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Enjoy my regular updates of important lessons I've learned in my life, along with inspirational stories from my own life. I share them in the hopes of helping and inspiring you as well. Heart donations and love offerings can be made to me by e-transfer to
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Keep Doing Your Best and Become the One You Look Up to To
Nov. 25, 2020

I had another amazing meditation this past Thursday. It ended up being the biggest group I've ever worked with. Even better, a few of them gave me great compliments about how the growing size of the group is a testament to all the work I've been doing, and spoke highly about how proud and happy they are for me for coming so far. It is pretty amazing considering I've only been doing the Thursday meditations for a few months and it's later at night; 8 pm. Plus, we're all going through a pandemic right now, so that makes it even more remarkable. All these people are taking the time to come see, listen, share and meditate with me. They're doing themselves a favour by taking that time for themselves to heal and replenish, and it's humbling that I'm the one who gets to lead the group. 

I remember the first many weeks, no one came except the owner, Liz. Then I started getting one or two people to join me. Before long, more and people starting coming regularly.. Now, we have a consistent group of people who come all the time, as well as a few new people who have been joining us. It truly is a family atmosphere. Everyone gets to share and grow together. I'm so happy and proud to be a part of it. To see everyone there getting more comfortable with themselves, with each other, with using and sharing their wisdom, and growing the entire's so rewarding and inspiring. It's confirmation that hard work does pay off. All the work I did on myself to get to this point has been worth it, and to see others doing the work on themselves, it's priceless.

To make things even more meaningful, one of the ladies there messaged me back the next day to let me know how much it meant for me to say a few inspiring words to her. I was just being honest and speaking the truth to her, but it really helped her. She used to know my late teacher, Caroline, who I looked up to so much, learned so much from, and still talk about so highly. She told me now I'm her new Caroline! She looks up to me like I did to Caroline! So heartwarming and motivating. Compliments like that give me the strength to keep doing what I'm doing and to do it with even more conviction knowing future clients are counting on me to be there for them; to remind them of who they are, why they're hear, and the limitless gifts they have and can use to achieve their dreams. I'll always remember what she said to me and I'll use that fuel to keep me on this path towards personal success and the success of countless others in the future.

So my message to you is first, to never give up. Keep going. Keep giving it your all no matter what. Even when things don't seem to be paying off right away, understand it's just a test of faith. Trust the process. Follow your path and keep moving forward knowing you're doing what you're meant to do and it'll lead you to exactly where you need to be, for yourself and others. It'll always be off. I promise you.

My second message is to really embrace all the compliments you get. Take them in and own who you are and who you've become. When someone sees something in you, believe them. They're telling you so you see it in yourself. Also, freely give compliments to others. You'll be helping them in immeasurable ways. A few words can change a whole life around. I'm living proof.

On top of all that, keep looking up to people, letting them inspire you and lift you up to become all you're meant to be. Most importantly, realize what you see so highly in others, you can have and be yourself. You can become the one you aspire to be. You can align with your highest version of yourself. You can become your own hero. Just walk around thinking, feeling, acting, and being your true highest self. Be all you desire to be. You can do that, and you'll be even happier and even more proud of yourself. You'll gain an even higher amount of self-love, and then you'll have even more love to share with each other. Keep taking that next step forward, always learning, growing, and discovering your  highest potential along the way. :)



Taking A Leap of Faith and Doing What You're Guided to Do
Oct. 19, 2020

I've been doing my spiritual work for a while now, but I never took the step of registering it as an official business. It was always in the back of my mind, but I didn't have any experience with opening a business and wasn't sure how to go about it. I did do some research about it, but hadn't quite taken the big step yet. I went to meditation this past Monday with it on my mind. Then I got the card, "Leap of faith." I knew exactly what it meant. It was a clear sign to me to just go for it. I also drew another card to ask for help. Luckily, I had a friend there who had his own business before. So I knew what I had to do. I was already going to give him a ride home, so I asked him if he would first come with me to support me as I went to officially register my business. He was happy to come along. 

Even though I had a little bit of underlying fear of not knowing exactly what starting my own business entailed, I knew I got those angel cards for a reason. I've learned they're always right. They always work because they're feedback and a perfect reflection of all the answers we already have within. It's the confirmation we need to do what we already feel within is what we are being moved to do. I also felt like if I'm going to speak so powerfully about overcoming your fears with love, then I needed to be an example again and do it even more so in my own life. I'm so proud I did. It was so empowering to face the fear and do it anyway, knowing all my guides and angels are supporting me and that it'll all work out in Divine Order. I proclaim that all the time, so now I'm living proof. 

Last year, I remember speaking to a friend who had opened her business and was a little worried about how it would work out financially. I spoke to her with conviction and authority as I looked into her eyes and assured her that she would be successful. Without any doubt in my mind, heart, and soul, I told her because she's following her heart and leading with her spirit body, she would be rewarded. I told her that we work for the Creator, and when we put all our trust in the Creator and doing the Creator's work, the Creator will ensure we are taken care of in every way. The Creator will make sure we have all the necessary tools, including the necessary money and passion to succeed. 

Now, I'm taking my own advice. I'm practicing what I preach. I know my leap of faith will pay off. I know I'll be supported and that I'll be successful. 

So my message to you is to take your leap of faith. Whatever it is that you're afraid to do, know that you are stronger than that fear. Focus on what's within you. Inside of you is limitless potential. What you have within you is way more powerful than anything you fear. So take your power back. Face that fear head on and replace it with unwavering courage and authority knowing you can and will overcome. You'll soon start to feel all that fear disappear and be replaced steadily by more and more confidence. Before long, you'll feel and know the truth; that you can achieve anything. I'm living proof. So if I can do it, trust me; so can you. It's in you. Trust in yourself and in Divine Order. If it's meant to be, it'll be. Everything and everyone is on your side trying to get you there. :)



Seeing People Blossom
Sept. 1, 2020

I went to lead meditation at Metamorphosis on Monday. It turned out to be one of the best healing/sharing circles I've ever lead. We ended up all opening up and sharing a lot. We then started having open discussions a wide range of topics and everyone contributed to it. I was so happy and proud of everyone there. It was just so beautiful to see everyone opening up, expressing themselves freely, and blossoming right before my eyes. You could see each one of them feeling validated and empowered. It was so rewarding. It's one of the best things I've ever seen. To see the progress in people, to see the difference and improvement in them is truly priceless. That's really why I do what I do. I expressed to all of them that we're all equal there and that we're all there to help each other grow and become all we can be. 

That's the same message I have for all of you; We're all on the same team. We're all working toward the same goal; to feel and be happy, respected, validated. Recognize that you're just as important as anyone else. There's no one above or below you. We all deserve to be heard and recognized for all that we are. So keep being all you can be and help others do the same.

During and afterward, several of them talked about what a great job I did leading and that they see a real leader in me. One of them even called me a guru! They suggested I keep leading more of these meditations and sharing circles because they see the real me coming out and shining, and that I help others shine as well.

It meant so much to hear that. Compliments and acknowledgements really do make a big difference. They give you the motivation to keep moving forward, and that's exactly what I intend to do. So when you see others blossoming, please make sure to tell them. You'll end up making their day. Similarly, when others compliment you, please accept and embrace it fully. They'll be making your day, but recognize you're also making theirs. :)


Rising Above the Clouds; The Stigma Around Mental Issues Needs to Stop; You Are the Biggest Contributor to Your Own Health
Aug. 31, 2020

My mentor, Lizanne, had a special meeting at work. Her boss told her she could have someone there to support her during it. Thankfully, she asked me to join her. As soon as I did, the first thing they said was that I couldn't contribute in any way. I knew I would contribute by sending Lizanne healing energy and imagining her inside of a bubble of protective light. Her boss then went on to go through a bunch of papers documenting all the things they thought she had done wrong. They even mentioned how she left on her lunch breaks to lead free meditations at the library. She had ok'd it with them before. Plus, I've been to just about all of those and I've seen the positive difference she's made in people's lives, especially mine. I also know the improvement she's made in countless young people in her job as a probation officer for the last 22 years. So, it was challenging to sit there and hear them criticizing her for all the selfless work she does outside of work instead of thanking her for all the priceless work she does out of the kindness of her own heart. 

Sadly, she ended up being released from her job. I was glad I was there to reassure her afterward that they don't deserve her. If they can't see the inspirational and amazing impact she has on so many people, then it's their loss. I told her she deserves to be recognized for all the good she does. She deserves to work somewhere that acknowledges all her efforts and rewards her for it. I spoke with such conviction and unwavering confidence proclaiming that the Creator knows all the good she's done; that she works for the Creator and he will make sure she's taken care of and rewarded for it. I promised her it'll all work out for her and that they were doing her a favour on a soul level; that they're helping her to focus on her spiritual work more and moving her to find a better job where she will feel even better about the work she's doing and where her staff and co-workers will fully respect and admire her. It meant a lot to her. I was happy to hear she already has an interview coming up for a job she feels passionate about as she'd be able to help even more people. 

The message I have for you from all this is to trust the process. Even when things don't look very promising or it doesn't seem to make sense, trust that it's all leading to something better. Everything we go through is for a reason; to build us up and help us to become even more that we already are; into all we can and are meant to be. Another one of the big messages that came out of all this is to contribute any way you can. Don't let anyone silence you or hold you down. Help anyway you can. 

Also, when someone is going through something difficult, speak to them lovingly, compassionately, but also with absolute conviction, strength and authority. Speak your truth. Let others receive and know the truth. You'll be helping them more than you can ever realize. That positive energy you're putting out is helping to create that very thing you're asserting.

A few days later at Ho'Oponopono, I ended up speaking again on the whole issue and again, I spoke with absolute strength and confidence in the words I was saying to Lizanne. I was amazed at myself to see that kind of passion and intensity come out of me. I felt so alive and in tune with what I was saying. I was unwavering in my assertions that she'll be taken care of financially and every other way. I truly felt it because I knew it. I knew it to be true and so I expressed it with absolute certainty.  

The message to you from this is to also speak with absolute conviction and passion. Feel the words you say. Express them with emotion. Let yourself be heard and be there for others. Let them know beyond any doubt that they'll be ok. If you say it knowing it to be true, they'll feel it and know it to be true too. 

Later on that night, there was a son and mother there who had lost their sister/daughter. The sun was still seeing her and hearing her, while also still going through grief from losing such a close loved one. He was diagnosed with mental issues and heavily medicated. It would have been easy to keep quiet and stay out of such a delicate situation. Instead, I expressed to him that she is still alive in spirit and watches over both of them. I told him that the things he sees and hears from her are validations of her presence still in their lives. I helped him to see that he has a gift to be able to see, hear, feel, and know beyond his physical eyes, and to never allow anyone, even doctors, to tell him any different. I also let him know that if he ever feels like crying, he can. I assured him he can reach out to me or anyone anytime he's in grief and that he'll be supported; that it's perfectly normally to go through that grief after someone passes and that he needs to feel the emotions to release them, knowing she's there with them. I told him she wants them to be happy, not sad or hurt, and that the best thing they can do for her is to honour her by acknowledging her presence and being grateful for the signs she brings them. 

The message I have for you from all that is again, to speak up when you have to. Don't be afraid of what others may think or say. Speak from the heart and soul lovingly and passionately. It'll make all the difference in the world. By the end of it, they both embraced me and thanked me.

