessons you've learned in the past to get you where you are today, and let all of that move you forward. Let your passion fuel the rest of your journey. Don't settle. Don't doubt. Overcome those momentary moments of weakness and keep following your bliss. Before long, you'll be a living, breathing example of what's possible when you put your soul into something. You'll be living your dream. If I can do it, so can you. :)



Open Your Eyes to the Small Gifts :)

Sept. 17, 2019


I went to see my nephews. My youngest one had just started junior kindergarten. I asked him how it went. He said it was good, but at the start, "I was cranky because I missed you." It was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. I hadn't seen him in a week or two and somehow, he thought of me on his first day of school and missed me! I took it as a great gift that he loves me so much and thinks of me, even on one of the biggest days of his young life.

Then my nephews called me up the other day and wanted me to come over to play with them. Again, it was one of the cutest things I've ever heard. I went over and we had a lot of fun. The next day, they called me up after school and asked me to come over again! That just melted my heart to know they love spending time with me so much and want to spend their free time playing with me. At night, they wanted me to read them books before they went to bed too. So, I had one on one knee, and one on the other. Priceless moments. I have a picture of my dad when I was just a kid and he's holding me and my little brother; one on knee, one on the other. It just goes to show you the beautiful cycle of life and how everything comes full circle.

Then I went to go see my dad at the nursing home. He's had alzheimer's/dementia for almost a decade now and doesn't really recognize us anymore or call us by our names. He was in good spirits and happy to see me though, as usual. This day was even more special because he mentioned my brother Gino's name and referred to him as my brother! Gino's in Australia and hasn't seen my dad for almost two years! He doesn't get to talk to him much, so for him to recall his name and his relation to me was heart-warming. It made my day. I was so grateful and happy that he would remember Gino's name and know that he's my brother!

Please let these beautiful little stories serve to remind you to open your eyes to all the beautiful moments in your life. Be grateful for all the gifts you have, big and small. Realize that everything in your life is a gift and be appreciative of all the blessings your receive. It's important to remember that we're not really owed anything in this world and that nothing really belongs to us; it's only on loan for our lifetime from the Creator. So I'd suggest taking some time every night before you go to bed and when you wake up to recognize and recall all the gifts you have and give thanks for all of them. Just keep naming them, one right after the other. Think about every little thing, like the fact that you woke up this morning, you were able to open your eyes and see, you can breathe, your heart's still beating, you can walk and go anywhere, you can talk, you can remember, and just keep going from there on your tirade of appreciation. Realize everything about you and around you is a blessing. You are a miracle and so is everyone and everything around you. Focus on all that you can be grateful for. Before you know it, all you'll see and feel is love and appreciation everywhere. :)



Escaping the Cage You Created, Cutting Your Attachment Chords :)

Sept. 16, 2019


I led another meditation at Metamorphosis on Monday. As usual, I had no idea what I was going to speak about. I ended up having one of the clients attend who got an energy healing from me at the fair there a couple days earlier, as well as another regular, and a new person.

The new lady mentioned that she was a little nervous. That was my cue to relate to her and express how far I've come and that I know she can get there too; that we're all there to help each other out, it's a process, and the more you make the effort to change and step out of your comfort zone, the stronger and more healing you'll get out of it, like me. She felt a lot better afterwards and even shed some healing tears!

As for the mediation itself, as per usual, I had no idea where I was going to lead them. I just opened up to my guides and angels and let them speak through me. So it turned out we saw ourselves inside our own personal cages that we often build up to protect ourselves. Sometimes we get hurt and then we learn to close ourselves off so it doesn't happen again. Or we hear other people's stories or we're brought up in an environment where guarding yourself is a way of life. Anyway, during the meditation, we ended up finding the key to the door of our own cell within ourselves. We then had an angel appear and she helped us to unlock the door of our prison so that we can be free. It was a beautiful reminder that when we keep ourselves in our cell, we can't let anything in, including love. So by opening up the door, we let love flow in and out naturally, like breathing. It might be scary at first, especially if you'be been hurt before after you've opened up your heart, but that only serves as a reminder to you that you can handle anything; that you're indestructible and stronger because of everything that happened. In reality, everything happens for you, not to you. With that spiritual knowledge, the angel was able to help us use our keys to unlock our doors, remove our blocks, and free ourselves to allow love and light to flow freely. We all felt so much more peace and strength afterwards. I even got the leader card again afterwards!

