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Relaxing Meditations, Card Readings, and Messages For You

April 15 - May 29, 2020

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Just For Today I Trust, I Work Honestly, I Accept My Blessings, I Am At Peace, I Respect All Life :)

May 29, 2020

Shamballa is a form of multi-dimensional healing energy. It’s a very powerful healing process that build on Reiki. I was guided to recite the basic principles of Shamballa. So please enjoy saying them in your mind or out load. The principles include I trust, I work honestly, I accept my blessings, I am at peace, and I respect all life.

Balancing Your Energy Centres :)

May 28, 2020

was moved to chant through our energy centres today. So, I went through each energy centre or chakra and we visualized the corresponding colour and sound. We visualized the colours lifting away any blocks so the centre could spin freely. We then chanted through each of the unique sounds three time’s each, which helped to further balance them and raise our frequencies. Once balanced, we visualized playful dolphins jumping out of the water with mermaids on their back. The mermaids then shared messages with us reminding us to ask for help, to trust our intuition, and to surround ourselves with positive energy.

Forgive, Accept and Make Peace With Yourself By Learning to Love Yourself Unconditionally :)

May 27, 2020

I was guided to do an Hawaiian energy healing called ho’onoponopono. The modality helps to make things right between yourself and any other person or situation. In this one, I was guided to do it on ourselves. So we went through the series of prayers and recitations, forgiving ourselves for anything we may or may not have done purposely or not, yet we judged ourselves for them. It was a very powerful process of self-acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude for all that we are, and realizing we are worthy of unconditional love. By the end, we made peace with ourselves, realizing we did the best we could and we’re always growing and evolving.

Admiring the Moon and Dreaming On the Stars Above :)

May 26, 2020

I tried doing a video earlier today, but it didn’t work out. So I guess I was meant to do this one. I saw the beautiful moon outside, along with a few stars, and decided to do an open-eye meditation focusing on those lights in the sky. We enjoyed the stillness, the quietness, and the peace all around us. We allowed ourselves to open up to all that peace. We also imagined moon beams shining down even more peace, light and clarity on us. We were reminded that the moon and stars are always there lighting up our nights even if we don’t always see them, and that no matter how dark it may get in our lives, the light always finds a way. The moon and stars lead us through the darkness until a new day will dawn with even more light and opportunity. Hope springs eternal. We finished with giving thanks to the moon and stars for lighting our path.

Appreciating the Beauty of Flowers :)

May 25, 2020

I received a message to work more with flowers. So I went outside and saw all the dandelions in the grass. I was moved to sit in the grass and used the dandelions as the background. We imagined laying outside in the grass and appreciating the beauty of the dandelions. We realized how they are amazing examples of resiliency as they continue to stand out and grow no matter what anyone says or thinks. We then imagined seeing a beautiful flowerbed and asked the flowers to send us messages. Their messages included healing from the past, to acknowledge and share our wisdom we’ve gained, and to reach for the stars and focus on all our blessings we have and will have because we deserve them.

Enjoying the Rain :)

May 24, 2020

t was raining out. So, I was guided to do this meditation outside in the rain. We visualized being outside in the middle of the rain, with our arms out and hands open, embracing the rain. We allowed the water droplets to pour down on us and wash away any negative thoughts, feelings, or energies. As the rain cleansed us, it also gave us life-giving energy. We then took our time being grateful for the life-sustaining, growing and healing abilities of the water.

Have High Hopes For the New Moon Ahead :)

May 23, 2020

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Getting Ready To Set New Intentions For the New Moon :)

May 22, 2020

It’s New Moon time, so it’s a good time to set new intentions. I was guided to use the clear blue sky as the background while we prepared for the new moon to come. I called on our ancestors to join us, and a cool breeze came through. They brought us a message of renewal, recognizing our spiritual progress and letting us know that we’re on the road to success. So we need to keep the hope and faith. Then my phone magically shut off on its own right after that message. I guess that was the only message we needed.