I also bring you a message about mental issues. Everyone is different and sometimes, medication is the answer. However, speaking from my own experience, we all do have the ability to heal ourselves and work through our energies to balance them and raise them up. I have learned to live with my anxiety issues with all the spiritual healing methods I've learned, so I know they work and that they can help others. So to anyone diagnosed with a mental issue, know that anxiety or even hearing loved ones who've crossed over is a gift. Medication may be necessary for some, but always know you can contribute to your own well being the most. You can work through your issues and help to heal yourself. We all have different situations and some can have more issues than others, but ultimately, if I can learn to manage my issues and regulate my energies and emotions, so can you; at least to some degree. Please contact me to find out how I can help. Obviously consult your doctors, but keep an open mind to the fact that you are the one who has the biggest impact on your healing. You can contribute the most to your own healing, with or without medication. For everyone out there, I ask you not to judge those who've been diagnosed with mental issues. The stigma around it has got to end. We need to talk about it openly. It can't be hidden any more. It all needs to be brought to light. Speaking and expressing how you're feeling is a sign of strength, not weakness. So many people suffer in silence, like I did for years, trying to avoid stressful situations or ever dealing with their issue. Now's the time to come forward, be honest and open and seek the help you need. Reach out to someone who's dealt with similar issues before and realize how common mental issues can be. Also reach out to people like me and find out how much you can help yourself. Never give up on yourself or life. We're all way more powerful than we realize. :)


Honouring Your Loved Ones and Giving Back to Them
Aug. 26, 2020

I went to meditation led by my mentor, Lizanne. It turned out to be one of the most memorable ones ever. The last couple of meditations, she had one of us sit in the middle while the rest of us sent our healing energy to them. Today, she wasn't sure what kind of meditation she'd do. I instantly spoke from the heart and suggested she go in the centre. She agreed and asked me to lead the meditation for her. I was so humbled and honoured that she asked me to do that. She's helped me so much, helping to turn myself into the leader I am today. She's also helped countless others immeasurably. So it felt so good to let spirit speak through me and then send her all of our love and appreciation. 

The message for all you out there is to remember to do the same for all the special people in your life. Please make sure to let others know how much they mean to you. Show them the same respect and love that they show you. Remind them of how much they've helped you and how much you value them. To give back to those who've given you so much is truly one of life's greatest pleasures.

It was also an example of how speaking from the heart  can lead to such amazing experiences. So let things flow out of you. Don't over-analyze or over-think; just speak from your heart. If a message or idea comes to you, just go with it. Trust it. 

That reminds me of another special sharing circle we had last month. One of the lady's there was struggling and crying, unsure of what was going on in her life and the meaning behind the cards she had just picked. So, I was moved to speak from my heart and let her know how much she's watched over and supported by her guides and angels, and that they'd make sure she'd be ok. It really helped her and she ended up feeling a lot better afterwards. It just goes to show you that when you're moved to speak, the words will flow naturally. You'll be amazed at the difference you can make.

I've seen it first-hand. Even a few weeks ago when another young woman talked to me after class and let me know how challenging it was for her to speak up with so many others around. I reassured her that there's no pressure and let her know that it's a place of acceptance. I also reminded her that it's a sign of strength to share and release and that the more you do it,the stronger and more comfortable you'll become. By the next week, she was already opening up and sharing more than she ever has. I was so proud of her to see how much she grew in such a short time. It makes me excited to think of the future and how much she'll continue to grow and develop. All from just speaking from the heart. So always remember when you speak from your heart, you encourage others to do the same.  :)


Messages From My Late Spiritual Teacher and From All Those Who've Gone On Before Us
Aug. 26, 2020

It was the two-year anniversary of my late spiritual teacher, Caroline, and her passing. So I went to her monument to visit her. There was a beautiful grasshopper that appeared on her side of the monument just underneath her name. In her last Facebook post, she had referred to me as, "a young grasshopper." I knew it was a beautiful sign from her that she was still with me in spirit. Then when I went to leave, another grasshopper appeared on the front of my windshield and stayed there as I drove. It reminded me of a year earlier when another grasshopper appeared on the front of my windshield and stayed for the entire drive home. There was also a rock magically placed on her side of the monument just underneath her name. There were no other rocks like that around and I don't know of anyone else visiting her or leaving it there, so I know it was another sign she was with me. It reminded me of a couple years ago when I went to go visit my late mom's monument to let her know she'd be a grandma, only to find yet another magical rock placed on her side of the monument under her name. It's important to notice signs like that and to accept them as divine and authentic messages from our loved ones. Instead of analyzing or questioning if it's a sign, just use your heart and know that it is. Signs can come in all different forms; numbers, pennies on the ground, feathers, words in a song, and countless other ways. All you have to do is be open to receiving and accepting them. :)


What Would Love Do?
Aug. 25, 2020

Two years this morning, a divine loving soul, spirit guide, and earth angel named Caroline McIntosh went home. She was my first spiritual teacher and helped lead me through some of the most challenging moments in my life. She helped me to see how everything that happens, "to us" is actually happening for us to teach us priceless lessons about the limitless and eternal souls we are; that we are made of unconditional and indestructible love and light, and that we are here to grow that love and share it with everyone; to be the presence of love and to shine our light. She saw a leader in me; someone who would heal themselves and then help others help themselves to heal. Thank you Caroline for helping me become all I'm meant to be. On behalf of all the soul's you've touched, inspired and brought to the light, thank you. I'll see you in the soul world. What would love do? That was the magical question she wanted us all to ask in any situation. So I ask myself, "What would love do." The answer is to continue being that leader for myself and others, and proving you right. 🙂 🤗💗 

There are many messages for all of you out there. Enjoy the time you have with the special people in your life now. Be grateful for all of life's blessings. When someone see's something in you and tell's you about it, believe them. Our loved ones who have gone on before us are still with us in spirit. We keep their memory alive by honouring them,  living with the lessons that they taught us, and by the examples they've set. Understand the difference you make by everything you do. You help people by just being you. Be all you can be. There are no limits. Always ask yourself, "How much better can it get." When you're not sure of what to do, just ask yourself the magical question that will give you the perfect answer every time; "What would love do." :)


Learning About Unconditional Love; Speaking From Your Soul
July 31, 2020

I stayed out late with my friend for a sharing circle. By the time I came home, it was almost 3 am. I keep my pet bird, my yellow canary, outside during the day and then bring her in at night. This night though, I figured I didn't want to wake her. Plus it was so nice out. So I figured she'd be fine staying outside. 

The next morning I went out to check on her and she was gone! The only thing left on the side of the cage and next to the cage were a bunch of feathers. I didn't know what happened to her. So I did some mediumship cards. The message that came across was not to worry about how she left, and that she left in the way she needed to. That was very reasurring. 

A week later, my sister-in-law go the idea to check on line for lost and found birds. Amazingly, someone had posted a picture of a little yellow bird with missing feathers a week earlier; the same day my bird went missing! It turns out this bird was coming to their window everyday. They saw it as their late father coming to say hi. I went to go see her in person. On the way there, the song on the radio had lyrics saying, "Take your broken wings and learn to fly again, learn to fly so free." It was a beautiful message from the divine. My bird, princess, had taken her broken wings and learned to fly again! When I got there, it was clear she was flying around the tree next the house and then visiting the window ledge. It was clear she was happier being free. I realized right away that what I was meant to do was practice unconditional love and let her continue to fly free. As much as I wanted to catch her and bring her back home, I loved unconditionally and then meant letting her go so she can continue to be free. 

Let this story remind you to practice unconditional love. I remember being young and not understanding the saying, "If you love something, you set it free." Now I do. True love is accepting others as they are without judgement. You might prefer things to be a certain way, but allowing others to be their full selves is truly what unconditional love is all about. 

There have been many little stories that have come up over the last little while. One night in particular, my mentor, Lizanne, asked me to lead meditation for since it was her son's birthday. It was an amazing experience. I ended up leading the attendees through a past-life regression. I always channel my meditations, so whatever the guides and angels have comes through me. This was the first time they got me to do a group past-life regression. It was pretty amazing. Everyone loved it, and so did I. One of the attendees in particular really opened up afterwards. He was remembering how he used to be healer in a past life as well. 

So the message here is to just trust and allow your guides to work through you, to speak through you and to share their messages through you. Once you allow the messages to come in, you'll be speaking from you soul in no time. We already do, we just don't fully realize it. The more we allow ourselves to be our true selves, the more we allow our soul to speak. So keep speaking from you soul and you'll experience even more miracles all around you. :)


The Importance of Being Heard, Trusting In Divine Order
July 30, 2020

I led an online meditation and only one lady joined me. She got a lot out of it though. I've learned since that whoever is meant to join you will join you. So please remember that message. Always have faith everything will work out in Divine Order. There's a reason for everything. It's not the number that counts; it's the quality. That's especially true for friends or people you meet in your life.

Anyway, this lady also expressed an interest in learning about and getting attuned to Reiki. I was happy to get another student to teach. On the first training day, I went through the agenda with her, knowing however that things would work out however they were meant to. I've learned to use sage on every client as a way to cleanse their energies. I suggest you give it a try yourself. It really is magical medicine. Burning it and bringing all that smoke from it over your head, eyes, ears, mouth, heart, and everywhere else helps you to think, see, hear, speak and feel clearly. 

From there, I hand the client my eagle feather and allow them to share whatever they need to. It's always beneficial as it helps the person to further release any thoughts, emotions or negative energies they're carrying. So that's what I did with this student. I'm so grateful I did and that this student came to me. Most teachers would only give the students a moment or two to introduce themselves. I feel it's very important that the person is acknowledged and has a chance to share. So my student did share. She ended up sharing and releasing for two hours! I just let her continue to let everything out knowing a great healing was taking place. I continued to burn the sage and allow the smoke to carry the negative energies away out of the window into the open air to be brought back to the light. 

Once the sharing was done, she felt a lot better and was ready for the Reiki training to begin.. Thankfully I gave her that chance to release and heal; otherwise she would have been carrying all that throughout the session and afterwards too. I'm so glad I didn't interrupt her sharing either. This was her time and she needed it. I wasn't worried about how we'd still fit the training in or how behind schedule we were; I knew everything would happen exactly as it was meant to. Please remember that lesson as well. Always trust the process. It'll all work out perfectly in the end.

The rest of the training went great. She got even more healing and knowledge from it and I received a lot more confidence. She referred to me as a great teacher and proudly proclaimed my attributes online through a Facebook post. I was humbled and honoured. It was another lesson in learning to accept compliments and praise. Please make sure to learn it as well. Don't downplay compliments you get; embrace them. It's not selfish or egotistical; it's allowing for others to express their praise to you and accepting that love and compassion knowing you are worthy of it. 

Amazingly, yet another couple wanted me to teach them shortly after this session. I had met them at a fair a while ago. They really benefited from the session and loved my energy. So they wanted me to attune them. It was the first time I taught more than one person at a time. It was extra special as it was also the first couple I attuned. In fact, they were the first couple I heard were attuned together at the same time. The two days of training went beautifully. They had a beautiful section of land. So, I ended up attuning them outside. We were all barefoot too, so we were even more connected with the elements. It was a super-powerful ceremony and they loved it, and so did I.

