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Relaxing Meditations, Card Readings, and Messages For You

April 15 - May 29, 2020

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Healing With the Angels Card Reading

July 31, 2021

We connected with the angels and asked them to bring us the messages we need to hear at this time. The first message was of forgiveness and the need to forgive ourselves and others through the healing power of love and the loving angels. The second message was to listen to the divine guidance we receive and to trust ourselves and the angels. We then received messages confirming that we are powerful manifesters and to embrace our inner powers and gifts knowing that we can and will continue to create magic. Finally, the angels asked us to continue to pray in thanks knowing our prayers will be answered in divine timing for our highest good and the good of all.

Keep Showing Up and Doing the Best You Can Trusting In the Divine Process

July 30, 2021

I came to meditation, however nobody came. So, I was guided to open up and share divine encouraging messages with you. Please enjoy these real life experiences and the empowering messages of inspiration to help you on your path.

Trust the Divine Messages You Get, You Are Stronger Than You Realize, Your Day In the Sun Is Here

July 29, 2021

I was hosting a meditation inside when I received a card to go outside. So, I went outside to do a meditation and beautiful messages came through. There was cleansing rain coming down clearing out our old energies, and then there was a rolling thunder that awoken our inner strength letting us know we will always persevere. We even heard people using tools in the background reminding us that we have everything we need within you and to use our gifts to help us through everything. Finally, we were amazed to see the light of the sun emerge. It was a beautiful sign proclaiming to us that brighter days are ahead, that the light is shining on us now, and that the light inside us and around us is eternal.

Time to Celebrate The Present With Your Presence

July 27, 2021

The guides and angels spoke through me and conveyed a message of celebration. They want to acknowledge how much we’ve persevered and overcome individually and collectively. They want us to acknowledge that we are victorious; we, the light, the love, has won. They want us to take our light, our smiles, our elevated energies and share it with ourselves, each other, and this world. So enjoy celebrating being you and recognize you are the present in the present.

Opening Up to the Peaceful Waves of Love and Peace All Around You and Within You

July 26, 2021

The guides and angels spoke through me and conveyed a message of celebration. They want to acknowledge how much we’ve persevered and overcome individually and collectively. They want us to acknowledge that we are victorious; we, the light, the love, has won. They want us to take our light, our smiles, our elevated energies and share it with ourselves, each other, and this world. So enjoy celebrating being you and recognize you are the present in the present.

Releasing Heavy Energies and Receiving and Aligning With the Light of the Full Moon

July 24, 2021

We released our heavy energies to the full moon and then received healing loving light from it. We aligned with all the light we are and gave thanks to the full moon for its healing light energies.

Let the Nourishing Rain Fill You Up With Abundance

July 23, 2021

We stayed outside in the rain and allowed the purifying water to wash away any heavy energies. Then, we opened ourselves up to the powerful life-giving energies around us and within us. Finally, we saw a rabbit off in the distance symbolizing that abundance is on our horizon.

Looking Up At the Sunshine Knowing We Are the Light and We Will Always Rise Again

July 22, 2021

We took time looking up at a sunset and being grateful for all the light the sun has always brought us and continues to bring us every single day. We were reminded that just like the sun, we always find a way to rise again; no matter what.

Angelic Flowers Bring You the Healing Messages You Need At This Time

July 21, 2021

We connected with the angelic flowers. We imagined walking through a flower bed and taking in all of its beauty and splendour. The snapdragons grabbed our attention and guided us to release all anger, and then helped us to do that. Then, the wattle asked us to and helped us laugh as we allowed the healing energies of laughter uplift us. The banksia assured us that this is an opportunity for us to rise from the ashes stronger and more determined than ever. Finally, the bleeding hearts brought us emotional healing.