That night, I went to lead another mediation at our healing group at Vere : Golden Journey. During that one, we ended up calling on Archangel Michael to come join us and help us cut any chords that we had to attachments. It was another very powerful experience. Many times, we become attached to certain people, situations, material things, or even ways of thinking. We can end up getting stuck in recurring patterns and can have a hard time finding our way out of that. So, we visualized seeing our attachment chords that no longer served us and then we asked Archangel Michael to come help us cut them. It took a lot of courage on our parts to allow that to happen because once you're attached to something, it's hard to let go of it not knowing what will happen next. Nonetheless, we were all able to do that and we all left feeling a lot more at peace and freer than when we came. That's the biggest bonus of cutting your chords; once you're no longer attached to anything, you can fly free and that sense of freedom can take you anywhere you want to go.

So to anyone out there who feels trapped, know that you have the key and can let yourself out at any time. All it takes is a lot of courage, faith, and trust in yourself and your angels to help you. Trust me; once you take that step to free yourself, you'll feel like you can spread your wings out and fly. You'll have nothing holding you back. You'll be free to explore and do anything you want to do. Your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go. The same is true once you call upon your angels to help release you from your attachments. Realize that attachments only hold you down and that they need to be released. Your angels can give you the strength and courage you need to free yourself from being tied down. They'll help you realize that you're an eternal soul with limitless potential and inner strength. You have everything you need to survive within yourself. They'll help you to see your inner flame and they'll remind you that that true freedom comes from being free.

To live and love with detachment is one of the biggest lessons we come here to learn. We're reminded of that every time we "lose" someone we love. Realize they're always there for you in spirit, eternally. You can still love them, whether they're with you literally or not. That's called love with detachment; it's not dependent on anything. It's just a natural state of being, like the sun that shines for everyone no matter what. That's unconditional love. That's love without expecting anything in return and not feeling like you're a victim or deserve more. Learn to live with the art of allowing. Just let things be. Go with the flow. Let things come to you. Open your heart to them. Allow yourself to receive. Give and receive in equal measure. Never become attached to anything or anyone. Simply love everything and everyone as they are. Learn to live in a state of gratitude for everything you have, realizing everything is a gift. Free yourself from your own cell and let yourself fly free. Cut any attachments to anything that holds you back and allow yourself to soar higher. :)




Doing the Work You're Called To Do :)

Sept. 14, 2019


Saturday was an amazing day for me. My friend, Liz, hosted a special open house at her Metamorphosis shop and asked me to join her there and offer my services. I was so humbled and honoured to have been asked by her to be there. She even said I'm part of the "Metamorphosis Family." I was already blessed just to have her trust me to lead meditations there every Monday for the last few months, but this was just icing one the cake.

I've attended a few fairs already, but I felt this one would be even more special. I was right. I made a lot of good connections and a couple people even said they're interested in learning Reiki from me, since I'm a Master Teacher now! I ended up spending the entire afternoon with a study flow of clients coming in, one right after the other. I was offering Reiki energy healings as well as card readings, and all my clients ended up getting both from me! It was the first time I spent my entire afternoon doing energy healings on people like that, along with card-readings. Every one of them loved it. They all felt so much peace during the healing session that they ended up falling asleep! Each of them loved my angel card readings as well. A couple of them had lost their loved ones and were there for guidance and healing. They ended up shedding healing tears and receiving beautiful messages from their loved ones that they needed to hear. Every one of the card readings turned out to be exactly what my clients needed and they all left with a smile on their faces and feeling so much more relaxed and happier than when they came. I felt amazing too, with that same healing energy flowing through me into them.

Thinking back now, I'm just amazed how it all turned out. In the past, I would have been nervous ahead of time and not felt very comfortable in a room-full of people there. Instead, I felt completely in my element and totally fulfilled knowing I'm doing my life's work and completing my soul's mission to help and serve others so they can help heal themselves. I didn't have any time to worry or think about anything else since I was so in demand, and I know I wouldn't have been worried even if I had less clients, because I know this is the work I'm meant to do. I just feel it. I know it. I'm at home as a healer. It's the first time I've really felt like that during any job in my life.