The message I want to pass along from all that is to have faith in yourself. Don't worry. Trust in yourself and trust in the process. We're all more capable than we realize. Release those doubts of not being able to do something and replace them with the inner knowing that you can and will be successful. Keep taking one step at a time. You'll be amazed at seeing how well you end up doing. Again, if it's true for me, it's true for you. Work though your energies and learn to live from a place of unconditional love and faith. Once you start getting into that habit, miracles will start happening all around you. I'm living proof, and I know the same is true for you. :)


Becoming All You're Meant to Be; You're More Ready Than You Realize, Re-Remembering Special Moments
July 29, 2020

I started writing this entry not realizing I had already written in one of the previous entries about some of this stories I discuss here. Please continue to read this as I've included extra stories and messages that came up. This has all served as a good reminder that when you recall something and start focusing on it more, even more beneficial things come up. So remember the good times. Treasure your nice memories and before long, you'll be reminded of even more hidden treasures. 

So I had done a Reiki session on someone many months ago. She contacted me after many months passed by wanting me to teach her all about Reiki. I was humbled that she was so touched by the session and even more honoured that that she wanted me to teach her. I immediately became a member of the International Centre For Reiki Training and ordered five training manuals. I figured the extra manuals would motivate me to find more people to train and attune. I got some professional certificates done and put together my own student guides and summaries. They took me many hours to complete. 

One lesson I learned along the way that I'd like to pass on is that when you get a surge of energy, use it! Make the most of that energy. Even if it's late, stay up and transform that energy into productivity. You may even get up in the middle of the night with an internal nudge to do something. Follow that urge. If you go to bed and can't sleep, just get up and make yourself useful. That energy you have within you wants to be used. So trust that energy and feeling you get.

Also, take great pride in yourself. If you're going to put your name on something, make sure you give it your 100 per cent effort. You matter. Anything you put your name on comes from you. So dignify yourself by carrying yourself and presenting yourself and everything you offer in the highest of regards. You are special and sacred, so carry yourself in that way. 

After I was done the student guides, I also put together an agenda or general outline of how I planned the day to unfold.

However, I knew that the day would unfold in divine order. That's exactly what happened. My first teaching day started out with my student mentioning how she had met my late spiritual teacher, Caroline. That made the day extra special. The day unfolded beautifully from there. By the end of the first day, the student said, I was, "the perfect teacher" and, that she "couldn't ask for anyone better." She referred to the entire day as, "divine." She also went on to inform me that her friend, who first attended one of my meditations, had suggested she contact me about Reiki referring to me as, "only love." It was one of the best compliments I've ever heard. That lady only met me once or twice for a few hours, but in that time, she sensed pure love from me. It was very heart-warming to hear that. It made my day.

The message from that story is to accept the compliments you get and really appreciate them. You are worthy of receiving them, so just be grateful and acknowledge how beautiful those compliments are and how they make you feel.

The second day of teaching was just as perfect. She loved it and so did I. I told her she was clearly a natural healer, as it was obvious she was. I was right. Within a couple of weeks, she had already ordered her Reiki table, set up her own Reiki room, and practiced on a few people who all found it extremely healing and beneficial. Since that time, we've kept in touch and she even got me to edit her book that she had just finished writing since I used to be a reporter/writer. 

I'm truly grateful that she reached out to me and showed such faith in me to teach her and attune her to Reiki. It helped me to realize I could do it and do it well. She helped give me the confidence I needed to start teaching Reiki. 

Since that time, I've taught a handful of others. The moral of this story, though, is that you can accomplish anything. You are more capable than you realize. You have unlimited potential within you. So when you're given the opportunity to use your gifts, make the most of that chance. Even if you don't think you're ready, when someone else gives you that chance, they can see that you are. Trust that they are right. Their job in that situation on a soul level is to help you realize you are ready. So prove them right. If I can step up to the plate, I know you can too. Be patient with yourself, do the best you can, and you'll soon be amazed with what you come up with. :)


Making the Most of the Time You Have
July 28, 2020

It's amazing how fast the time goes by. I've been so busy the last month. It all has served as a reminder to make the most of all the time you have. Each day is another opportunity to make the most of the day. So don't let any moment pass you by. Enjoy the time you have, but spend your time wisely. Focus on the things that bring you happiness and joy. Each day is a gift. Every moment is a treasure. It's called the present moment for a reason; it's a gift. So embrace each day and each moment with everything you have. It can be so easy to get caught up in habits or routines, but every day is a brand new slate. We're handed a pen each morning we wake up. Then it's up to us to make a masterpiece with the present of the moments we're given each day. 

That's what I've been trying to focus on. I've been busy working on my website, daily meditations and best of all teaching my first Reiki classes. :)


Anything Is Possible; Trust the Process; Miracles Can and Do Come True :)
June 28, 2020

Well I had a magical weekend and I hope you all did too. I spent a lot of time the last few weeks preparing for this weekend. I had done a relaxing Reiki session on someone many months ago. She absolutely loved it so much that she reached out to me asking for me to teach her, train her, and attune her to the healing energy.  

I was so humbled that she had remembered the session after so many months had passed by and that it had meant so much to her. She said it was one of the most powerful experiences of her life and that I had already helped her a lot. Very moving. 

That inspired me to officially become an official member of the International Centre For Reiki Training. Then I ordered some training manuals so I can start teaching people. I decided to order 5 manuals to motivate me in the hopes that I'd end up teaching more people in the future. I started putting together my own student guide as well, filled with a summary of all the important points about Reiki, diagrams, outlines, agendas and countless other things. I spent many hours putting it all together. One night in particular, I received a huge influx of energy and stayed up and worked on it for ten hours straight until about 5 am! I also had another similar night where I stayed up for many hours to get it all done. 

The message that came from those nights is that when you receive a huge amount of energy like that, use it and go with it. Even if it's late or you didn't plan on working on it at that time, the energy is there and it wants to work with you. So allow it to guide you and flow through you. You'll be amazed at how natural it'll flow and what will come out of it. Plus you'll be grateful you did maximize that energy and put it to good use. It'll all pay off. 

So my student came over for the first day of training. I used some sage to cleanse energies and then I passed her my eagle feather so she could introduce herself and share whatever she need to. It turns out that she had a session with my late spiritual teacher, Caroline! I was amazed! I wouldn't be there that day teaching without Caroline, and neither would this lady. Goes to show you everything works out in divine order. That helped to make the rest of the day flow by so much more easily. I felt her presence. In fact, at one point we went outside for a quick break and I found a dime on the ground. I knew it was a sign from Caroline that she was with us. 

As we talked, my student explained that her friend had gone to a meditation I led before and that she had suggested me to her for some Reiki. She spoke very highly of me and referred to me as, "he's just love."

I was so touched by that. That lady barely knew me, but felt my energy and looked up to me so much already. Let this be a reminder that what you say and do matters. You do have a huge impact on those around you. Never underestimate that. 

We ended up having an amazing first day of training. She said I was, "the perfect teacher" and that it was, "heavenly." It meant so much to hear that. 

The next day was just as amazing, and even more so.

As my student was sharing this beautiful story with me about what her friend had said about me, she also shared that she could really feel my nurturing energies and that I reminded her of Jesus! I was so humbled and in awe of that. I gracefully said thanks, but I also reminded her of her own divinity and that anything she sees in me exists in her. Let this remind you all that any way you describe someone else, you're actually describing yourself. We are all mirrors of each other. 

Anyway, the day turned out so perfectly. I really felt at home. It felt very natural to be a teacher and share what I've learned. We both agreed we'd both remember these special days forever.

Afterwards, I had another client come over. It turned out to be an extremely powerful experience that helped us both out as well. I helped her understand how she has all the answers within her. I was amazed at how much authority I found myself speaking with. I was speaking my life purpose and my spiritual truths I've learned and it came across naturally. It was confirmation this is exactly what I'm meant to do. She loved the Reiki session we did afterwards as well. She added that the whole night really helped her realize so much and that I should make videos in which I answer common deep questions people have. That's a good idea I've thought of before, so I look forward to doing that.

Oh, and I already had another couple of ladies interested in having me teach them Reiki! Plus, another couple is interested as well! So let this amazing story remind you that everything always works out in divine order. Follow your heart. Follow your soul. Let it lead you. Don't worry about how things will work out. Just know they will work out in divine order for you and everyone around you's highest interests. If I can become a teacher, anything is possible. Miracles really do come true. Whatever you find that comes naturally for you, go for it. Use your gifts and let them lead you. You'll be amazed at where you'll end up. Trust the process. It'll be magical. :)


Your Inner Gifts Stay With You; We Are All Divine :)
June 22, 2020

I had another powerful week. I ended up leading our Ho'Oponopono group this week. It's a Hawaiian form of making peace with any person or situation. It was the first time in a while where I led an a large in-person group, but it turned out amazingly well. I was able to calm my energies and led a very relaxing and healing session. Everybody loved it and got a lot out of it. I was happy and humbled that it turned out so well. 

Let this short little story remind you that you have limitless potential within you and that you can overcome any fears or obstacles. You have everything you need inside you. Realize that you can learn to manage your energies and direct them in the direction you want your energies to go. You have the power to transform and transmute negative or fearful energies into loving and positive energies. If I can do it, I know you can. I'm living proof miracles can and do happen and that we're all stronger and more capable than we think. Just keep doing your best and taking one moment and one step at a time. You're getting stronger every time you choose love and faith over fear. 

Earlier in the day, I had an equally powerful experience. I was doing my weekly meditation on zoom. I had more than a handful of people join me. As we took turns sharing, there was deep healing going on. They poured their hearts and souls out, releasing deep-seating pains. In particular, one lady had lost several close loved ones recently. Her family had pictures of their loved ones all around them and then they gathered around their computer hoping to find some closure and messages from their deceased loved ones. I did some mediumship cards with them to see what their departed souls had to say. They brought messages reassuring them that they were with them, that they had a safe transition to the other side and that it was their time to go. The family was very touched and truly received great healing from the messages. I was so humbled and in awe of the beautiful messages that came through. 

During the meditation itself, I did the best I could to channel messages from all our guides, angels and ancestors. I also gave my all to allow healing energies to flow their way and to the entire group that gathered to meditate. 

Afterwards, everyone said they loved the session and received deep soulful healing from it. I felt the grieving family especially looked up to me for support and guidance and thankfully, the guides and ancestors were able to communicate to them through me. I was so humbled to be part of that group.

Let this divine story be a reminder to you that you are also divine. We are all divine. We are all special. Our departed loved ones are always with us. They're always watching over us and guiding us, like guardian angels. Know that to be true. You'll see signs everywhere; in birds chirping, in finding feathers or pennies on the ground, through angel cards, in dreams, through words others speak, and countless other ways. When those signs come, just accept them and be grateful for them knowing they are real signs. Learn to trust and have faith. You'll be amazed at the miracles that unfold. :)



Enjoying the Special Moments; Letting Things Unfold Naturally :)
June 18, 2020

Well it's been another amazing couple weeks for me. So many new stories to tell you about! I'll start off with a short story about how I went to go lead an online meditation at the beach recently. As I was making my way up to the rocks, my spiritual teacher, Lizanne, saw me and called me over to say hi. We chatted for a moment and then I told her I was on my way to lead a meditation. I continued walking towards the rocks where I ended up doing my meditation. Along the walk, I thought to myself what a powerful little moment. The only reason I was there that night ready to lead yet another meditation was because of Lizanne. She's the one I learned from and who inspired me by her example to follow in her footsteps. I can only imagine her inner pride she felt at seeing how far I've come. 

This little story serves as a reminder to you all to pay attention to the little blessings in life. They may only last a few moments, but they're priceless reminders that last a lifetime. Let those special moments in your life truly touch you and help you realize how much you've already overcome and accomplished. 

