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Relaxing Meditations, Card Readings, and Messages For You

April 15 - May 29, 2020

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Divine Messages For You From the Archangels

Nov. 26, 2021

We connected with the archangels. Archangel Jophiel encourages you to spend time outside being renewed and refreshed, Archangel Raguel assures you that it’s safe to trust yourself and the divine messages you receive, Archangel Raphael guides you to have an even more healthy lifestyle focusing on taking care of yourself, Archangel Raphael asks you to release your concerns to the angels, and Archangel Michael affirms you are a powerful loving child of God and to always remember that.

Giving Thanks For All Those Who Have Helped Pave the Way For Us

Nov. 24, 2021

It was the night of Remembrance Day. So, we took a few minutes to give thanks for all those who have helped allow us to enjoy all the freedoms and blessings we enjoy.

Releasing to the Angels and the Full Moon

Nov. 19​, 2021

It’s full moon time; time for you to release whatever is weighing you down and no longer serving your highest good. Join the angels as they help you release all those old heavy energies to the full moon, back to heavenly love and light, as they assure you your best days are on the way.

Connecting With Mother Nature and Receiving Healing From Her, Giving Her Thanks For Her Eternal Help

Nov. 17, 2021

We visualized walk through a forest amongst the beautiful leaves that the trees released. That all served to encourage us to also let go of any heavy energies that no longer serve us and to surrender it to Mother Earth. We then gave thanks and praise to Mother Nature for helping us release, for taking care of us, for replenishing us always, and for giving us everything we need.

Walking Through the Leaves Being Reminded to Release and Trust As You Move Forward With Confidence

Nov. 16, 2021

We walked through the leaves and we’re reminded of our impact on the world with every step we take, and to let go of everything that no longer serves us. Now, we walk forward with stepping stones of all we have leaned as we walk towards the future with confidence.

Releasing Your Heavy Energies Into Divine Fire For Transmutation Back to Heavenly LOVE and Light

Nov. 15, 2021

We used a candle and stared into the flame as we released and projected into it all our heavy thoughts, feelings, pains, fears, doubts and anything else that was no longer serving us. We invited our angels to help transmute all of that back to heavenly LOVE and light. This is a very healing process for you to try.

We Are All Here to Help Each Other Out; Revealing What I Offer to Help You See How Much You Offer

Nov. 12, 2021

I was guided to walk you all through what I have to offer and to help you all see how much you have to offer as well, and how we’re all here to help each other out.

Messages From Jesus

Nov. 11, 2021

We connected with the historical speaker on LOVE, Jesus. He brought us messages to LOVE one another unconditionally and eternally, to know that all your needs will be met and you will be provided with everything you need, have eternal faith knowing you are LOVE and light and that you are ambassadors for God, Jesus, LOVE and light, comfort and remind others of the truth; GOD/LOVE is all there is.

Accepting the Truth That Wherever You Go, LOVE Is; Keep Shining the Light You Are

Nov. 10, 2021

A great wave of light washed over me and I began channeling a beautiful message about how wherever you are, God is; wherever you are, LOVE is; you are LOVE and you are light. Keep shining bright everyone.

LOVINGLY, Unconditionally, Eternally Embrace Yourself

Nov. 9, 2021

Take this time to give yourself a great big hug and to hold yourself in your own hug, filling yourself up with all the compassion, recognition, appreciation, and LOVE you deserve and are made of. Let go of all judgments of yourself and completely accept yourself as entirely LOVED and LOVABLE. Thank yourself for how much you’ve grown, how much you’ve overcome, who you have become, all the priceless traits and gifts you give to this world by being yourself. Keep embracing yourself now and always knowing you are unconditionally eternally LOVABLE.

Encouraging Uplifting Affirmations With the Angels

Nov. 8, 2021

Connect with your angels and affirm their divine powerful truths of all that you are. Remind yourself that you are pure, a peacekeeper, that you can choose hope and faith in every moment, that you are a friend of God snd the angels, and that they will help you to continue to follow your perfect path for you.

Messages About the Importance of Sleep and Rest From the Dreamtime Angels

Nov. 5, 2021

We connected with the dreamtime angels, who brought us powerful messages about the importance of sleep. They explained how rest and sleep regenerate our mind, heart, body and soul as we travel to our heavenly soul world home every night. They also brought us the confidence-building energy of yellow to build our personal power and remind of our divinity. Then they sent us the loving healing energy of green to remind us how loved we are and how necessary self-love is. Finally, they channeled the empowering energy of red to fuel our passions along our path of life and reassure us we will always be supported with everything we need by mother nature.

Dream On the Stars and the New Moon Knowing The Best Is Yet to Come For You

Nov. 4, 2021

It’s new moon time again! Time for you to dream your biggest dreams. Allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to be completely fulfilled in every area of your life and become that energy knowing your greatest days are on the way.