So please let this story serve as inspiration to you to keep following your path. Keep moving forward. Take one step after the other and allow the process to unfold. Lead with your spirit body. Let your passion fuel you and move you towards your life's work. You don't have to worry about where you'll end up or when you'll get there or how you'll get there; just know you'll get there. One way or another, you'll end up being exactly where you need to be and you'll feel 100 per cent at peace and at home once you're there. You'll know it and feel it when you've arrived. I speak from experience. No matter what situation you may find yourself in right now, keep the faith and know you're destined for greater things and it's all part of a learning process. Keep asking yourself, "How Much Better Can It Get? That's what my late spiritual teacher, Caroline taught me. If I can get there, so can you. :)



I'm Possible :)

Sept. 12, 2019


I had the pleasure of going to meditation led by my spiritual teacher, Lizanne. It was a very special one. She was having a challenging day and ended up misplacing her keys for her shop. So she wasn't able to pick up all her things that she'd usually bring to meditation. She asked her guides for clarification. She ended up feeling like they wanted her to go pick out some meditation-themed books at the library and bring them there. Once all the people gathered there, she asked us to pick the book that drew our attention and then open it up to a random page. We then focused on those topics during our meditation. She also decided to do an open-eye meditation and asked us to focus on tea-light candles placed in front of us. She also encouraged us to hold hands to make it an even more powerful and energizing experience.

It turned out to be one of the best meditations I've ever been a part of. It was just so beautiful and created such a loving atmosphere for everyone there. I felt so much peace, acceptance, and love. I knew that being surrounded in the energy of love by a room-full of loving souls is where I truly belonged.

I lead my own meditations and I have thought of doing different things, like bringing candles and having everyone hold hands. I second-guessed myself though, and never ended up doing that. Seeing Lizanne do the very things I was thinking of doing helps me to see that anything is possible, and that my ideas are valid and can become reality. It helps to remind me to follow the guidance I get even more and not to worry about what others may think or say. It helps to encourage me and gives me faith and a renewed strength to go with the flow and let my spirit and soul lead me in every thing I do.

So, please let this short story be an example for you to listen the guidance you get. When you get an idea that you really like and think can work, follow through on it with inspired action. You have the capability to turn that thought into action. Let it also remind you of the importance of leading by example. Sometimes we need others to help lead the way and show us what's possible, but then once we see that, hopefully we realize that we can be that same type of leader for others; that in fact, we can become our own leaders and then our actions can inspire others to do the same. So my message to you is to become a leader yourself. Keep moving forward with confidence and courage. Know that anything is possible and that the word, "impossible" is spelled by putting two words together; "I'm possible." :)



Bringing Your Energy to Every Situation :)

Sept. 7, 2019


I had two last-minute cancellations at my other job on Saturday. So we were two people short for a very busy day. I could have gotten stressed out and frustrated at the situation and the long night of work ahead of me, but I chose just to accept the circumstances and have faith all will work out some how. Luckily, I had posted an add online before that since we were already short-staffed. So I had a variety of candidates to pick from. I just didn't like calling people in on such short-notice, but we really needed the help. Thankfully, I managed to get ahold of two new guys to come in.

Usually it's challenging for new employees to get used to the job on the first day and it can be quite a test of patience for me to train them and make sure the job get's done right. However, I knew this was another opportunity for me to take control of my energy and be considerate, easy-going, patient, and understanding of the new people, especially since it was still their first week in a new country. They said that they'd make the most of the chance I was giving them and promised me they'd show me how good of workers they really are.

So I embraced the situation as an opportunity to shine my light in that challenging scenario. As it turned out, they did an amazing job. They had actually just moved to Canada a week earlier from India! Looking back, out of all the workers I've hired over they years, these two gentleman had the best performance on their first day. So, I was extremely grateful and made sure that I thanked them for coming in lat and for doing such a great job. Then they thanked me for giving them the opportunity.

Let this short story be a reminder to you to take control of your emotions when things get out of hand in your life. Instead of over-reacting or getting upset, learn to come from a place of acceptance and understanding. You can do that by working out of your spiritual body. Sometimes your emotions can try to get the better of you, but those are the moments when you need to recognize that it takes a lot of energy out of you when you're upset. Instead, learn to channel all that energy towards love with detachment and live from your spirit body. Realize you are made of energy and that you have all the potential ingredients to react to any situation with love and acceptance. It's just a matter of releasing the need to control the situation, letting go of the idea that you're a victim, and instead coming to terms with the fact that you have the capability to respond with kindness. You'll be happy you did when you see that kindness returned to you. It happened for me, so I know it can happen for you too. :)



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We're All Gifted :)

Sept. 6, 2019


This past Tuesday, I was granted the gift of being able to lead my very own meditation at the MacKenzie Library. I was asked to lead a monthly meditation there on the first Tuesday of every month by the director of adult programming there as a thank you gift for filling for my friend, Lizanne, when she couldn't be there.

