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Enjoy my regular updates of important lessons I've learned in my life, along with inspirational stories from my own life. I share them in the hopes of helping and inspiring you as well. Heart donations and love offerings can be made to me by e-transfer to

Giving Thanks

Oct. 10, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It's a time to give thanks for all our countless blessings. It was a special one for me. I work as a caregiver and was asked to take care of a new client. It turned out she was bed-bound and couldn't move at all. She was completely relient on receiving help. It was a very eye-opening experience. It really put everything into perspective. We truly have so much to be grateful for; a place to stay and sleep, food to eat, water to drink, and hopefully an able body to move around and do as we please. It's really a reminder to make the most of your time and be appreciate for all you can do and all that you do have instead of focusing on what you don't have. This client was very calm, patient and in good spirits. She was grateful for the voice to express what she needed, for someone to help her, for being alive and taken care of. Instead of focusing on what she couldn't do and feeling sorry for herself, she was grateful for what she could do and the help she was getting. 

Let this be a reminder to everyone to very much be grateful for all their blessings in life. We're really owed nothing in life. Everything is a bonus. Everything is a gift. They're all around you. The more you look for them, the more you'll see them. The more you'll appreciate them, the more you'll have to be grateful for, the better you'll feel and the happier your life will be. :)




Sex and Divine  Love 

Oct. 1, 2021

Sex is the passageway to bring eternal spiritual beings - souls forth into this human world through love. It is also the most pleasurable, most blissful, most ecstatic, highest physical expression of human love and is meant to be experienced and enjoyed in all it's gory. It can also be and is ultimately meant to be spiritual; a sacred divine spiritual union of two souls coming together as one in a heavenly expression of spiritual, divine, unconditional, unattached, fearless, doubtless, fully-accepting, eternal pure heavenly LOVE and light. 

Together, these LOVING and light-filled souls share their divine LOVE and light with each other and for each other and help each other rise up higher and higher, helping each other fully align with their highest selves as they ascend to the heavens together, sending out that LOVE to the world, helping enlighten and lift up this entire world as we all upgrade and ascend to our heavenly peaceful LOVE and light-filled home together as one. It is safe for you and you are worthy of having sacred, divine, heavenly pure LOVE and light-filled mental, emotional, physical, soulful, sexual, and spiritual cleansing, purifying energy sharing, exchange, and ascension with your very own chosen beloved God-sent soulmate, twin flame and earth angel :)



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Learning to Be the Presence of Divine Love, Special Message to Parents and Those Afraid of Losing Their  Loved Ones

Sept. 9, 2021

We are all here to bring God’s, the angels', and our divine, unconditional, fully accepting, unattached Divine LOVE here to this world; to bring our fullest divine LOVING light selves into our physical bodies, our emotional bodies, and our mental bodies; to uplift our human loving energies from conditional love that’s attached and is fearful of losing others and things happening into true, pure, divine, diamond-LOVING light that is unwavering, unconditional, and unattached so there’s no fear whatsoever - only divine LOVE. 

To all the parents out there, I know how much you love your kids, and God knows too. I don't have kids of my own, however I can imagine how challenging it is for you as your kids get older. I know there are a lot of emotions you end up going through. You're meant to acknowledge them, deal with them, release them, and then transmute all those heavy energies up to heavenly LOVING light. That’s what life is all about; learning to be the presence of divine LOVE. 

Human love is fearful of being lost. Divine LOVE knows it is eternal and unconditional and fearless - only divine LOVE is real and eternal. It’s what we are made of, it’s our natural core energy, and as healers and light workers, we’re here to align with that truth and our truth; our full divine LOVING light. You are doing that. This is all part of your upgrading process for you and this world. You are helping yourself ascend, and your kids, and this world. You are helping your kids become independent. self-reliant, free to fly highest and freest to follow their unique soul’s path. You are giving them the gift of divine LOVE, and that’s the greatest gift you could give them, yourself, and this world. You are learning about unconditional LOVE and LOVE without attachment. It’s the most challenging lesson we have as humans - “losing love” with kids getting older and eventually leaving, or parents and friends getting older and dying, and "losing" those who we love so much and want to be with forever. 