That meditation I ended up leading turned out pretty special as well. Only one other lady joined me online, but as I've learned, whoever is meant to join will join. I'm glad it was just the two of us. It gave her a chance to open up and share everything she was going through. As she continued sharing from her soul, I knew this one would be different. So there was a momentary pause in the sharing and I mentioned to her that we don't technically have an official meditation; we can just have a talking or sharing meditation.  I explained we're here to find deep healing and inner peace, so meditation is just one way to do that; sharing is another. So that's what we did. She shared from the heart and then so did I. It was a powerful experience. It was very beneficial and healing for her and I. 

So the message from this short story is to go with the flow. Allow things to unfold. Things don't have to unfold as planned. It's often better when you just allow things to be and live in the moment. Let this be a reminder for you to let go of how you think things should unfold sometimes and just let things unfold naturally, in divine order. You'll be amazed and pleasantly surprised with the results. :)



Keep Taking One Step At A Time; You're Doing Great! :)June 18, 2020
June 13, 2020

I got attuned and certified in Level 3 Shamballa today; a relaxing multi-level form of energy healing. It was such a powerful experience. Very humbling, sacred, heavenly and divine. I had shivers and tears in my eyes from the whole experience. I know it's the continuation of the beautiful spiritual journey I'm on. This is going to help me to heal on even deeper levels and to allow more divine healing energy to flow through me so that I can channel that to others and help them. I really look forward to seeing what this new influx of energy brings. I ended up buying my house after I received the first energy infusement. then I used the second one to work through the whole virus ordeal and start my own youtube channel and host daily meditations. It looks like this level 3 energy will help me to become an official Reiki teacher as a lady I did a session on many months ago recently reached out to me wanting me to teach her and attune her to level 1 and 2 Reiki; a similar calming energy-healing method. 

So I guess the message from this short little story is to continue walking your path and continue taking steps on your journey. Keep moving forward. You're doing great. Be inspired knowing that with every step you take, you're getting stronger, more confident and becoming more of who you're meant to be. You're right where you need to be. Everything has led you to this point. Keep up the Amazing Work! There are no limits! Let your true self shine brightly! Be all you can be! Do what you love and let your passion and your soul lead you. Enjoy the journey! :)

Love Is Eternal; Let Your Words Flow :)

May 28, 2020

It was the seventh year anniversary of my mom's passing. It was a very special day and a reminder for me to do my best to live my life with purpose and to make sure I fulfill my soul mission of being love in action. I went to visit my late mom's monument with my sister and then we had a nice dinner. 

My message to anyone out there who has had someone close to them pass away is to have faith and know that they are still with you in spirit. Hold on to the beautiful memories that you've shared and know that the love you have for them will always be there, and their love for you will also be eternal. Death is one of life's greatest lessons available to us; that love is eternal and unconditional. You don't have to be able to still see some one with your physical eyes to know that they're with you. You don't have to stop loving someone if they're not physically with you. Love never ends. You can feel their presence as long as you're open to it. You can reach out to them and pray to them and they hear you. You don't even have to speak out loud. They feel and hear you're heart. Don't worry about crying when someone passes, or any other time either. Crying is a sign of strength. Crying allows you to release whatever pain, hurt, or any other unnecessary feelings that you carry. It's necessary and very healing. It's very therapeutic. So release whatever you need to. Make room for unconditional love to stay with you deep down inside. 

Afterwards, I went to meditation. There were only three of us. We started out with our sharing circle first. I really didn't think I had much to say when I was passed the eagle feather. Somehow, I found myself bearing my soul in regards to the virus and all the fear going on in the world right now.

The message I was expressing and that I'm sharing with you now it how important it is to be loving at this time and to express your love with others. We all need it so much right now. We all need to know that we're loved and cared for. So please let all those around you know that you love and care for them. We're all in this together. We're all one. Stay connected. 

Afterwards, I was amazed at how much I had to say. It made me think of everyone else in the world and how much stuff they have within them that they are holding within. 

So another simple message I got from all this is to speak your truth. Let the words come to your lips and let them flow. Don't worry about what others may think. Release the fear of being judged. When you find yourself sharing from your soul, just let it all out. Your voice matters and deserves to be heard. :)



Angels and the Ascended Masters Are Real :)

May 20, 2020

I went to lead a guided meditation last Monday at noon on zoom as I usually do. I started off picking an angel card for everyone. The card I picked for myself ended up being the, "Jesus - The Divine Healer" card. It was the first time I've ever seen that card, and I've been working with my cards for a long time now. I was very humbled by the card because I knew it was Jesus' way of letting us know that he was with me and us before we began the meditation. 

After a couple minutes passed by, I started leading us through a meditation. I never plan anything I'm going to say and just allow whatever mental image or impression I get from my guides to be channeled through me.  I do my best to step out of the way and to allow whatever is meant to come through to come through. That's what channeling is all about. The guides and angels are always there; it's just a matter of letting them come through and be heard. So the first thing that came to me was the name, "Jesus." I hesitated for a minute. I always just go with whatever comes, no matter what, but this time I was a little taken back because he had never come through like that for me during meditation. I waited and listened some more. I just kept hearing his name in my head. So, I just described that he was indeed with us and wanted to make it clear that he was among us. I went on to share a beautiful message he had for us about faith. It was super powerful. 

I know to many it might not seem believable, but it definitely happened. I've done cards long enough to know they're always right and you always get whatever message you need. So getting the Jesus card was an early indication that he was in our presence. I definitely called on my guides and angels during the meditation and then stopped thinking and waited to see what my guides and angels had for me to say. I always do. This time it was Jesus who kept coming up. I truly have learned to trust and just go with whatever impulse or impressions I get in life, no matter what. As to be expected, there was almost a part of me that thought well I'm not worthy, but I've learned we are all divine in our own way. The more we accept ourselves and just try to be the best we can, the more we come to realize that. Plus, obviously if I'm calling on my guides, angels and ascended masters (loving beings who have gone on before us and who now help us from the other side), then of course they'd come through! I also remember the teacher who taught me about one of the energy healing modalities I've learned, Shaktipat, that she had seen and talked to Jesus. I kept asking her about it wanting to know what it was like. I remember her saying you'll see him too when you're ready. Well, I guess I was ready. 

So let this be an example to you that anything is possible. Keep the faith. When you do call on your guides, angels, ascended masters or ancestors, they really do hear you and will make their presence known in a way that you're comfortable with. Just be willing to acknowledge it when it does happen. It might not be exactly how you expect. You might not actually see anything with your human eyes, but you may feel it deep with in you. You might sense it. You might get an oracle card, like I did, or you might have a small miracle happen right before your eyes, like something happening with you or in your life that you never thought possible, but you hoped and prayed for. Then you'll know for sure. Until then, just do your best to stay open. I even made a video in which I talked about the whole situation on my youtube channel if you want to check it out. 

Another story I want to share happened the other day. I always listen to angelic music, work with angel cards, and try to connect with them. I think it goes back to the Shaktipat work I did with connecting to the elements. One of the process involves connecting with the element of the sky and describes how after you complete the process of meditating and reciting prayers, your connection with the angels is strengthened. 

Anyway, the other day I finished reading a book about the archangels and went to bed. I prayed very intently that night for help and clarity. In the middle of the night, I had an out-of-body experience. It's hard to explain unless you remember having one yourself. Basically as I was sleeping, I became aware that my soul or spiritual body was starting to leave my physical body. Instead of drifting away and trying to go wherever my soul wanted, I felt like just staying in my bed and seeing what was to happen. I soon became aware that there was a divine being in the room; an angel. I felt her just behind me and just over top of me. I said, "Please, go easy on me." I didn't know what was going to happen. She carefully grabbed my hands and then put my hands over top of my heart. She held her hands on mine for a few moments. Then I began to become aware of the angelic music I had playing on my laptop and became aware that I was back in my physical body laying in bed. I didn't want to move my hands from my heart. They felt so good there and I felt so blessed to have had such a powerful experience happen to me. It was so real. There's no making it up or faking it or thinking it was a dream. It was a life-changing experience, just like my very first out-of-body experience I had almost 15 years ago that really started my journey in which a similar thing happened.

So the message from this angelic event is that angels are real. They are with you. When you pray to them, they hear you and will offer you their guidance and support. Just accept it in whatever form it comes.
The more you open up to them, the more they'll open up to you. You can talk out loud to them or just communicate telepathically. They'll understand either way. Just know you're never alone and that they know exactly what you're thinking, feeling, and experiencing. They are there to help guide you and give you the energy you need to make it through whatever you're going through. They'll give you signs too, like feathers or coins you'll magically find on the ground, or seeing repeating number patters, like 1:11 or 11:11 or 2:22. Sometimes you'll just wake up with more energy or more clarity after asking them for help. Just know they are there and are willing to help you and guide you. They love you unconditionally and will always be there for you. I'm living proof that they're real. Just be open to them. Be open to the messages they send you. If you're not sure if it's a sign or not, realize you asking if it's a sign is the sign that it's real. Don't question or analyze or try to rationalize things or come up with a logical explanation. Just accept the signs when they're there and know they are real. The more you trust, the more you'll be proven right. :)



You Have the Key to Your Happiness Within You :)
May 19, 2020

I remember when I used to go see my first spiritual teacher, Caroline McIntosh. I remember telling her how much I wanted to be respected and appreciated and recognized for all that I am and do. I felt like I didn't have that in my life as much as I wanted back then, and I couldn't understand why. I remember her telling me that I'll get it when I let go of the attachment to outcomes, release the strong need to get it, and just be myself. She said when I stop thinking about how things should be and just allow things and me to simply be, that's when I'll get it; when I'm so strong in who I am and I've taken back my own key to my happiness and am secure in who I am; when I'm not even looking for anything outside of me because I'll have it within myself.

Well, she's was right. She always was. lol Last week, my friend and mentor, Lizanne, asked me to lead meditation again because she wasn't feeling well. So I did my best and just allowed my guides to channel their messages through me. It was very powerful and helped everyone there. 

Afterwards, she just listened to me sharing whatever I needed to share and then commended me in front of everyone, congratulating me on how far I've come. She was very proud of the man I have become and said I have truly come into my own. Her words were full of respect and appreciation. Then meant a lot to me. 

It made me think back to the old me who needed and wanted to hear all those compliments. Of course it's always nice to hear them and goes a long way to helping others feel even better about themselves. 

However, I will always remember what Caroline taught me about the importance of being so secure in who I am and supplying myself with everything I need. Now I'm here to remind you of the same. 

You have the key to your happiness within you. You are in charge of your emotions. Don't let anyone change who you are or how you feel. Don't give them that kind of power. You are in control of yourself and what you do. Treat yourself with the utmost respect, love, and appreciation. Treat yourself like you'd want others to treat you, and then they will. Be happy with who you are and how far you've come. Realize how special you are and commend yourself for being your awesome self. Eventually you'll see others around you look at you differently. They'll start to respect you more and treat you with the same love you're treating yourself. Just like Caroline taught me, you have the key to your happiness within you. So do whatever it takes to make you happy and do your best to stay there and not allow anyone to bring you down. Be gentle with yourself. Be loving with yourself. Be understanding with yourself, and before long, others will be too; even more so. Everything you are will be reflected back to you. So be as loving with yourself as you can be, not because you have to or should, but after truly realizing your worth. When you naturally start to truly be happy with yourself, amazing things will start happening for you. I promise. You have everything you'll ever need within you. You're stronger than you realize. You are indestructible, and you are amazing. :)



Friends and The Importance of Supporting Each Other :)
May 12, 2020

My friend, Lizanne, had just finished gifting me an eagle feather. I was very humbled and grateful for the honour. A few days later, she offered to make me a case for it and to decorate it. She spent many hours fixing all that up. She even fixed up a couple of my bracelets that were falling apart. We had a nice talk about life and how we were doing the whole time. Good quality time with a friend. She only charged me for the supplies. I knew how much effort and time she put into all that, though, so I gave her a nice bonus on top of that. She was very grateful for my tip and the support of her and her shop.