It's quite the honour. I remember when Lizanne first convinced me to get certified as a meditation instructor after I started having visions of leading my own meditations. I didn't understand how I'd be able to do them, but I knew I was meant to do it and would find a way. After I got certified, I remember joking around with one of my men's group buddies that maybe one day I'll have my own poster at the entrance of the library, just like Lizanne does.

Well the week before I was scheduled to lead my own meditation there, I was attending Lizanne's meditation when I saw my own poster at the entrance. It made me smile instantly. Just goes to show you anything is possible, and that where there's a will, there's a way.

So my meditation ended up going well. I didn't have a lot of people come, but they were definitely powerful beings. In fact, I felt a great sense of energy coming from one of the new ladies there. After meditation, she ended up staying later and shared a little bit of her story with me. It turns out that she's also a Reiki Master Teacher. She underwent some health issues in the past and learned to heal her spiritual body and now serves to help others. I told her how grateful I was to have her there and how honoured we were to have such a gifted soul with us. She was very modest, but I tried to explain to her what an inspiration she is for us and for everyone in her life. I know it helped her and made her feel welcome. She now plans on continuing on getting her Reiki Holy Fire attunement.

That reminds me of another lady that I met at my meditation in Val Caron before. I remember sensing how gifted she was and then she got the clairsentient card for her ability to sense things. She's now continuing to open up to the gifts that she has.

Ultimately, I've learned it's important to acknowledge people and let people know how gifted they are when you see it. My late teacher, Caroline helped me to see my gifts and inspired me to prove her right; my friend Lizanne has done the same for me and has blessed me with so many opportunities to share my gifts with others.

So my message to you now is to never underestimate the power you have to influence someone else and potentially help them realize their true strength and potential. You can change their life just by helping them to see who they really are and reminding them of the power they have within. It was true for me, so I know it can be true for you too. Remember that we're all blessed with our own unique gifts. Don't sell yourself short. There are things you're really good at and that can help yourself and others. Listen to others when they tell you the gifts they see in you, and know yourself the gifts you possess; then open up to them. Make sure to point out other people's gifts when you see it in them too. You may just change their life forever. :)



We're All Light Workers :)

Sept. 5, 2019


The first Thursday of every month is a teaching class for my spiritual friend, Lizanne. This week, what I got from her class is that we're all light workers sent here to shine our light. It's a powerful message that every one needs to hear, think about, and eventually accept. There are many different terms out there, but basically, it's the idea of being brought here to planet earth to share your love with the world and help us all ascend. It's an interesting concept that can be a lot to wrap your head around, but when you do, your life will never be the same. That's what happened to me.

I remember my late spiritual teacher, Caroline, talking about how we live in a 3-D world, but our mission is to help raise our vibrations and bring us to a higher 5-D plane called New Earth. It was a lot to comprehend and most of it just went right past me. I just had a hard time grasping what that all meant and how I could make a difference.

Over the last two years though, I've heard my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, talking about this same 5-D New Earth. Also during that time, I've done a lot of spiritual work on myself. Now, I understand the light worker idea a lot more. Basically, it's just about realizing that we can be, and actually are the presence of love at all times. The more we bring our love to each and ever moment in our life, even and especially including the challenging times, the more we help ourselves and everyone else lift up higher; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; some even say we'll be physically moved to a whole new world that will be a lot more awake, aware and loving.

Regardless of how exactly it may unfold, my message to you this week is to continue to bring your love to every situation. Always make sure to embrace the day, lighten the dark times you live through, and help lift the spirit of those you encounter along the way. The more you do all that, the more you help yourself feel good and the more you help all those around you feel lighter. That's when we all begin to feel more alive, more love-filled and more light-filled; that's what being a light worker is all about. So please continue shining your light every where you go to help lift us all up higher; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. :)



Letting Things Come to You :)

Sept. 4, 2019


I had a great meditation again with Lizanne and a shop-full of people at her healing centre; Vere: Golden Journey. I ended up sensing that one of the ladies there, who used to be in rehab, really needed some words of encouragement and support. I wanted to go up to her after meditation and be there for her.

However, another couple people came up to me and started talking to me. So, I had to be present for them. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that lady getting ready to leave and I kind of felt a little sad because I thought I missed out on the opportunity to go up to her. Thankfully, she decided to turn around and came up to me to talk for a few moments. That's when I got a chance to say a few words from the heart about how far she had already come, how proud we were of her, how strong she is for changing her life, how she serves as an inspiration to others, and how she'll be ok. I felt she needed to hear that. She was grateful afterwards for my support and gave me a big hug.