Rest assured divine LOVE is never lost. You can’t and won’t lose divine LOVE. It is eternal, like your soul that’s made of that divine LOVE; all our souls are, no matter what we may act out here in this world. Know in your soul that your kids share a bond that will never ever be broken. You are soulmates too. You’ve shared many lives together because you LOVE each other so much and volunteered to come here and help each other grow and learn and ascend. You will never ever lose them. They are divine LOVE and so are you. LOVE in the eternal truth. When it hurts your heart to think of losing them, know that you’re feeling yourself uplifting and aligning with divine LOVE. You are letting go of all doubts and fears; finding a way to LOVE them without attachment, without fear of losing them, with complete acceptance of the divine gifts you’ve been blessed with. When it feels so hard and heavy, visualize divine angelic pink ribbon that comes down from our heavenly soul world down through our crowns right to our hearts and then out of our hearts. See your kids, or anyone else your missing in that moment, with their own ribbon coming down from their heavenly soul world too; down through their crown, down to their heart and out of their heart. Put all your divine LOVE for your kids into that ribbon. Then ask your guides, angels and God to tie your ribbon and their ribbon together, or you can ask them to tie it, or whoever else you feel guided to ask to tie it. Know that once it’s tied, wherever they are, they will feel that divine LOVE. Visualize it and know that it is truly happening. It is a special divine link, bond and connection you have with them. From that moment on, know that you are always sending them that divine LOVE, helping them to align with their divine LOVING light self just as it helps you. Only divine Love is real. :)



Make the Most of Your Time

Aug.14, 2021

I've been very busy the last year, especially the last few months. So, I haven't had much time to do blog entries here. Rest assured, I've been very busy doing my spiritual work. I've been spending much of my time on taking care of my spiritual business, which is really taking off as I 'm getting more clients than ever before. I've come more and more into my own and fee very comfortable doing the work I'm meant to do as a healer and light worker. I've also taught eight people Reiki I and II, and I attuned three others as Reiki Masters. I even had my own card reading fair last weekend in Noelville, in which I had eight clients back-to-back all day. I've even been recording daily mediations for the community and started a new job as a care giver for Home Instead too. I see it as another way to do my spiritual work and help others any way I can. I've been learning a lot about making the most of the time you're given here and using your energy wisely. So, please make sure to do the same and make every moment count. :)



You Are Light. Keep Soaring and Shining Bright! :)

May 6, 2021

You and we all naturally know how to be the light because we come from the light; in fact, we are the light. When we’re in alignment with our full light body - enlightened, we feel so much lighter; like we are shining bright, lifted up and can soar through life. We came here to be that light, to shine it for ourselves, for everyone, and for this world to help us all fly free and highest. In human form, we may sometimes experience heavy thoughts or emotions that can leave our light, our spirit, temporarily dimmed and us feeling weighed down by the heaviness of the situation. However, we are not those heavy thoughts or emotions; we are naturally light, not heavy. We are the light. The more we release whatever is weighing us down and dimming our light, the lighter we’ll think and feel. That will free our spirit so it is automatically lifted up higher as we find our natural way to rise above it all and allow all the situations we’re blessed with to do what they, and everything and everyone is here to help us do: be light - be lighter and shine even brighter. 🌞:)

You Are Source's Perfect Design; Keep Holding the Perfection

Feb. 25, 2021

You are all divine LOVE and light in human form. The more you think it and speak it, the more it helps you and everyone.

No matter what your body or other people's bodies act out temporarily, know that you and they are source’s eternally perfect design, and keep reassuring yourself and them of that. It’ll help you and them remember and be returned to the true perfect balanced and health-sustaining energy of LOVE - That is what you all truly are. 