Time for Relaxing and Rejuvenating

July 20, 2021

I channeled a relaxing, healing, and rejuvenating meditation. Please join me as we focus on our breath; breathing in calmness, acceptance, and peace, and exhaling any judgments of yourself or others, along with any doubts or fears. Then, we went inside ourselves and found our inner peace and inner strength as our guides reminded us of how powerful we are. We visualized walking through nature and received many messages and powerful energies. We were reminded how resilient we are, like the grass, and how we continue to grow, like the trees . We also acknowledged how strong we are, like rocks, and how we continue to move forward.

Cleansing With Sage and Singing/Hearing, “All I ask of You Is Forever to Remember Me As Loving You.”

July 19, 2021

We used the healing medicine of sage to cleanse our energies. Then, we sang to our inner child, all those who have challenged us, and to everyone we’ve ever met, and they they all sang back to us the deeply healing sufi chant, “All I ask of you is forever to remember me as loving you.”

Let the Gentle Waves Balance You and Bring You Peace, and Let the Sky Help You Fly Free

July 16, 2021

We layed on rocks overlooking the water. We felt the energies of the calm, peaceful waves and were balanced by them. Then, we focused on the sky and received the inspirational energy to help us fly high and free.

Connecting With the Archangels and Your Guardian Angel

July 15, 2021

I used my angelic mala and went through each crystal bead to explain the corresponding 15 archangels and how those archangels can help you, as well as your guardian angel, who has watched over and protected you since you were born. We learned that simply having the intent to connect with them will allow for you to connect with them, and having the corresponding crystal can help amplify that connection even more.

Washing Away the Mental and Emotional Blocks to Accepting Your Own Sacred Divinity

July 14, 2021​

We layed in the grass amongst the trees as the cleansing rain poured down on us from above. We took this time to release any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pains to the purifying water. We felt the life-giving water wash us clean and revitalize us. We then gave thanks to the heavenly water and drank in its nourishing energy.

LOVE is the Universal Language

July 13, 2021

We were guided on a short journey as we imagined being a caregiver for someone who couldn’t speak our language and we couldn’t speak there’s. So we relied on the universal language of LOVE. We were reminded we can be the energy and vibration of divine LOVE, and when we are, everyone around us will understand it and feel it fully. So keep being the presence of LOVE and speaking the universal energetic language of LOVE.

Being Grateful For our Breath of Life

July 12, 2021

We focused on our breathing and being grateful for our the gift of our breath of life. We gave thanks to source’s perfect natural design in our body’s ability to breathe on its own; on our natural energy recycling system; breathing in optimism, faith, courage, empowering LOVING light energies and releasing the heavy energies of stress and anxiety.

Be Happy Now Dreaming Under the New Moon Knowing the Best Is Yet to Come

JuIy  9, 2021

It was new moon time. So, we looked up at the sky and dreamed our biggest dreams trusting and knowing our dreams, and even greater ones than we can possibly imagine, can and will come true for us. We were reminded that our inner desires are all the confirmation we need that they are meant for us and will come to pass according to our highest good and the good of all.

Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides

July 9, 2021

We connected with our animal spirit guides. First, a hawk appeared asking us to open our vision so we can see the divine signs all around us more clearly, and to understand that we are messengers of the divine as well. Then, the cougar stepped forward calling on us to be more assertive, to take on our natural leadership role, and to trust that we have all the power we need within us. Finally, a sea turtle popped up to let us know that we are protected always, and also encouraged us to protect our own energies and surround ourselves with supportive energies.

Appreciating the Natural Beauty of Trees, Plants, and Flowers

July 8, 2021

We took time being in nature and appreciating the trees, plants and flowers.

Cleansing Drizzle

July 7, 2021

We stood in the drizzling rain as mother nature’s water purified us.

Fly Highest and Freest

July 6, 2021

We looked up at the limitless sky above us. We were reminded that we are just as unlimited as the sky. We became aware of our spiritual wings and flew high and free. We felt the freedom that we truly have and we were inspired to enjoy being free. Our guides and angels reminded us that they’re with us too so we’re never alone, and that we’re always carried by them higher and higher. So always remember that you can overcome and achieve anything as you have the energy of the unlimited sky above you and within you.