Your Very Own LOVE and Light Healing Session

Nov. 3, 2021

Connect with your angels and allow them to fill you up and align yourself in divine healing LOVING light. I also ask the angels to work through me to send you even more healing LOVING light. Rest and receive knowing you are worthy and eternally supported.

Connecting With Our LOVED Ones Who’ve Crossed Over

Nov. 2, 2021

It was all soul’s day. So, we took time connecting with our loved ones who’ve crossed over. They brought us beautiful messages including that they live on in your thoughts, heart, and soul, to choose to be the presence of LOVE always, to remember them by the happy memories that you created together, and that you are deeply connected with them.

Connecting With Your Guardian Angel and Mother Teresa

Nov. 1, 2021

On All Saints Day, we connected with the saints and angels. Mother Theresa stepped forward acknowledging all the positive life-changing LOVING actions we’ve taken in our lives as she encouraged us to do even more. Then, our guardian angel commended us on taking time for ourselves and encouraged us to keep giving ourselves that self-love. Our guardian angel also assured us all of heaven is watching over us always, to trust ourselves and in our energy of LOVE, and that being LOVING it’s own reward that will continue to bless us.

Angelic Messages to Be Your Full Natural Self On This Halloween and Always Knowing You Are Enough

Oct. 29, 2021

During this Halloween time, the angels brought empowering messages to us reminding us to be our true natural selves and that it’ll always be more than enough.

Accepting LOVING Help From Archangel Metatron

Oct. 28, 2021

The powerful Archangel Metatron is here to help you now. He brings forth encouraging messages for you. He asks you to see how everything has brought you to this point and to allow all your life’s blessings to move you forward on your path. He asks you to lovingly honour yourself by speaking your truth for your highest good and the good of others. He’s here now to help you overcome your fears by embracing your powerful LOVING light. He shines his emerald green LOVING light to purify and cleanse you. Archangel Metatron also asks you to see even more clearly the beautiful book of life you’re writing. Finally, he sends you healing orange energy of creation helping you to enjoy all the bliss you are worthy of.

Namaste - The Light In Me Honours the Light In You

Oct. 27, 2021

We focused this meditation on the word, “Namaste,” which means the light in me honours the light in you.” We took time making peace with ourselves and others, accepting the truth we are all divine LOVE and divine light.

Victory Is Assured For You

Oct. 26, 2021

Connect with your angels and listen to their divine messages they have for you. Archangel Michael guides you to be clear in your mind, heart, body and soul so you can move forward with confidence, that it is safe for you to take a leap of faith and be free, that you can dive into the future with grace knowing you carry with you all the lessons and wisdom of the past to help you on your journey, and that you are fully connected with the divine world. Archangel Jophiel lovingly asks you to trust yourself and your ability to decide what’s best for you on your path. Finally, Archangel Raphael sends you uplifting healing energies guiding you to stay open and go with the flow of life enjoying every step of the way. All the Archangels combined their guidance into one overarching message: your victory is assured.

Angelic Affirmations For You Today

Oct. 25, 2021

This is your chance to connect with your angels and receive divine guidance from them. The angels ask you to go within, to connect with the divine energy of unconditional LOVE that you’re made of and LOVE and embrace yourself unconditionally exactly as you were, are, and will be knowing you are worthy as source’s perfect divine design.

Basking In Nature and the Angelic Sights and Melodies All Around You

Oct. 22, 2021

We went outside on nature and listened to the beautiful angelic melodies of the birds serenading us. We also felt cleansing purifying water gently washing away everything that was no longer serving us. We enjoyed resting in the peaceful sights and sounds.

Resting and Aligning With Peace and Quiet

Oct. 21, 2021

We took this time to rest in peace and quiet.

Take This Time to Feel Complete Knowing All Is In Divine Order Under This Full Moon

Oct. 20, 2021

It’s full moon time. So, we let go of anything that was no longer serving us and commemorated all of our accomplishments and blessings.

Messages From the Angels of Abundance

Oct. 20, 2021

We connected with the angels of abundance. They brought forth messages assuring us we will receive even more abundance by staying positive, faithful, and optimistic, by being aware of what we consume, by working together towards common goals, by sending out our hopes and dreams to the moon, and by acknowledging the bountifulness of nature knowing we will always be provided with everything we need.

Being Grateful Every Moment of Every Day Knowing Everything Was and Is A Gift

Oct. 19, 2021

We took time to relax and be grateful for everything that has happened in our lives knowing it was full for our highest good. We also took time to be thankful for what is and will be knowing everything is and will always be for our growth and development as we continue to align with the pure LOVING light-filled souls we are.