In the state of divine LOVE, your body functions optimally. Of course, we agreed to come here and experience certain things to learn/remember lessons and truths of who we are - LOVE in action - So, occasionally we may face challenging situations or experience feelings of unwellness or physical pain for our highest soul growth. However, we are not our temporary feelings; we are not our temporary bodies. We are eternal, divine spiritual beings of LOVE and light. We are having a temporary physical experience to bring forth our true essence here through our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and even our words. 

If you feel sick, you can say, "I feel sick." Never say, "I am sick," or, "They are sick." That’s not the spiritual truth. You are all source’s perfect design. If you're experiencing pain in your ankle and it appears swollen, saying, "I have a swollen ankle,” is not the truth. You can say, "My ankle appears/feels swollen right now." Understand and fully accept you are perfect health. God/LOVE is everywhere. God is in your ankle. Your ankle is perfect and divine, just like God. Speaking these truths and knowing them to be the truth and living these truths is how we become the true Masters we are and came here to be. That’s how we hold the perfection for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. By doing so, we align in all ways with our true healing energy of LOVE and send it out in our thoughts, words, and actions. 

I’m here to help you and everyone in this world to hold our eternal divine perfection; to help you and this world ascend. Thank you for listening and always doing your best. Thank you for being so receptive. You’re doing great! I’m so proud of you! Please keep allowing, accepting, and receiving the healing energy of LOVE in these divine words and proclaim them for you and your family knowing you are all the perfect divine health-sustaining energy of fully-accepting, unconditional, unattached divine LOVE. :)


I'm Just Like You; There's A Master In All of Us

Feb. 24, 2021

I'm a Reiki Master Teacher. People look up to me and see me as a, "Master" who's got it all figured out. Please understand it's not that I don't have my own issues come up sometimes; it's I've learned to be strong and unwavering and transmute things on my own, just like I help teach other to do. I mostly don't even dignify my false stories or feelings to anyone, unless it feels unbearable, because I don't want to give energy to those stories or burden anyone because I know I'm responsible for my own emotions and can manage them, learn from them, and transmute and release/replace them with healing love and light. So, I try to help others learn to express themselves when they need to so they release whatever is no longer serving them, but also empower them by showing them how to manage their emotions on their own and learn from them so they can rise above and stand in their spiritual authority. 

We have a mental body where are thoughts reside, emotional body full of our emotions, a physical body for physical sensations, and a spiritual body. We can operate temporarily out of any one of them and sometimes, we can get stuck in any one of them. However, it's our spirit body that we need to stand in and stay in. Everything else is temporary. Our spirit body is our eternal home of love and light and always allows us a way through anything. Our physical body houses us for now, and our thoughts and emotions are indicators and feedback mechanisms to help ensure we stay on our spiritual path. 

Ultimately, I know everything in my life has led me to do what I do now. If I can overcome and keep moving forward every day, so can any one else. I need to lead by example. I need to be the Master. I've worked through a lot of my issues, and I need to show others that so can they. I know that there's a spiritual reason for all of it, and I have learned to master my energies, body, thoughts, and emotions for the most part. So, I am here to help others do the same as best I can now. I have a responsibility to live by my words, by the spiritual truths I've learned; that I know to be true for all and that I'm here to share with others. I need to live in this human world as a human with human emotions and challenges, but not be of it or fall victim to it, or get sucked into the illusion of fear or ego or separation. I need to hold my perfection and the perfection for everyone. We are all eternal spiritual beings having temporary physical experiences to help us grow. Nothing we go through is real; it's just an act, a scenario; an opportunity for us to be the presence of love and to find a way to always be that presence of love. No matter how hard it is for me sometimes, I need to hold that perfection. I am love. I am light. I am source's perfect design. So is everyone else! The more I hold that perfection, the more others remember their highest self and their perfection and eternal divinity. 