Just a quick little example of the importance of friends. Do your best to surround yourself with people who inspire you, support you, and treat you with respect and genuine caring. 

Speaking from my own life, I've noticed that I've made countless new friends since I really started following my spiritual journey and doing what resonates with me. It's not just the quantity, but the quality that really stands out. I've met so many positive, encouraging and all-around great people since I've started following my heart and soul. I encourage you to do the same as well. 

Don't be afraid of being different or being judged, or of making big changes, even if you're worried about losing the friends you have. Just be yourself. Stay true to yourself. Follow your own path. Let your heart and your soul lead the way. I promise you over time, you'll make new, even better friends who truly see you for all that you are and all that you offer. Never let anyone put you down or hold you back. Don't be afraid of standing out or doing something different. You are different. We all are unique in our own ways, each with precious gifts that only we can offer the world. So let your true self shine for all to see. Whoever is meant to be in your life will be. Your true friends will stick by you no matter what. As you change for the better, you'll start attracting new friends who will reflect back to you your new shiny self. So keep being all you can be and watch your world and those in it change for the better. If it's true for me, it's true for you. :)



Stepping Up to Do Your Part :)

May 9, 2020

With just about everything being closed for the last little while, my spiritual mentor, Lizanne, wasn't hosting meditations weekly anymore. Things have started to slowly open up lately though, so she started having meditations again. There were only a few of us, since we can't gather with more than five people, and we maintained the distancing measures. We spent much of the time talking about the situation in the world, what to make of it, and how we could help. There were a lot of heavy feelings that came up and needed to be released for sure. Thankfully, she asked me to lead meditation that night. I'm so glad and humbled that she did. It turned out to be a very powerful evening. I felt like the people there and the entire world needed so much healing and love at this time. So I did my best to channel as much love as I could into that meditation and then send it out to the world with my friends gathered there. 

It felt so healing. We all felt so much lighter and more at peace afterwards. It turned out to be a very powerful night indeed. I truly felt like I did my part to help the world, and so did everyone there. It was a good message and example that no matter what we're faced with, in any situation, the best thing to do is always try to be the presence of love and replace any other feelings with that love. 

I was busy working on my uplifting videos for the week after and really felt good about that too. I felt guided to do it and I felt like I was contributing to helping send healing love and peaceful energy to the world at this time. I finished them on Tuesday night. The next night, we had meditation and Lizanne asked me to lead again since she wasn't feeling well. I was humbled and honoured to lead again. Before we even started, she surprised me by gifting me with a brand new eagle feather. I had no idea she was going to do that. Sadly, the original one I have is still at a local school at the moment. I accidentally dropped it just before the quarantine started. Thankfully, someone from the school picked it up and has it. I won't be able to get it back though until the school re-opens. 

So it touched my heart and soul for Lizanne to gift me a new one. I know it's a big responsibility and I intend to take the utmost care with this one. It really made my night. It was on the full moon too, so I felt it was perfect timing; a time to release the past and prepare for a new phase. I felt in alignment with myself as well, especially with all the work I've been doing with my uplifting videos and daily meditations. Divine timing indeed. I felt like it was a reward of sorts for all the work I've been doing. I plan on doing my utmost to help as many people as I can with it; to help them remember that they matter and have all the power within them to accomplish anything they put their heart and soul into. 

I ended up leading a powerful meditation, again releasing our judgments and fears concerning the virus, and making room for a new phase at this time. A couple of people began crying during the meditation, so it was very powerful. Crying is always so releasing and healing. It really does help to let go of bottled up emotions, so I encourage you all to cry whenever you need to. Don't hold it back. Don't keep your emotions trapped within. Let them out. Be real. It's a sign of strength and of healing. I even cried a few days earlier releasing past blocked emotions as well. Felt so much better afterwards and had great dreams since then. Just goes to show you that you need to release the past to make room for the future. I also felt that by a few of us crying during meditation, we were helping to heal the world. I remember I broke down and cried at one meditation when we were sending healing energy to the world. I felt the pain of the world being released through me. Just goes to show you we're all one and how connected we all are. 

So keep doing all that you can, especially at this time. Realize you're helping the world by every small act and every ounce of energy you put forth. You're efforts do matter and help out the entire world. They will also be recognized in a special way, in Divine Timing. Also, be sure to release as much as you can. A great way to do that is to cry and shed cleansing tears. It's funny because it was raining on those days we cried too. Very symbolic. Learn to love the rain. It waters the earth, More than that, it's a reminder to release and let go and cleanse your spirit. Let your tears rain down. Don't hold your clouds of emotions inside. Release them when they're full. It's very healthy and therapeutic. You'll feel better, I promise. Just keep doing your best. It's always more than enough. :)



Trusting Your Guidance :)

May 8, 2020

Well it's been another couple of amazing weeks for me. I had saved up literally thousands of uplifting posts and quotes that I had come across over the years. They were just saved on my computer for decades and I didn't think much of them. During this quarantine though, I was moved to start doing something with them. So, I created a new page on my website called, "Inspirational Saying Photo Gallery." I posted hundreds and hundreds of pictures on there and continue to update them regularly. I soon realized there were so many pictures that I needed to do something more with them. So, I was guided to put them together in short little videos. I began doing that and made four short uplifting videos without any sound. I tried added music, but it wasn't working.

Then, I received the guidance to add my own personal words of wisdom and inspiration over top of them. I listened to the guidance and got to work right away. Every night for many hours, I worked on making more videos. Like the meditations, I never planned on what I would say. I just watched the videos and allowed the words to come and be channeled through me. 

At first, a lot of the time I was just reiterating what the posts were saying. Over time though, I began to open up more and just let whatever was meant to come to flow through me. Nearing the end of the video-making, I was moved to start using more affirmations. Then I was guided to start using all of the energy healing modalities I've learned and incorporate them into the videos. So, I listened to the guidance and did that. There's a video where I was guided to use Ho'Oponopono; the Hawaiian healing modality where you make peace with a person or situation. So, I asked the listeners to continue reading the posts, but also imagine making peace with all those they've hurt, allowing those who've hurt them to make peace with them, and then for them to make peace with themselves. Then I was guided to start chanting all the chakras, or energy centres, for one video in order to help balance the listener's energy centres. Then I was guided to work with one centre at a time, so that's what I did for the next handful of videos. I'd ask the listener to visualize the colour associated with the centre, to chant it's sound to help raise their frequency and release blocks in that area, and then asked them to repeat affirmations to help balance their chakras even more. The last couple of videos, I was guided to use my energy healing modalities of Reiki, Shamballa, and Shaktipat. 

In all, I made 55 of these short uplifting videos. It just all came together perfectly. I really had nothing planned at all. It didn't even feel like my idea. I just felt moved to do it. I've never been so dedicated to completing something like I was for this project of videos. I just felt like the Creator wanted me to do them, so I did. 

I'm so glad I did, especially with the virus at this time and so many people suffering.  I really hope and believe it'll help all those who need it. I even feel it'll help the world, even those who don't see the videos. I know on a deep level that everything we do matters. So, all that selfless love I put out, I know goes out to the world and people will benefit because of it. I'm glad I put my free time to good use too. I enjoyed doing this inspirational work. Felt very natural. 

So the message from all this is just to listen to the messages you get. Even if they don't make sense or you don't know where they're leading. Trust the process. If you're guided to do something, do it. Allow the creator to give you the energy you need to make it happen. You'll be amazed at what comes out of you. It'll remind you that we're all connected, that you do have the Creator within you, and that we are all instruments of his will. When our will his his will and his will is our will, we have God power; our sacred light shines. :)



Making the Most of Your Free Time, Living to Your Soul's Potential :)

April 29, 2020

Well like so many of us, I've been staying home a lot lately and finding new ways to spend my free time. I realized early on in this quarantine that this was a special time in our lives where we can choose to make the most of all this time. So over the last month and a half, I started my own youtube channel and have been doing daily meditations for the library and community. It's helped me to stay grounded and calm and also to practice and use my gifts to help others as much as I can. I love the idea of not having anything planned out. I even cancelled my cable and have surround myself with uplifting content online. I wake up every day knowing I'll be doing a meditation, but I don't worry about what I'll be focusing on each day. Instead, I just go with the flow and allow things to unfold. Whatever I feel moved to meditate on, that's what I go with. So we had a few sunny days the last few days, so I was moved to go outside and do my first outdoor meditations. One focused on nature, on trees, and one even focused on a squirrel. Just before I started meditating, it showed up right in front of me and started running around and playing. So I ended up focusing on that and enjoying the moment, just like the squirrel was. Definitely a good message came out of; live in the present. Just goes to show that it's always best to stay open and receptive and allow things to be. Trust everything will work out perfectly. Adapt to situations and know you have everything you need to change with the circumstances. I even went to go see my mom at the graveyard and was moved to do a meditation on the transitionary period of death and learning to not be afraid of it. So many beautiful examples how there's lessons everywhere and to just let nature and the world around you speak to you and teach you. Then today it was raining. So I was moved to go outside and do a meditation in the falling rain. It was very therapeutic, cleansing and very symbolic for me and everyone in that the rain helped to cleanse our energy bodies. Again another message about enjoying the moment, making the most of it, having fun, and that nature is always there to support and take care of you.

Also, instead of going to the Metamorphosis shop in the Valley every Monday at noon to lead meditation, I started doing my regular weekly meditations online through zoom. It's been a good experience for me and a great chance to get used to doing things live online, and connecting with people from a distance. On top of that, my big project I've been working on is my collections of inspirational quotes and posts I've saved up over the years. I literally had thousands of uplifting sayings saved up, so I was moved to add a lot of them to a new page on my website., called Inspirational Sayings Photo Gallery. Once I realized how many pictures there were, I decided to start another new page called Uplifting Motivational Videos. I spent many hours, days, and weeks, putting those pictures together into short inspiring videos. I have over 50 of them now. I'm just working on adding some sound to them, including me speaking encouraging words in the background. I'm really proud of myself for doing all this extra work and doing my part to help others. It brings joy to my soul knowing I'm fulfilling my soul's purpose. I've overcome so much in my life, and now I'm here to help others. It all really gives meaning to my life, and I hope to help others find that as well. 

Overall, none of these amazing projects would have came about had life been "normal" the last couple months. Instead of working at my regular job, I've been able to do my real work, my spiritual work. I feel so much more fulfilled and productive. I know this is what I'm meant to do. I look forward to the future and turning this passion into a career. I'm getting paid by the government to stay home and do my spiritual work, so I feel very blessed. 