Please use this simple story as an example to trust that things can work out on their own; you don't have to make things happen, and you don't have to go out of your way to change or control things. Just simply allow things and people to come to you when they're ready. It's called divine timing. Also learn to trust the internal guidance you get. The more you learn to trust you gut and instincts, the more you'll realize how accurate it can be. Know in your heart that everything always works out in the best way possible for all involved. Even if you're stuck in a situation and don't see how it can be changed, have faith that all is in divine order. Learn to go with the flow of life and pretty soon, you'll be brought to where you're meant to be and with who you're meant to be with in the best way possible for everyone involved. :)



Learning From the Past; Being Open to Past Lives :)

Sept. 3, 2019


I had a out-of-body experience when I was about 25 years old. I felt my soul being lifted up out of my physical body. It was nothing like I've ever experienced before. That led to me doing a lot research on souls and past lives. I soon learned I'm a soul having a physical experience in this body. Then I wanted to have a past-life regression to find out more about myself and why I felt so connected to my first love. I came across Caroline McIntosh, who later became my spiritual teacher.

When I first met Caroline, I was so excited to see her. My first impression was that she was out of this world. I mean she could do past-life regression! I thought that was just incredible.

Before long, I set up an appointment with her for a regression. She lived on Radar Road and I wasn't familiar with the area, so I ended up getting lost on the way. I kept trying and trying to find her place, but I just couldn't. I called her number and told her I'm sorry, but I can't find it, so I'm going home. She insisted that I come. She helped give me clear directions to get there and reiterated that it was very important for me to overcome my fears, make peace with my past, and to continue on my journey there.

Eventually, I found her place and she ended up doing a past-life regression on me. However, I had high expectations and didn't really realize how they sometimes worked. I expected to see things and have visions, but she explained afterwards that sometimes it's just a matter of impressions, thoughts, feelings, or inner knowings that come to you. I wasn't impressed at the time. I didn't even want to pay her because I felt I didn't get what I expected.

Looking back, she was completely right. I've learned since that with a past-life regression, with meditation, and with so many other things, it's all about letting things flow and letting things come to you. Sometimes you don't necessarily see things or hear things like you may want, but you learn to accept anything that does come to you in whatever form they come to you. I've learned to trust everything that comes to me and not to question or analyze it. It's important not to doubt or second-guess any impressions you get. Whatever you get is whatever you get and that's what you're mean to get. You receive as much as you can handle and as much as you need, in the best way possible for you to understand.

It all makes perfect sense to me now, especially when I give my guided meditations. Thanks to my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, I've learned not to go there with a script or a pre-conceived idea about how it should go, but rather to open myself up completely to my guides and angels and let them lead me. I understand now to just go with what I see or hear or feel and let things unfold as they're meant to. It's almost like giving up your desire to control things, and just having faith that the Creator has a grand design and Creator's divine timing is always perfect. It's like Caroline used to tell me; Love knows where love needs to be and there you are; Love knows the fastest, easiest way to get there; Love knows who's best for every situation and will make sure they're at the right place at the right time. It's all about trusting and allowing things to unfold as they will. I've since learned that in my personal life, too. Things didn't go the way I wanted them to in the past and so I've learned to completely surrender to Creator's Will and trust that Creator's plan is greater than mine. I know Creator will provide me with everything and everyone I need when I need it. That's another thing Caroline taught me; Love will give me all the tools I need. She also taught me that we're always stronger than we think we are; that even though we may not feel we're gifted or ready sometimes, other people and challenging situations can help us reveal our strengths and gifts; and that we'll never be given anything we can't handle. I could go on for hours with everything she taught me. I'm just glad I continued to go see her. I always felt it had something to do with my life purpose. I couldn't explain it, but I felt it. I guess I was right.

Anyway, everything she taught me brought me to where I was on Tuesday night; conducting my first past-life regression. It ended up going great. I had planned things out a bit, but at the same time, I knew it was important to let things unfold as they were meant to; to just go with the flow and allow the guides and angels to work with and through me. So, I had a general outline, but then just felt my way through it and let my soul and spirit body speak, act, and lead the way. The lady I worked on was very happy afterwards. She said she got a lot of insights and felt it was very interesting and informative. I also let her do some angel cards afterwards. Again, they were very accurate. In fact, one was about farming and as it turns out, she loved being on the farm. Another card indicated an issue with a child, which she also had. We then spent some time discussing everything she experienced and the lessons she learned that can help her now.