I'm still in human form, like everyone else though, and work at it every day to maintain things and continue to face and overcome any other of my residual issues that may occasionally come up. It's just as challenging for me as everyone else, if not more so because I'm in a leadership position and people look up to me for help and strength and guidance. It's a lot of responsibility. You're never given anything you can't handle though, as we all signed up for this knowing how much we can handle and overcome. So, I stay strong for myself, for others, and for the world. I've done so much work on myself, and at the same time, I knew I was helping the world since we're all connected. So the same is true now; when I'm helping others, I'm also helping myself, and when I'm continuing to help myself grow, I'm helping others grow even more. What we do for one, we do for all. Helping myself heal even more every day helps you heal, and me helping others heal every day and night helps you to heal, and me to heal even more deeply. We're all one. 

Of course, I have my challenging moments come up where it's like I try so hard to do so much good and be so loving and helping and things don't always necessarily seem to be working out the way I want them to or feel like, "I deserve." It doesn't seem fair sometimes. It can be extremely and intensely frustrating and disappointing. It's all just human thinking that we're all working on replacing with spiritual truths we all know and aspire to live by. 

I talk about all this in general terms and the lessons I've learned or am working on during meditations and sharings. I use it as a learning and teaching example that we're all growing and learning together, reminding each other, and that we can all find a way through, just like I am. 

We're all going through this together. We're all teachers and students. We're all doing the best we can. I'm the Master, and at the same time, I'm trying to bring out the Master in you and all of us. Keep standing in your unwavering spiritual authority everyone. Keep being the Master you are! We're all in this together. :)


Our Collective Light Mission

Jan. 17, 2021

We are going through the darkest time of the year with the least amount of sunshine. Our collective mission is to receive the new light energy at this time and to build and radiate our own rejuvenated light out to each other and this world as a higher, deeper, brighter, spiritual, divine, unconditional,  unattached light-filled love based on mutual unwavering trust, faith, support, encouragement, appreciation and the beacon of radiant light inside us all. Attachments and conditions are physical. Divine love is pure soul acceptance and acknowledgement of our true light being and how we chose to be and share that light here, along with a constant mutual enlightening to help each other and others shine even more and for ever more. Divine alignment has arrived for us and this world. The portal has opened. It's time to walk through. I'll lead the way. Feel free to take my hand. Know that we are already at the entrance and can see and feel that brighter light. It's time for us to walk together and shine brightest for each other and this world; to help ourselves, each other, everyone, and the world itself to ascend. We are here to bring forth a whole new world without judgment or fear of ourselves or anyone or anything; only unconditional light and love; total acceptance of ourselves, of all that has led us here, of the radiant light beings that we are and that we are aligning with fully; complete acceptance of each other and the light we carry and how we choose to shine it; acknowledging everyone and everything for the light they carry and are, as well as eternal acceptance of how they choose to shine their light. Eternal, unconditional, and fully accepting divine love and light-infused high heart hug goes out to everyone. :)



New Moon Blessings For All The Light We Shine Amidst the DarknessJan. 17, 2021

Jan. 16, 2021

Happy full moon! It's an opportunity to give thanks to the moon for lighting up the darkness around us and within us, and to thank the universe for blessing us with such a beautiful gift, as well as the gift of each other. All of us are each other's sun's, who help each other to shine our light even brighter, and each other's moons, as we help each other go into and through the uncomfortable areas within and around us to bring light when we see or feel darkness. It's time to acknowledge and give thanks for the sun and moon and Creator in us and outside of us, and give appreciation for each other and all we do for each other. 

We are divine light beings who have come back here to help each other light each other up fully and completely; eternal light-filled and love-filled souls who so naturally brighten each other and help each other go into our darkest spots within us, into our residual walls and blocks made of hidden fears, doubts, insecurities, apprehensions, and uncertainty, infusing and transmuting all of those negative energies with healing divine love and light. We are helping each other become clear channels of love and light for each other and this world. As we help each other, we lighten and brighten the world. The light in you and me that we've both helped build is shining so bright, and it truly helps lighten everyone and everything on Mother Earth and in this entire universe. This enlightening is happening within us and outside of us. We are rising higher every day like the sun, and every night like the moon, helping to  light this world. Let us rejoice and be glad. 5:05 All in divine order and alignment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :) 