One of the biggest messages I have for you all now is to also try to make the best of the situation. I understand everyone is different and everyone has different situations, some more challenging than others. My heart goes out to all of you. I hope and pray that you find the strength within yourselves, that I know you all have, to not only carry on, but to use this time to better yourself, your life, and your family's lives. Any way you can improve things, keep putting in that extra effort. Keep putting in that time. Don't worry about the future or how things will work or when things will get back to "normal", or if things will pay off or how you're going to make it. Just know you will find a way. You always have and you always will. We will all get through this virus together. We will be stronger and better off because of it in the long run. So please do your best to make the most of this time to do the things you've been putting off. Capitalize on this time as much as you can. Feed your soul. Do what you love to do. Surround yourself with inspiring material. Stay away from fear and negativity. Let yourself grow through all this. That is the goal for all of us; not just go through this, but to grow through this. I'm supporting your efforts 100 per cent. Realize you do make a difference. You do have a role to play. You can help out yourself, your family, and the whole by staying in love and light and sending that out as much as you. can. Choose love over fear, one moment at a time. We'll rebuild this world together. :)





Good Always Comes Out of Bad :)

April 15, 2020

It's been a month now since our country started closing down non-essential businesses and been strongly advising against physical distancing. As a result, most of us have stayed at home, only going out for groceries or other necessities. That's changed all of our lives and routines, and given us different ways to spend out time. As challenging as it has been to adapt, it's also been an opportunity for us to take some time for ourselves and/or our families and focus on what's important. 

Instead of looking at how the situation has impacted me negatively, I choose to look at the positives. Although I lost my job as a result of the virus, just like so many other people, I was lucky enough to quality for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit. So, that's definitely helped me a lot financially. Plus, I was given the chance to offer daily online meditations for the library and community. That would have never happened otherwise. That in turn motivated me to start posting my own videos and starting my own youtube channel, which I never really thought about before. Having to send the library videos daily, the youtube channel was a natural progression. I've even added those videos onto my website; content I wouldn't have had otherwise. I've also had the chance to work on and fix up my website, as well as post online ads to get the word out about my services. I was even featured as part of a special virtual online fair in which I was interviewed and given the chance to lead a guided meditation. I had the chance to potentially reach thousands of people! Realistically, I would have never been given that kind of opportunity without the circumstances that we're currently going through.

On top of all that, Liz from Metamorphosis, where I would normally do my Monday meditations, asked me to start offering a weekly live meditation through zoom. Again, it's another opportunity to try something different and reach more people in a whole new way. I just started offering that this past Monday and it went great. I had a handful of people join in and one of them even offered a surprise donation for me afterwards.

So as you can see, there's been a lot of positives that have come out of this whole ordeal for me personally. I want you all to look back at the last month and see what kind of new opportunities you've been granted as a result of the situation. How has your life changed for the better? How have you changed your daily routine for the better? I challenge you all to start looking for the positives instead of focusing on the challenges. Behind every challenge, there is an opportunity for you to rise up and better yourself in countless ways. Think of everything you've been able to live through this past month. Try to understand how blessed the majority of us are to still be alive and healthy. Think of all the obstacles you've overcome and all the situations you made it through. Imagine how much stronger you are now as a result. You are still standing! Realize how indestructible you are. The more you face every moment with love instead of fear, the stronger you get. 

As unfortunate this has all been for so many people who's lost their lives or livelihood, all we can really do is offer them all love and support. All we can really control is our energy and how we choose to use it. We can direct in the direction of fear or love. I challenge you all to choose love. That will help you and the world. It's the most beneficial thing you can do. This world needs all the love you can muster. So give it all you've got, for yourself and for this world. :)





Overcoming Fears; Miracles Happen Every Day; What Would Love Do? :)

April 1, 2020

I've overcome a lot of my anxiety issues from the past, learning to embrace the gift of caring and being sensitive to the energies within and around me. It's allowed me to lead countless meditations and participate in innumerable sharing circles. 

Then many months ago, my spiritual mentor, Lizanne Leclair, was being interviewed for her spiritual work. She helped me become the person I am today, so I found myself volunteering to be interviewed on camera to speak about how much she helped me and so many others. In that moment, I realized it was more important to speak the truth and pay tribute to her than worry about whatever fears I had about being on camera. It was a big accomplishment for me, but I didn't think much about the possibility of recording meditations or anything like that.

With the virus shutting down much of the outside world a  couple of weeks ago though, I started thinking of posting videos online. I heard a friend had her own youtube channel and she explained how easy it was to set up. So, I was considering it. Then, I was asked by Suzanne Leclair at the main library if I'd be interested in offering daily online meditations. I knew right away that was all the confirmations I needed. 

So for the last ten days or so, I've been recording meditations and sending them to the library to post online in the hopes of helping others in the community relax at this challenging time. It took a lot for me to start posting those on my website and youtube channel. I knew it was what I needed to do though to reach more people since so many are at home right now. So, I've been getting more comfortable posting those videos. In the majority of them, I set up the camera to focus on candles or angels as the background while viewers could only hear my voice. I felt more comfortable like that and believed most people would be able to focus more with the beautiful background.

Anyway, I wasn't promoting the videos too much on my social sights since it was all new to me and I wanted to get comfortable with being recorded before I told many people about it. Then, the other day, I heard that Awakening Energy, which hosts the Holistic Healing Fairs I've offered my services at in the past, was starting to do live virtual fairs. Even though I hadn't taken part in any live recordings of myself, I instantly jumped at the opportunity knowing it would be another great way to reach people and let them know I could be of service. So, I voluntarily offered to be interviewed live. It was another hugs step for me. The night before,  I was asked if I'd be interested in leading a meditation to close the show. I was blessed to be asked. It was a great opportunity for me to showcase what I can do, and help a lot of people at the same time. The site has more than 25,000 followers, so I knew lot's of people would be watching. 

Understandably, the night before and morning of the interview, I was a little nervous. Even so, I kept focusing on the love energy that has gotten me to this point and I thought about all the people I could reach and who'd benefit from what I'd offer. It was a good example of being a leader. It's one thing to talk about facing and replacing your fears with love, and another thing to live what you preach. It's all about leading by example; transmuting everything to love; accepting what is without judgment and bringing it all up to the light. Even though I had a few fearful thoughts just before, I accepted them and replaced them as much as I could with calming and healing energy.  I gave myself Reiki and Shamballa healing energy leading up to going live. 

Obviously, it worked. I know it works. That's why I offer all the healing tools I do. they helped me to stay calm and to sit there and speak proudly and with confidence about how I'm willing to help people any way I can. I didn't plan anything ahead of time, as I've learned to live in the moment and trust what comes to me. So, I let things unfold naturally trusting it would go perfectly according to the divine plan. Whatever people needed to hear and whatever I needed to say would be heard and said for the highest good of all involved. I ended up bringing up my first spiritual teacher, Caroline McIntosh., explaining how much she helped me and how grateful I am and how proud I am to be carrying on her legacy. Then, I led everyone through a meditation and I felt like it went really well. I was happy with how it turned out and proud that I faced my fears again and got stronger and more confident because of it. I served as the example, and now I have another story to tell you about how miracles happen every day. It's a miracle I am where I am today. Just the fact I can do anything in public is a testament to that, and I have Carline to thank for helping me get here. 

After the show, the host mentioned to me how grateful she was to me for bringing Caroline's name up, since she had also helped her in the past. It made my day to hear that. She even said when she sees me, she thinks of her. It was so humbling to hear that. I know Caroline would be so proud of her and I for where we are today. It's what fuels me to do this work. I know others in the future are counting on me to complete my missions and follow my path so that I can help them on their path, just like Caroline did for me. It's all about stepping up and being all we are called to be, and helping others to see how much they already are and what they're capable of. I'm eternally grateful to Caroline for helping me find myself, and to Lizanne for helping me blossom, spread my spiritual wings and fly. Now I'm here to remind you that you have wings too and can fly free towards making your dreams come true.

There are so many beautiful messages that came from that whole situation. You're all stronger than you realize. You have unlimited potential within you. You can all overcome your greatest fears and challenges; in fact they will help you to make you stronger and more resilient, yet more loving; more of who you really are; love in action. Miracles can and do happen. I'm living proof. If they can happen for me, they can and will happen for you. Just be ready to step up when the opportunity presents itself. Find the courage and strength to rise up when you need to. Take one baby step at a time and keep building on them. Keep moving forward, and feel yourself get stronger every time. Before you know it, you'll realize you're invincible and indestructible. You have the Creator's energy within you. You are love. You are light. No matter what happiness in your life, you'll find a way to make it through, and be better off because of it. If you ever reach a point when you're not sure what to do, just ask yourself the magical question to get the perfect answer every time; what would love do? You are love! Do that! :)



Don't Get Frustrated; Trust the Process :)

March 28, 2020

Yesterday, I was trying to make an entry in my blog section of my website. Somehow, I guess I pressed the wrong button and every one of my entries over the last year and a half were erased on my editing page! Thankfully, I was able to copy all my entries from my public page, but the editor page wouldn't allow me to simply cut and paste everything as it was. So, it took many, many hours to fix up my page. In fact, it took almost 12 hours! That whole time, I was trying to remain calm and just accept the situation instead of getting frustrated with it. I did a good job of just allowing the process to unfold. I made the best of the situation and just tried to fix things up as best I could. As it turns out, my blog section now looks better than ever, in my opinion. It's like that "accident" or "mistake" had to happen for me to end up arranging the page even better. Now, I find it's more presentable, easier to read, and I feel the coloured lettering contains more beneficial energy for my readers. I'm glad it all happened. It ended up better than when I started. It also gave me a chance to look back at what I wrote better and be reminded of all my beautiful messages and lessons I've learned. It made me smile to think of every one else who ends up reading all of this in the future. I tried to put my love in to all the fixing up work I did, knowing that future readers will feel it. 

So let this all be a message to you all to adapt and make the best of the situation you find yourself in. Trust the process. Don't get frustrated if things don't work out as you hoped, or if something comes up out of the blue. Even if you have to spend time fixing it up, it's not a waste of time. Nothing we do is a waste of time. There's a message and lesson in everything. Just trust in that and allow those messages to come through. Feel as good about a situation as you can. Go with the flow of life. Allow it to take you where you need to be. Don't fight the current. let go of trying to control things and be led exactly where you're going and where you're meant to be. You'll be happy you did. You'll be better off because of it. Things always have a way of turning out perfectly in the end; somehow better than you can ever imagine. Remember to let the process unfold. It's leading you to an even better place. :)



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Making the Most of This Situation :)

March 23, 2020

Now that we have to stay indoors for the most part, I have so much more free time. I'm making the best of it, filling up a lot of my time with spiritual work. I've done a lot of work on my website, adding to my blog and adding videos to my new gallery section here. Plus, I started my own youtube channel.

I was already thinking of doing something like that, when Suzanne from the library asked if I'd be interested in posting online daily videos for the community. That was perfect timing and inspiration for me to follow through on my ideas. 