It was an amazing evening for the both of us. She received a lot of healing, and I received a lot of confidence knowing that I can do past-life regressions. I laughed a little later thinking to myself, well I do refer to myself as a soul pilot; so obviously I'd know how to take people on soul journeys and help them find out about their past, why they're here now and what they're meant to learn and integrate.

So I'd suggest you keep your mind open to the idea of past lives. Personally, I came to the conclusion that they make a lot of sense. They explain why people are born into such different circumstances. The concept helps us to understand why we feel strong connections with certain individuals. It also answers the many questions we may have about deja vu situations, where we feel like we've seen things before. It helps us find healing for many fears that we have that seem to be inexplicable. They can also help you remember the gifts you had in past lives and help you to realize the gifts you can use now. Additionally, they can help you to realize what and why things happened the way they did and what you're mean to learn now to help you move forward in your journey. Even if you just want to know more about your ancestry, or why you're drawn to certain countries or kinds of foods, past lives can help you find answers. The important thing to realize is all these answers and lessons are within your soul. You carry the knowledge deep within you. I'm just here to help you find them, accept them, and integrate them in your current life so you can find healing guidance and complete your life mission. So for all those who want to take a soul journey and find out where they've come from and where they're meant to go, I'm your soul pilot who can help get you there.

Of course, if you just want to find out about why certain things happened the way they did in this life, I can help you find those answers deep within your soul too, through The Natural Process. That's the method Caroline taught me.

So whatever questions you have regarding your life's golden journey, I'm the soul pilot who can help guide you through your turbulence, help you find the answers within yourself so you can learn to take control of your soul and become your own soul pilot. :)



Make the Most of Your Time; Giving and Receiving Equally :)

Sept. 2, 2019


My friend, Liz, is the owner of a yoga shop in Val Caron called Metamorphosis. I met with her many months ago after I heard about her shop. That's when she was nice enough to give me the opportunity of leading a weekly meditation there every Monday at noon. I was honoured to have been granted the offer and have been guiding people in meditation ever since. When she first asked me to lead it though, I was a little apprehensive because I was just starting out and didn't have much experience. However, I knew I was being blessed with a great chance and I was humbled that she had such great faith in me. So I knew I had to accept her invitation. I'm glad I did because I've gained a lot of valuable experience and gotten my name out there more. I've also been able to help a lot of people out along the way, and I've grown a lot as well. So, I'm forever grateful for the faith she showed in me and the opportunities she's given me.

That's why I was happy and proud to have been asked by her to conduct a Reiki energy healing treatment on her on Monday. It turned out to be a very powerful healing experience. In fact, she ended up falling asleep during the process. I started it around 11 am and planned on finishing it by noon so I could lead meditation. Just before noon, I took a look around and noticed that no one had come for meditation. I didn't want to wake Liz up either since she looked so peaceful laying there. I figured she could get even more healing as she rested. So, I decided to continue the Reiki session with her. I ended up working on her for almost two hours; my longest session by far. I could feel the energy flowing and I could see her resting comfortably, so I knew it was success. Once I felt the session was complete, I quietly started to pack up my things and let her rest some more. Soon after, she awoke and felt rejuvenated and relaxed, referring to the session as "lovely...very peaceful, very gentle." I was happy to be of service to her and to help repay her for all that she did for me.

Afterwards, we ended up sharing and talking more about future possibilities. We also did some angel cards. It was a wonderful afternoon for the both of us.

Looking back, there are several messages from this experience that you can all use going forward as well. One of those messages is to remember the people who help you out along your path. Acknowledge them and show them the same amount of respect and care that they've shown you. Do your best to help them out as much as they've helped you out. There's also the message of making the most of your time. I could have easily stopped at noon and woken her up, but I didn't want to disturb her peace. I could have also just stopped working on her and waited for her to wake up, but I felt it was more appropriate to continue the healing session. After all, she had helped me out so much already. So this was an opportunity for me to give back to her. That leads into another message, which involves the idea of giving and receiving equally. Many of us are good at giving to others, and then there are some who can receive, but often we are better at one than the other. The goal is always to give and receive equally; to make it feel natural, like breathing. So please let this short example serve as a reminder to let yourself flow and give freely of your time knowing it'll all come back to you in divine order. :)



Seeing and Accepting the Signs You Get :)

Aug. 29, 2019