Enjoying the Wonder, Joy, Lessons, and Adventure that Every Path In Your Life Will Bring You

July 5, 2021

l saw a new pathway I never took before. Not knowing where it would lead, I was guided to follow it and take you on a relaxing walk. So please enjoy this beautiful and enlightening journey with me. You’ll be reminded that you’re always exactly where you are meant to be, that wonder and magic is everywhere, and that we are here to enjoy our time as we go with the flow and follow our life path, trusting in wherever it leads.

Embracing the Positive Winds of Change and the Cleansing Rain

July 2, 2021

We listened to the powerful winds of change as it blew away old energies from our energy field and brought us new, invigorating positive energy. We also saw and felt the cleansing rain coming down washing us and our energies clean.

Taking Time to Acknowledge, Appreciate, and Listen to the Angelic Messages From the Flowers

June 30, 2021

We connected with the angelic flowers. The lavender guided us to let go of anxiety, the protea brought us heavenly signs from our loved ones who’ve gone on before us, the yellow rose encouraged us to balance work, rest, and play time, and the African violet inspired us to cleanse our energies with the help of the angels.

Welcoming In the New Season of Summer With Messages From the Butterflies

June 29, 2021

It was the first day of summer. So, we connected with the angelic butterflies to help guide us through this time of transformative growth and blossoming in the warmth of the sun. Several butterflies came up to us and had several messages for us. They included guiding us to make positive dietary changes for our greatest good, welcoming in the new, keeping an open mind, taking good care of yourself, forgiving yourself and others, recognizing your strength, releasing grief, and starting a new exercise program to bring you more invigorating energy.

Healing Reiki Session Just For You

June 28, 2021

This is a time for you to rest, relax and receive healing Reiki energy. So focus on divine hands and angelic light-filled, peaceful, calming energy flowing through for you to receive and heal on all levels.

Allowing the Winds of Change and New Waves of Prosperity to Wash Over You and Revitalize You

June 25, 2021

I was guided to stand by the rocks overlooking the water. We allowed the powerful winds of change to come in and blow away any heavy energies we no longer needed. That was all replaced with new empowering positive energy. We also focused on the life-giving water. We imagined walking into the water and feeling the purifying water replenish us. We also felt waves of water wash over us carrying away our problems and bringing us countless new waves of hope and prosperity.

Time to Let Go of Any Heavy Energies That Are No Longer Serving You

June 24, 2021

It’s full moon time; time to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. So courageously go within yourself and let go of any heavy energies, any attachments, any old, reoccurring thoughts and feelings that are weighing you down and darkening your spirit. Allow yourself to feel complete and total relief. Let yourself feel so much lighter and brighter. Take time to give thanks to the full moon for taking all of your problems and concerns away. Get ready for even brighter days to come.

Connecting With the Natural Elements Around You and Within You

June 24, 2021

We started taking a walk in nature, leaving anything we didn’t need behind. We connected with the blossoming and growing trees first. Then, we laid on the rocks and connected with the solid energies of Mother Earth. We looked up at the sun shining and connected with the element of fire, strengthening and building our inner flame. Then, we connected with the open sky and opened up to our limitless possibilities. Finally, we focused on the air as we breathed in rejuvenating energy.

Enjoying Your Walk Through Life

June 23, 2021

I was guided to go for a walk outside. We began by unloading any heavy energies that we no longer needed. Then, we started moving forward. The sun was shining down on us from behind us. We were reminded that everything we’ve been through was for our highest good and now serves as helpful lessons that help to move us forward. We also were guided to enjoy the present moment and to be grateful for what is knowing it’s exactly the way it’s meant to be. Finally, we saw the sun shining on us from above and felt our hopes and dreams for the future that also keep us motivated and excited for the future. We then gathered all that energy up and brought it to the present, along with our lessons of the past as we enjoy the gifts of the present moment.