Miracles Really Do Happen, The Unlimited Power of Love and Our Souls

Jan. 15, 2021

I'm reminded of a miracle that took place just before Christmas that I'd like to share with you to demonstrate how miracles really can and do happen. My dad has late-stage alzheimer's/dementia. So, he doesn't really speak much at all and doesn't really recognize me. Nonetheless, I visit him as much as I can at the nursing home. I was very much looking forward to visiting him over the holidays. Just before Christmas though, a staff member there had apparently tested positive for covid. That meant the home would no longer allow visitations for at least a week or two. They ended up testing the staff member again to confirm the initial findings. It turned out, it was a false-positive. Thankfully, the member was not infected with the virus and so visitations could resume. I was so relieved and grateful. Even better than that, they allowed me to visit with my sister and then my brother on Christmas Eve, and again on Christmas day by myself. When I went to see him on Christmas, miraculously, he ended up saying my name! I didn't prompt him or anything! It just came out of nowhere! First time I heard him say my name in a very long time. A true Christmas miracle! It just proves that miracles can and do happen. Often, we think miracles need to be humongous things, which they can be, but there's all kinds of miracles that happen every day. Just the fact that we're here and can read and speak is a miracle. So even though I couldn't hug my dad or go up to him and embrace him, I still felt his love and I'm sure he still felt mine too. Even though he can't speak much, he was able to clearly convey his love for me. It just goes to show you there are no blocks to love. Where there's a will, there's a way.

  In truth, we are unlimited spiritual beings. Our apparent blocks that we encounter in life or in ourselves are there for us to acknowledge, learn from, work through and overcome. We're always learning and growing. Our soul always want to ascend to its highest. So it's like the blocks are there to inspire us or motivate us to push even higher and further, and to shine our love and light even brighter.

It's just like our challenges in life that we end up having to face and overcome. The soul's intent is not to be defeated by them, or get tired of facing them, or avoid them, but to deal with them and overcome them one by one. Our souls get stronger and more love and light-filled every time. Every step of the way, we recognize we can overcome any block or any obstacle. They are actually are friends to show us our unlimited being. Limitations are really a human construct here, but using our eternal unlimited spiritual being of endless love and light, we prove to ourselves and everyone what we truly are; love and light. We placed these obstacles and blocks in our path on purpose to help us dig deeper and bring our full undefeatable and eternal love and light being into existence here.

So keep shining your love and light where ever you go and what ever situation arises for you. Understand it's all there to help us learn to shine our brightest and prove miracles really can and do happen. We are love in action. We are the miracles! :)

Going Through and Growing Through the Discomfort

Jan. 14, 2021

I randomly applied for a job as a bus driver a while ago and they asked me if I'd be interested in going to do training. I didn't know anything about buses or how to drive a bus or what it all entailed, but I knew it was something I was meant to try out. In the past, I was so riddled with fears. I wouldn't even apply for other jobs; I was too afraid I'd get them and wouldn't be able to handle them. I was always afraid of success/failure and getting into a situation I couldn't get out of. If I was ever offered a job, I wouldn't tell anyone and would just find a way to get out of it somehow so I wouldn't have to deal with the stress and anxiety of the change and everything that came with it. 

That was the old me. The new me is doing exactly what I'm meant to do with my spiritual work. I'm happy with it and plan on making it my career. This opportunity came up, so I figured I was meant to make up for times in the past where I'd hide away from things like that. So, I went for the training. It was very challenging as I soon learned there's a lot more to bus driving that you'd think. It's way different than driving a regular car and there's so many more things to think about. I even had to learn about what's under the hood of a bus and to look around and underneath the entire bus before every trip to make sure everything was in good working condition. I was never much interested or knowledgeable of vehicles and what goes into the mechanical parts of them. Nonetheless, I persevered and continued to go for days of training. I ended up passing the first signs test, but then I had to take another written test involving the operation of buses and trucks. Unfortunately, I ended up not getting a high enough percentage to be able to pass the first time. I was able to retake another different test the next day, but again, I failed and was no longer able to continue with the training. 