I'm sharing this with you as an example of making the most out of this situation. Take the time to relax. Enjoy this time working on yourself, bettering yourself, and doing things you've been putting off for a while. Spend this time doing what you like. We are here to bring our love to every situation, no matter how challenging. So this is a great opportunity for us to do just that. I'm loving all these opportunities I'm getting to showcase and share my services. I just got another message from Liz at Metamorphosis about her wanting me to offer meditations and card readings online too, via Zoom. How much better can it get? I'm really looking forward to what the future has in store for me. Things are different for sure, but I'm loving having all this time to focus on what I want to do. I don't have to go out any where to finish various errands; instead, all I get to do is stay home and make the most of my free time. I'm loving it. I encourage you to try and do the same. Enjoy staying home. Have fun with your loved ones if they're with you. Savour this quality time with them. If you're alone, enjoy finding yourself again. Take this a holiday at home. Fill this time doing what you love the most. Feel that love. Be in that state of love. Be love in action. That's the best thing you can do for every one. You'll be helping yourself, and the world. :)




Keep Pushing Yourself; Let Others Inspire You; Divinity :)

March 22, 2020

Many things happened over the last few months that I want to touch on a little bit now that I have some time. There are so many beautiful lessons and reminders that came to me. Overall, one big message that came out is that if you keep working on yourself and giving it your all, things will get easier and better for you. As I've documented before, I used to let fear control me in the past. I was afraid of doing any kind of presentations before. I'd do anything to avoid them. Over the last couple years, and especially the last few months, I've grown so much. I've been pushing myself every day and every week to give my all. I was able to lead meditations every week and each time, they got easier and easier. I felt more and more comfortable every time. One comes to mind a couple months ago when we had close to a dozen people for meditation. There were a few new people there, and they were very free-spirited and full of energy. They started asking me questions as soon as they came. Looking back, I felt like I handled the situation very well. I was very calm and gave whatever messages that came to me naturally. It helped them to relax more and they ended up enjoying the meditation. It's just a small story, but it means so much to me. It's a miracle I can lead meditations for people at all, especially for a bigger crowd, and especially for new people who have a lot of questions. I had so much more confidence that day, and I've had that confidence for a while now. I've grown more and more every day. The more I've replaced my fears with faith, the stronger and more confident I've gotten. I'm becoming a clear channel for love, which has been my mission the whole time. I feel great about it. 

So the message in all this for you is to keep putting yourself out there. Keep giving it your all. Don't give up. Don't let anything stop you, not even your fears. Face them one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself the whole time, but also push yourself to become who you want to be and who you're meant to be. Take one moment at a time. The more you sit there and embrace your fears, the stronger you'll get every time. Before you know it, you'll get so used to it that it won't be a big deal any more. Even if those anxious feelings arise, know you'll be ok. I'm living proof. 

Over the last few months, I've been asked to lead meditations a few times for my spiritual teacher, Lizanne. Every one of them has gone great. I'm so much more calm and at peace. I've learned from the best. I even met a friend who started leading healing circles, and I see and sense the calmness in her and it motivates me to get to an even deeper sense of peace. I know my clients will sense it with me as well. 

So the message here is to look for inspiration. Let others motivate you to be all you can be. When you see others being how you want to be, let it help you get there. Look up to people who inspire you. When you see their best qualities, know that they are a reflection of you. What you see in them is also in you. So the more you see it in them, the more you're becoming aware of it in you, and the more it'll shine through for you naturally. 

I even had a holistic fair recently, and that turned out to be a great day. I loved having clients all day, and each one of them loved what I offered. It was a perfect day. I was right in my element. 

Just from that short story, let it remind you that you too will find yourself exactly where you're meant to be. You'll know it when you feel it. Everything else is just getting you to that place. Have faith. All's working out for your greatest good. Keep believing and being yourself. You'll be led exactly where you're meant to be. All's in divine order.

Speaking of divine timing and divine order, one other meditation comes to mind. I was talking about angels and how they're present in the room. I was talking about letting our angels give us a sign. At that very moment, the music on my phone stopped! I didn't stop it, it just stopped on it's own. When I looked at my phone, it showed the music was still playing, but there was no music coming out! I was amazed. When we went to share, I explained how this was a beautiful message from the angels. We asked for a sign, and they gave us one. Let this short story remind you that angels are real and they really do give us signs all the time. Just be aware of it when they do and know that they are with you. 

Finally, one meditation I did was on my birthday. During the meditation, we focused on our purity and potential the day we were born. The message was that we are still pure and full of limitless possibilities. Anything is possible and we can allow our inner child to play and have fun making our wildest dreams a reality. Afterwards, one lady started singing happy birthday to me in her Native tongue. Then another lady started singing happy birthday to me in French, and another in another language. I was so overwhelmed. It was a beautiful tribute. I felt so special. Let this short story be an example of how much of an impact you can make on someone else's life. It just takes a small act of kindness to make their day. Be grateful when others do it for you, and make sure to express that same kindness to others. It's all about giving and receiving love. I'm always trying to send it out, and more an more, I'm receiving it back just as much and more. If it's true for me, it's true for you too. :)




Bringing Light to the Dark :)

March​ 21, 2020

I decided to start cleaning up around the house. I started cleaning areas that often got over-looked and seldom cleaned. I couldn't believe the amount of dust that had accumulated over time. It made me think of the air I was breathing in that whole time and how it had remnants of those dirt particles in it. Turns out those spots do matter and needed to be cleared up. It felt so good mentally to go in those areas and clean them, knowing how much clearer the air will be and how much healthier it was for me on every level. There's something very therapeutic about cleaning things, especially stuff that was never really cleaned before or even paid attention to.

As I was cleaning those areas, I started to think about the symbolism behind it. It's kind of like life. There are so many areas of our life that we don't pay attention to or are afraid to look at; sections we don't want to look at. Those are the things that can build up blocks in our life paths; dark spots over time. Sometimes we can convince ourselves that we don't have to look at that stuff and that they're not really important; that they don't matter. Often though, those things we consciously or subconsciously overlook are what really needs to be cleaned and cleared up. Once we get all of that underlying gunk out of the way, the mental and emotional blocks start to crumble and we can move forward in areas we never thought we could or would. We can literally and figuratively see things more clearly, feel better about the situation, and breathe easier.

Think about your own life. Really be honest with yourself. Look underneath the surface. Admit to yourself what you're hiding beneath everything, and then go in there and clean those areas up as best you can. Even if it's just a small section at a time; even if it takes a long time to find those areas and to come up with the strength and courage to go in there; do it! Once you start, you'll begin to see the difference you can make. It'll fuel you to keep going. Before long, you'll want to clean that area up completely because you'll understand and know that it really does matter. You'll be relieved to know that you can go in those areas, and after you work through those areas, it'll be a lot easier the next time. As long as you keep on top of things, everything will work out fine.

So don't let things build up. Clear them up as soon as you realize it's an issue. Before long, it'll become apparent to you that every little situation has a meaning behind it and that everything does matter. There's a lesson in everything. So be open to seeing things more clearly and learning the underlying lessons. Be teachable. Know that everything is happening for you, not to you. It's all for your own good. Keep things clean in your life. Clear away the dirt on your path and keep moving forward. Breathe better knowing your future self will thank you. :)




Trusting the Process, Making the Most of What You're Given :)

March 20, 2020

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade with them. That's something I've heard before. Now it makes a lot of sense. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm taking over ownership of the house this Monday. I'm going to be having a lot of bills to pay for. Thankfully, in addition to my spiritual work that I do, I had another job that I could rely on for money. I worked in a restaurant as a supervisor for more than two decades. So my job had been pretty secure, right up until this past week. With the Carona Virus, all restaurants in the area are closing down; at least for the time being. The one I worked at was no different. So currently, I'm out of work; right when I need money the most. A lot of people in my situation would be stressing out, unsure of how they're going to afford to pay for a new mortgage and all the bills that come along with maintaining a new house; not to mention groceries and all my other bills.

Instead, I'm relatively calm. Deep down I know that with all of the spiritual work I've done on myself and others, I will be taken care of by my spirit guides and angels. I know it for a fact. I've met with so many healers in my field who were worried about how they could make a living off of this work and I'd tell them the same thing; that no matter what, they will be taken care of thanks to all the work they do to help others; all they have to do is trust in their guides and angels and ask for their help and support; they will be given everything they need. Caroline, my spiritual teacher, always used to tell me that too. Any time she received messages from her guides asking her to do something she wasn't comfortable with and she had second thoughts about how she'd do it, she'd say, "Fine, just give me all the tools and energy I need." And they gave her all she needed and more every time. In our field, we are there to reassure others that they'll always be supported and we express that to them as fact because we know it to be true. In time, we are given the chance to prove it to ourselves. I know that's what happening to me. I'm putting my own faith to the test. Am I still going to remain positive and faithful even if I don't know where the money will come from? Will I still continue to do and offer my services if people are staying home and afraid to leave their homes? Am I still going to remain calm and confident in taking over a mortgage when I don't have money coming in right now? The answer, of course, is yes.

I've reassured so many other healers, and even clients, that they will be taken care of; and I've said it with such conviction, like there wasn't any doubt in my mind. Now, I'm here to live by my words and prove it in my personal life and for others so that I'll have even more conviction in the future. Others will know without any question that I speak the truth because I will have lived it. I know at some point down the line that all of this virus stuff will pass and I will have even more money coming in that when I started. I'll be better off, hopefully with a more enjoyable, higher paying, more rewarding job; with any luck it'll be in the spiritual field and I'll be helping others just like I'm meant to do.

In the meantime, I'm choosing to make the most of the situation. I'm filling up all my free time with things that I've been putting off, like cleaning the house, updating my blog, working on my website, coming up with new ads to get the word out about my services, and anything spiritual I can think of. I really have nothing scheduled since so many things are closed and we're all being encouraged to stay home. So I'm taking the time to do the things I didn't have time to do before. I suggest you do the same. Look at this free time as a chance to get back to what's important. This is a chance for you to do the things you've been putting off too. It's also an opportunity for you to get back to doing the things that you always enjoyed, but haven't had a chance to do in a while. It's also a great time to reconnect with your loved ones. If you live with them, you have more time to spend with them. If you live alone, it's still a good time to take that time for yourself to truly find yourself and get back to filling your time with things that you enjoy doing. Even if we can't go out much, we can still all keep in touch and message or call each other. So I see this as a good chance to reconnect with people we haven't talked to or heard from in a while. We're all going through this together, so it's important to reach out and support each other. At times, it can be easy to start to feel lonely or scared or unsure of the future, and often all we really need is for someone to remind us it's going to be ok. So be that person, and if you need that reminder, reach out to someone who will give you that support you need.

In the big picture, everything is changing for the better. We're taking time to slow down, to stay home more, and not get lost in day-to-day hustle and bustle. We're learning how to take things one day at a time and living in the moment. We're learning to make the most out of every day and all this free time we got. We're learning new ways to do things, adapting and growing. Society is changing; the richer were just getting richer and the poorer were getting poorer. At least now people are taking a step back and re-evaluating things. Every thing is changing every day. They have to change; for the better. We can't keep going like this. Maybe we need this time to find a new way to survive and thrive as a society. We need this time to come together and realize we're all in the classroom of life. We're all here to learn and grow and help each other out. So remember that, especially these days, when we need it the most. :)


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Becoming A Clear Channel of Love, Shamballa :)

March 19, 2020


Back in late November, I was attuned to Level 1 Shamballa. It's another form of energy healing. I was going through a lot of stuff in my personal life at that time, so I was very much looking forward to it. My dad has late-stage alzheimer's/dementia and my family wanted to take care of all of his affairs before it was too late. In the past, I've always had a challenging time dealing with things, facing my fears, and adapting to change. I was always a creature of habit and was afraid of doing anything different. I was always afraid of making a mistake, not doing things right, or screwing things up and embarrassing myself. So I basically did the same thing all the time. It's only the last few years that I really feel like I've been alive and tried new things. I feel like I lost everything that mattered to me a few years ago and that's when I turned to spirituality. I realized that everything is a learning experience to help us become even more loving and accepting.

So, I've learned to slowly embrace my fears instead of running away from them. I began choosing love over fear, one moment, one thought, one act at a time. So up until recently, I dreaded the idea of what would happen if/when my dad were to pass. I just kept putting off dealing with it, afraid to deal with it.​

So when my family started bringing up the issue of taking care of the house, which was still under my dad's name, it was challenging for me. Even so, I knew this was an opportunity for me to practice what I preach and try to take care of everything in a loving way; instead of not dealing with things out of fear. The healing method of Shamballa really helped me to solidify all of that for me. It really just builds on the relaxing energy system of Reiki, so I suggest you give it a try. You'll be happy you did. You'll feel the countless mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits right away. I know I did.