Letting the Rain Wash You Clean

June 22, 2021

It was raining outside. So, I was guided to go outside and stand amongst the rain. We envisioned ourselves standing in the rain, allowed any heavy energies or imbalances we were carrying to come up, and then trusted the cleansing water to wash our energies. After the rain washed away our old imbalances, blocks, and anything else that was no longer serving us, the life-giving water revitalized us with invigorating energies. We then gave thanks for the purification from the water.

Five Languages of Love Quiz to Help You Understand Yourself and Others

June 21, 2021

I go through Gary Chapman’s five love languages quiz. Please take the time to listen, answer truthfully, and then review your answers at the end. Whichever letter you pick the most of indicates what your primary love language is. A is for words of affirmation, B is for quality time, C is for receiving gifts, D is for acts of service, E is for physical touch. Congratulations on learning what your primary love language is. Make sure to supply that to yourself and lovingly request it of others so they can love you accordingly. Also, use this to understand what others need and then you can speak to them from that love language. All of the languages will help, but most have a primary one, so take the time to learn it. You can find more quizzes on

Love Language #5 - Physical Touch

June 18, 2021

I talk about how comforting and reassuring physical touch can be, especially for people who speak this love language. Obviously, sex is the ultimate physical expression of love and it’s important to share that with someone you love. Not all physical touch has to be sexual though. It can also just be friendly and comforting. No matter what though, always make sure you have their permission and that they want the physical interactions as well. If there’s any doubt, lovingly ask and don’t force anything. With their permission though, physical touch can be very beneficial, respectful, and soothing. It can range from handshakes, pats on the back or head, hugs, to sex. For those who speak this language, they want and need that physical comforting touch.

Love Language #4 - Acts of Service

June 17, 2021

I talk about the fourth language of love according to Gary Chapman, acts of service. I explain how it involves helping others and doing things you know they’d like you to do. It has nothing to do with using people or taking advantage of others, but rather genuinely being in a place of divine love and serving others to the best of your ability. You want to make sure not to step in all the time without them even asking as you want to help them become independent and self-reliant. If they do ask for help, ensure it’s a request; not a demand. It’s also important to overcome stereotypes and being willing to do whatever you need to in order to be of service, as we’re all here to help each other out and to serve the creator.

Love Language 3 - Receiving Gifts

June 16, 2021

I speak on the third love language according to Gary Chapman, receiving gifts. I talk about how gift giving goes on all over the world as an expression of love. It shows you’re thinking of someone and want to bless them with whatever gift will add to their love meter. I express how it’s not about the money or how much you’re spending, but your loving intent. You can even make or create things to give others. You can also give others the gift of you and your presence to help them through challenging situations. Again, it’s not about winning them over; it’s about expressing your genuine love and desire to bless them with whatever will bring them more joy, Then, they can proudly use and display that gift for others and feel extra special. Of course, it’s important to also gift yourself and to share your own unique gifts. Learn to receive understanding you are worthy of receiving. Experience how priceless it is to receive the pleasurable benefits of giving gifts. Learn to give and receive equally.

Love Language #2 - Quality Time

June 15, 2021

I speak on the second love language according to Gary Chapman, quality time. This involves being completely present, spending time together, active listening, giving others your undivided attention, maintaining eye contact, refusing to interrupt, and learning to let others express themselves. It’s also important to do all of these things for yourself and make quality time for you.

Love Language #1 - Words of Affirmation

June 14, 2021

I speak on the first love language according to Gary Chapman, words of affirmation. I explain how important and empowering speaking kindly is, how beneficial and meaningful compliments are, how love makes kind humble requests and not demands, and on the inspiring, motivational power of encouragement. I also explain how it all starts with you first; giving yourself the love you seek, being kind, gentle, and accepting of yourself, and then sharing that same empathy with others

Speaking On Human Love and Divine Love, While Introducing You to the Five Languages of Love

June 11, 2021

I’ve been recording meditations, card readings, and uplifting classes for the community and local library for well over a year. I send them all to local organizer, Suzanne Leclair. A few weeks ago, my late spiritual teacher, Caroline McIntosh, visited Suzanne in a dream. She asked her to ask me to speak on love and on the book, “The Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman. So, in this video, I speak on the difference between human love and divine love, as I get ready to introduce you to the five languages of love and how people interpret love.