I was proud of myself for giving it all a try, for showing up, for persevering, for giving it my all. My message to you is to always do the same. No matter what the situation is, no matter what you're being faced with or what fears may be arising for you, always do your best. Face your fears as best you can. Recognize that you are made of eternal love and light. Fears and any other uncomfortableness/ heavy thoughts or emotion come up to be acknowledged, felt, and released so you can make even more room for the love and light you are. 

Don't get hard on yourself or feel like you'll never get there, or you've had enough or that you're not good enough. Take your time and lead with your spirit body. You're right where you need to be. Enjoy the ride. You are on your divine path. Trust the process, in divine order and where it leads. Allow things to unfold for your highest good and you'll be flying before you know it. You already are flying! You're flying higher than ever! Just keep spreading your wings and know you're meant to fly. Even when you feel tired or experience disappointment or failure, you can relax and know you're being repositioned properly and raised up; your spirit is being lifted even higher by the healing power of love and light within your soul, and by the love and light your guides and angels are constantly channeling your way. 

The heavy feelings, the negative thoughts, even physical pains are all temporary. They will all pass. The only thing that is eternal is the love and light that you are; your love and light-filled soul. It will always find a way through the temporary human moments. Rest assured we all have these human moments here from time to time. It's all part of our healing process and re-aligning with our spirit, our soul, our highest self. We're all in this together. You came to this world to bring that pure love and light from our soul world home here, so we can all make this world our new heavenly home.

We get a "break" and get to visit our original home every night when we sleep and journey there, and then we get re-energized and come back here to bring that energy to this world We're all walking each other home, making this our temporary home along the way; growing in this classroom of life every step of the way. We're all learning the necessary spiritual lessons about love and light we need to learn to move forward and upward. We're all on our way back to our original home, walking each other there. You got this. Your spirit guides and guardian angels are right there with you, and so are all your other loving guides, ascended masters and ancestors. Feel them with you now and know they are always helping you move forward and upward. We need to go through it to grow through it, and you are, we are, we all are; and it is divine. It is love in action. We are love in action. Let's keep growing and walking home together. :)




Opening Up to Your Best Year Ever

Jan 1, 2021

It's a brand new year! 2021! It's a great opportunity to look back at 2020, be grateful for all the countless blessings and successes you've had. Even though it was a challenging year for all of us with the virus, it provided us with an opportunity to be grateful for what we have, to spend more time with our family and ourselves, to help us go within and find peace inside of ourselves. Personally, I grew so much through the changes. I had time to stay home and focus on my spiritual work. I started my own youtube channel, built my website, officially started and registered my own business, and even began advertising and spreading the word. I taught my first students Reiki and helped countless people along the way. 

The message for you all now is to look back at your 2020 and find your blessings. Look for the things that you went through and accomplished that made you stronger and more resilient. Acknowledge all the changes you made it through and recognize how you were able to adapt and find a way through it all. Celebrate that now. Feel good about each and every moment and situation and challenge you overcame. Here you stand; stronger, wiser, and more love and light-filled than ever. You are now in the perfect position to have your best year ever!

Today is the first day of 2021! This is a brand new start for you! This is a brand new opportunity for you to start again! This your time to open up a whole new book and chapter in your life. You have the pen in your hands now. It's your time to use that pen and write the best story ever; your story of success and fulfillment. Set new goals, start setting new intentions, new hopes, new dreams, and know that they are all possible. There's nothing that you can't have or be. Allow that to really sink in for you. You are a unlimited eternal being. You are one with the divine! You are a miracle! You create miracles wherever you go and whatever you do turns to gold! Start not only believing that, but knowing that. Start acting like that; like all you are and all you can be. Step into your highest self and be all you can and are meant to be! I believe in you, so do your guides, angels and ancestors. Now, just believe in yourself! Spread your wings and fly! If I can do it, so can you! We're all in this together. Here's to 2021! The best year ever! :)



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