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving Weekend

Oct. 18, 2021

It’s Thanksgiving weekend. So, we took time to give thanks for all our countless gifts and blessings, for our challenges that brought us priceless gifts of perseverance, strength and resiliency, thanking ourselves and all that we are, for taking time to appreciate ourselves and our contribution to the word, and for acknowledging and being grateful for everyone’s contribution to the world. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Walking Towards Peace and Then Resting and Aligning With Your Inner Peace

Oct. 15, 2021

We walked along and focused on relaxing and finding peace. We soon began looking out over the horizon and looking up to the stars as we found deep inner peace.

Being Happy Now Knowing You Are Attracting Even More Dreams Come True Underneath This New Moon

Oct. 14, 2021

We looked out over the horizon underneath the new moon. We focused on finding the key to our happiness within us and enjoying the energy of happiness and divine LOVE that we are made of. We set free our hopes and dreams to the stars and new moon knowing even greater dreams than we can possibly imagine are on our way.

Beautiful Butterflies Bring You Divine Messages to Help You On Your Journey

Oct. 13, 2021

We connected with the angelic butterflies. They brought forth realizations and epiphanies for us about how much we’ve transformed and blossomed into the powerful beings of light we are they continue to help us spread our wings and fly. The butterflies also guided us to keep moving courageously towards our goals letting our desires fuel us forward. They assured us we are eternally supported every step along our journey as we continue to age gracefully embracing all our lessons and wisdom along the way. Finally, they helped us open up even more to the energy of unconditional LOVE we are,

Miraculous Messages From the Angelic Fairies

Oct. 12, 2021

We connected with the angelic nature spirits, the fairies. They brought us the miraculous healing energies of Reiki and Shamballa, and their divine LOVE as we were renewed in these heavenly energies. They also brought us the energy of laughter and joy, helping us to lighten up even more and to feel and be joy filled and uplifted. Finally, they brought forth reassuring energies of new opportunities on the horizon, asking us to be completely open to the wonderful blessings on the way.

Powerful Messages of Transformative Powers From Archangel Metatron

Oct. 11, 2021

We connected with the powerful Archangel Metatron, who’s here to help everyone, especially all those willing to open up to their gifts. He guided us to stand in our unwavering spiritual authority and to LOVE ourselves enough to speak our truth and set our boundaries knowing we are divine LOVE and are deserving of beating treated as such. He also assured us he’s here to help us conquer our fears and transmute them back to empowering LOVING light from which we came. Finally, he became a dragon and breathes his powerful transformative orange energies into us awakening our inner fires and helping us to even more transform anything in our path back to empowering LOVING light.

Find A Reason to Smile and Then Keep On Smiling 🙂

Oct. 8, 2021

I began this meditation smiling and continued to smile the entire time, as we all were asked to do the same. We felt that happy energy flowing from our smiles and practiced staying in that happy peaceful energy as we recognized all our many gifts and blessings. Even amongst outside distractions, we focused on our smiling happy energy, and magically, the distractions disappears disappeared and we were left with our happy peaceful smiling energy.

Enjoying the Silence and Accepting How LOVABLE and Powerful You Are

Oct. 7, 2021

We took time to go within as our guides and angels sang to us, “All we ask of you is forever to remember us as LOVING you.” We then sang that song to ourselves as we accepted ourselves fully.

Never Give Up; Keep Moving Forward

Oct. 6, 2021

I was guided to keep walking and channeled divine messages from the angels. Please relax and be reminded that you have, you are, and you always will find a way to keep moving forward.

Keep Shining Your Light Knowing the Darkness Is There to Help You Shine Even Brighter

Oct. 5, 2021

It was dark at night time and I was guided to speak on the divine sacred light we are and how all the literal and figurative dark is there to help you align with and shine your light fully.

Appreciating the Eternal Loving Light You Are and How Everything Is Here to Help You Align With It

Oct. 4, 2021

We imagined being outside connected with nature. We felt the gentle winds blowing and released any heavy energies to it. The, we received the healing LOVE and light from the sun. The angels then spoke through me to remind everyone that we are eternal LOVE and light; that all the disappointments and hurts we’ve gone through to help us align with our LOVING light; that we have, do, and always will find a way to hope, have faith, and overcome; that our LOVING light is all we are and all we need and no one and nothing can ever take that away from us; it’ll only help us shine even more.

Angelic Guidance For You

Oct. 1, 2021

We took this time to connect with the angels. They brought forth powerful uplifting messages for us. They guided us to focus on the law of LOVE and think, feel, and speak on everything that brings you happiness and joy as you continue to align with your full self allowing what’s destined for you to come back to you. The angels also lovingly asked us to reward ourselves with unconditional LOVE and appreciation accepting the truth that we are worthy of divine LOVE because we are divine LOVE. Finally, the angels encouraged us to connect with them even more and ask for what we need, for all the energies al tools and energies to complete all of our life missions knowing all will work out in divine order.

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