Just last month, I was attuned to Level 2 Shamballa. I've felt an even deeper affect and continue to replace my fears with love. The idea behind Shamballa is to become a clear channel so that loving and healing energy can come through you. So I've been working through that this whole time. I've definitely made a lot of progress.

Over the last many months, I took baby steps every day towards figuring out what to do with the house and taking the necessary steps. I'm proud to say that I decided to buy back the house from my dad and officially take over ownership of the house on Monday. This was a huge step for me. Now I'm here to tell you that you can face your fears too.

Soon you will experience how empowering it is to finally take steps on a road you used to be afraid to go down because you didn't know if you could do it or how you could do it. Once you start moving, you'll start gaining that inner confidence. That's always the key; to build up your strength, courage, and faith and choose love instead of fear. Even if it's just a tiny step towards moving forward, it helps. Every time you choose to be calm instead of afraid, you get stronger. I'm living proof. If I can do it, so can you.

So my message to you is to continue to try to deal with your fears. Don't run away from them. Don't let them control you. Don't give them that kind of power. You are in control of your life; not fear. You can find the necessary strength within you to face your fears. It just takes practice and a willingness to allow yourself to go through the process. Yes you'll still fear that fear creeping up at times. There may be moments when you don't know if you can keep going and you'll want to stop and turn around and take the easy way out. Just stay strong in those moments. Be gentle with yourself. Don't beat yourself thinking that you're weak or not strong enough to deal with things. We're all stronger than we think we are. The more we go through challenging situations, the stronger we get. Eventually, we realize we can overcome anything. The strength we've gained from what we've been through, what lies within us, is always stronger that what lies in front of us. When we become more loving and calm on the inside, out outside world starts to reflect that back to us. Your world will become more loving and calming too. Just trust the process. :)




Starting Over Again :)

March 18, 2020

I'm back! Sorry I've been gone for so long. I had a few re-occurring issues with my laptop the last few months and was unable to use it, so I couldn't keep up to date on my blog. I've also been very busy in my personal life trying to get my life completely in order. So much to catch you beautiful souls up on! So many breakthroughs I've made over the last few months, and so many more lessons I've learned that I'd love to share with you. Please stay tuned over the next little while as I revisit my last few months and share countless uplifting, reinvigorating, and life-changing stories with you. I very much look forward to it all.

Overall, one big message to come out over the last few months is you can always start again. No matter what comes up in your life, no matter what obstacles or setbacks, regardless of what you're going through, you will find a way through it and when you do, you can start anew. Just like the sun always comes up every morning, we are given a chance every day to start again. Sometimes, we don't see the sun, but it's there. Sometimes, it may take us a long time to sort through whatever we're going through and we feel like we've gone off course for the time being. Embrace those feelings and work through them until you accept all that has happened and see how everything was necessary for your growth and that you are now exactly where you need to be. If it's true for me, it's true for you. Nothing you go through is ever a waste. You're always learning and growing. Everything works out exactly as it's meant to. It may not be exactly how you wanted or how you had planned, but on a soul level, it's exactly what you needed to develop and move forward. It all happens for your greatest good. Time is just an illusion. The present moment is what counts. It's all lead to this moment. So make the most of it. Remember you can always push the start/restart button and begin again. You will be given that chance in divine timing. When it comes, just be ready. Here I go. Come along with me for the ride. :)






Stay Calm and Love On :)

March 17, 2020


Please remain calm during these changing and challenging times. This too shall pass. It's all part of the process of changing our world and our way of being for the better. We're all in this together. Stay faithful and full of light and love. Release and replace fear with love; one moment, one thought, one act at a time. We are here to rebuild this world with our love. Be love and spread love. Share that peace everywhere. Even if you're alone or isolated at the time, focus on staying in a state of peace and love knowing all will work out for our highest good. Reach out to others. Let others feel cared for. Stay connected with each other. This is a time for us to come together on a deeper level. We don't have to be in the same room to feel that connection. Send that love out to everyone and everything. Rest assured it'll help you and everyone else feel better, and it'll help Mother Earth to heal as well. Our world and all of her inhabitants needs our love at this time. Love and light to all! :)






Miracles Do Happen :)

March 15, 2020


I've always wanted to do spiritual work all day; to have clients come to me for readings and energy healings all day. Well that's exactly what happened this past weekend. I was working at a holistic healing fair on Manitoulin Island last year when I client was drawn to my table. He said he was drawn to my energy and saw great light all around me. I ended up doing an angel card reading with him that was very powerful and helpful for him. He was recovering from a recent stroke, so he also wanted a Reiki energy healing. So I worked on him and channeled love and light for him. He loved it and was grateful I went all the way there from Sudbury, about an hour and a half away. I was glad I made the trip too. I ended up helping him and countless others. 

A few months later, I was at another holistic healing fair in Sudbury. From a distance, I saw his familiar face and we instantly embraced. He remembered me well, and so did I. He ended up getting more cards done at that time and sat with me at my table for a while, just enjoying the energy. 

I didn't hear much from him over the next few months, when out of the blue, he called me and said he had a handful of interested clients waiting for me to serve them. Turns out he spread the good word about me in his area, in Noelville, and wanted to plan a visit for me to meet with them. He offered me his home to work out of. I was planning to work at my regular job that night, but I knew this was more important. So I changed my schedule and went to go see what was in store.

I'm so glad I did! It turned out to be 24 of the most amazing hours of my life! He welcomed me to his place with open arms. He took his time showing me around and even offered me some feathers that he had accumulated over many years. He owns a large plot of land and apparently, many birds decided to leave him many feathers behind. He gifted me a handful of them! He even let me pick which ones I wanted! I was amazed. It was perfect timing! I had just lost my eagle feather that I was gifted. So here I was being gifted a bunch of new feathers. The trip was worth it just for that.

It just got better though. He had arranged for clients to start coming over that afternoon. So, one by one, they started coming. I ended up meeting with a handful of people that afternoon and evening. The appointments were back to back, and I loved every minute of it. I felt so good, being of service and helping them any way I could. It didn't even feel like work. It felt so natural, like this is the work I'm meant to do. Every one of them loved the card readings. They all got great clarity and healing from it. One of them even got an energy healing from me and loved it. Another lady got some life coaching service. All and all, it was an amazing day. 

My friend made me lunch and dinner, which were both delicious. He let me eat with his family. He truly treated me like part of the family. It meant the world to me. I truly felt special. At the end of the day, he wanted me to stay over night since it was getting dark by that time. He had already treated me so well, that I wanted to stay too. So, I ended up sleeping over. He had a room set up just for me. Then I had one more reading the next day before I left. I had another appointment in Sudbury, so I had to leave after that, but I truly felt home there. It was a magical day. I couldn't have planned it out any better. Everything worked out in divine order. I spent time with beautiful souls who treated my like gold, I got to be of service to several people who also ended up paying me very well for all my work, and it all felt like a dream. As I said earlier, days like that are what I live for. Those are the days I work towards. I always wanted to do my spiritual work all day, like a regular job, and that day, that's exactly what happened. I hope and pray for more days like that. 

Let this beautiful story serve as inspiration for you that your dreams can come true too. Many great days lay ahead for you. Things will unfold for you even better than you can possibly imagine. You won't have to do anything, but let things unfold perfectly when the situation unfolds right in front of you. Trust the process. You'll get every thing you've been waiting for and more. If it's true for me, it's true for you. It was only one day, but it was a magical day, just like all of my holistic fair days. Those days when I do spiritual work all day; that's what fuels me and brings me deep satisfaction. I know many more days like that lay ahead. You have faith too; your dreams will come true. I'm living proof miracles can and do happen every day. :)




Love Without Attachment; Inner Strength; Accepting Fate :)

March 12, 2020



I led Ho'Oponopono on Monday. Only one guy came, but as I told him, it was meant to happen that way. He needed that time to make peace with every thing in his life. That's what the Hawaiian energy healing modality is all about. He ended up loving it. In fact, he was moved to get certified in it so he could do it himself. It was an amazing evening for sure. I was happy to be of service. 

When I was going to leave, I was packing my eagle feather in my case. It looked kind of loose, but I thought it was secure enough in it. So I left and went home. About an hour and a half later, I was getting ready for bed when I noticed the case, but the feather wasn't in it! I couldn't believe it! I looked all over my house for it, thinking maybe it fell out when I brought it in. No luck. So I figured maybe I left it in my car. I looked all over my car, in the trunk, but still nothing. Even though I was in my pajamas and getting ready for bed, I instantly decided to go back to the shop where I had the energy healing earlier. I rushed downtown and went to the shop. I looked all around, but again, no sign of the feather anywhere. So, I decided to go outside and retrace my steps. I walked the same pathway I took to my car and back to the shop over and over again. I checked up and down the street, both sides. for over an hour. I even looked in the garbage cans thinking maybe someone picked it up and decided to throw it out. 

Sadly, I couldn't find it any where. I felt sad and disappointed. That feather was gifted to me a year ago to that very day! What were the chances of that? During that time, I passed that feather around during sharing circles to countless people. Every time I held that feather, I felt stronger, more self-confident, more self-assured. I felt special and like my voice mattered. I know it gave the same feeling to every one who held it. It helped me find the strength to speak up, to share what was in my heart and soul, and to help me grow. It helped me get to the point of leading meditations in front of other people. That was a miracle in itself. I proudly held and carried that feather. It meant the world to me. I know it symbolically meant a lot as well. I know the previous guy who carried that feather was gifted it as well. He ended up helping countless people too. He led so many sharing circles, and he saw me at a few of them. He saw something in me eventually and felt it was his time to focus on his own life. So, he gifted me that feather. I was truly blessed to receive such a beautiful honour. It means a lot in the Native culture. It's all about leading by example. The feather symbolizes the eagle flying free, carrying our dreams up the heavens to make them come true. 

I kept thinking about the message behind the whole ordeal and what it was supposed to mean. I ended up realizing that it was a good lesson in learning about detachment. I was very attached to the feather. I felt like I needed it speak. It did help give me, and everyone else, strength, but the message was I am stronger than I realize; so is everyone else. The feather is a good symbol. It helps you realize your voice matters. It gives you a chance to speak. I learned what you have to share is a gift you can give to others. I realized I can share that gift any time, even without the feather. It was a good reminder not to get to attached to material things. It's what's inside that really counts. 

Luckily, I had a small feather at home that I had found a while ago. It was sitting on my dresser. I'm thankful I held on to that feather. I ended up using that one for the next few sharing circles I had. I shared all these messages that I learned with them. I also explained that even though it's a small feather, it's not the size that matters; it's the idea that whoever has that feather, it's their chance to speak. That feather can still give every one who carries it inner strength, just like the other one. 

During the sharing circles, a few people commented on how I'll get the other one back some how, or I'll be gifted another, and that I have found my inner voice no matter what. I found out within a few days that the feather was picked up and the finder was holding on to it until it was claimed. Thank God for that. All's well that ends well. I ended up learning so many lessons, and I'm grateful for all of them. Let this story remind you of the same lessons I learned; about love without attachment, not getting too reliant on material things, it's what's inside that counts, that you're stronger than you think, that you have all the power inside you that you need, and that when you set something free, it'll come back to you if it's meant to be. :)



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