New Moon Wishing On the Wings of Our Angels

June 10, 2021

It was new moon time. So, I went to set new goals and intentions for us all. A magical dragonfly appeared, representing spirit, your transformation, your unlimited gifts and potential. It helped us see you can open up your angel wings to receive your dreams, and to spread your spiritual wings and fly towards achieving even more. We were reminded that our greatest desires and fantasies are on the way, along with even greater ones than we can possibly imagine. We were also guided to be happy now knowing we have everything we need within us, and other people are situations can only add to it.

Magical Messages From the Fairies

June 9, 2021

I was in nature, sitting in the grass. We called upon the fairies of the nature kingdom. They brought forth messages encouraging us to explore new locations in order to receive empowering energies, to allow our inner power to shine through, to become more aware of the environment around us and within us, to kick up our heels and take a leap of faith like a magical unicorn, and to move our bodies as we allow our energies to flow more fully.

For All Those Who’ve, “Lost” Loved Ones, Know That They Are Still With You; Only Divine Love is Real

June 8, 2021

It was the eight-year anniversary of my mom’s crossing over to the soul world. So, I was guided to go to her monument and connect with her. Miraculously, a new plant and tree emerged on her side of the monument; a beautiful testament that through death comes rebirth, new home, and new life. We were reminded that only divine LOVE is real. We may go through human emotions of loss, grief, or despair, and we need to acknowledge them, feel them, and release them to heal. It’s all part of one of our greatest spiritual lessons; that we are here on temporary physical form, but our souls are eternal. We are here to be the presence of what we truly are - divine, unconditional, unwavering, everlasting divine LOVE.

Listen to the Rhythm of the Cleansing Rain As it Revitalizes You

June 7, 2021

We focused on the falling rain as we released our heavy thoughts, feelings, and energies to it, letting the water wash us clean mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as spiritually. We then gave thanks for the water and mother nature for cleansing us, nourishing us, and making us whole again.

Wash Yourself Clean With Cleansing Waters

June 4, 2021

I sat by the rocks overlooking the calm waters. We were guided on a relaxing, peaceful journey as we felt the healing energies of the water all around us and within us. Then, we dipped our ties in the cleansing waters, and then our whole body. We took our time letting the waters wash us clean and rejuvenate us.

Let Go of What’s Weighing You Down and Rise Above It Using It As A Stepping Stone

June 3, 2021

We took this time to release what no longer serves us, any heavy thoughts or emotions that have been weighing us down, and put it down on the ground to serve as stepping stones. We stood tall, rise above, and marched forward. We were reminded that anytime any of those heavy emotions come up, we can grab a solid rock, take all that heavy energy and project it into that rock, gripping it tighter and tighter, putting al that negative energy into that rock. Then, we can put that rock down and leave that rock on the ground, using it as another stepping stone. Finally, we can give thanks to that rock and mother nature for taking all that heaviness away from us.

You Are As Solid As A Rock and You Continue to Grow

June 2, 2021

I was guided to walk amongst the rocks and trees. We focused on the rocks, feeling how solid they are. We recognized we are as solid as a rock, and that we are stronger because of everything we’ve been through. We have persevered. Those were all stepping stones along our life path. Now, we continue to grow and blossom knowing how solid we are.

As the Sun Sets, Give Thanks For What Was, What Is and What’s To Come Knowing the Best Is On the Way

June 1, 2021

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset as we received divine messages from the archangels. Archangel Gabriel assured us to follow our passion because this is our chance to do wonderful things. Next, Archangel Uriel encouraged us to take charge of our life and to stand in our unwavering spiritual authority. Then, Archangel Raphael blessed us with harmony in our relationships. After that, Archangel Raziel inspired us that we can manifest anything because we are magical. Finally, Archangel Michael guided us to start charging forward knowing we are endlessly strong, committed, and can achieve anything.

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