It Is Safe For You To Blossom Like A Flower :)

May 21, 2020

It was another beautiful sunny day. I noticed the flowers in my flower bed starting to open up and blossom. So I was guided to focus on those in this meditation. We visualized sitting on Mother Earth and admiring the petals of the flowers opening up to the light. We then visualized our hearts and imagined that they were like flowers. We practiced releasing any blocks and stated to allow our hearts to open up little by little. The more we allowed our hearts to open up, the more we were able to let light and love in. We felt the loving energy and realized it was safe to open up fully and completely. I then called on the nature spirits or fairies to be with us. They offered us messages reminding us to look within ourselves to see all we an offer and become, to be honest with ourselves about who we really are and what we are capable of, and to remind us that we serve as teachers and students for others; we’re always learning and growing and teaching others, so it’s important to continue to do that.

There's Magic Within You and Nature :)

May 20, 2020

I was guided to go sit outside and use the grass as the background. I called ion our angels, guides, and fairies or nature spirits to be with us. We imagined sitting and laying in the grass and all these loving beings encircling us and offering us their undivided and unconditional love. As we listened to the messages from nature, a crow showed upon and let himself be heard. He offered us messages of wisdom and a gentle reminder to use and share our wisdom. I then called upon the fairies to offer us more messages. They reminded us to stay in nature more, that there’s magic within nature and ourselves, that we are all connected, that it’s important for us to use our inner child and explore nature and the magic within and around us, and that it’s now Divine timing for us to go on that adventure as amazing things are on the horizon.

Breathing In Invigorating New Air :)

May 19, 2020

I was guided to go outside to an open area and lay on the earth, using trees as the background. We visualized being at home and opening up the window to allow new life-giving air to come in. We saw the air lift open the drapes and felt the energy of the air bringing us new perspectives and possibilities. We breathed in the golden light of renewed hope and faith knowing that new dreams are on the way to fruition. We also imagined laying on the earth and visualized it's beautiful green healing energy washing over up. Finally, we enjoyed the peace and quiet that came with just resting on the earth.

Angels Are Real and Make Their Presence Known :)

May 18, 2020

I open the video speaking about a special out-of-body experience I had the night before in which the angels made their presence known. I went to bed listening to angelic music playing. In the middle of the night, I felt my soul/spiritual body leaving my physical body for a moment. Then I became aware that there was an angel among us. The angel gently grabbed my hands and lovingly put them over my heart. Very reassuring. In this meditation, I called upon the angels and archangels to join us again. We visualized them with us. Then we offered them our concerns in exchange for love and faith. We then asked them to offer us messages. They had messages for us to further reassure us that they're with us, to remind us how we serve as angels for countless others, and that we’ve overcome many difficulties, so now the future is bright.

Nature Reminds Us How Blessed We Are :)

May 17, 2020

I was at a local shop downtown; Vere : Golden Journey. That’s the place where my spiritual development really took off. So I used the beautiful display of a tree there as the background. I then lead us through a relaxing meditation in which we visualize being outside and standing in front of a giant tree. Then we rest our heads and our our hands around that tree. Magically, we start feeling the healing energy of that tree, and we begin to be reminded of the knowledge that the tree carries. As we hugged the tree and it hugged us back, we remembered how to stand tall, adapt, release what we need to and persevere. We imagined birds chirping and felt the majesty of nature. We soon were overcome with a sense of gratitude for all the blessings nature brings us, including air to breath, water to drink, earth to stand on, and the fruit from the trees to eat.

Waking Up To A Brand New Day! :)

May 16, 2020

I guide you through transitioning from dream time to getting ready to wake up. I help you visualize still laying in bed, hearing birds chirping, and seeing if you remember any of the dreams you had, Them we release any stresses for the day ahead, putting our concerns on the clouds above and watching them drift away. We then start imagining how we’d like the day to go. After we’re done setting our intentions, we let go complete control, trusting everything will work out in Divine order. Whatever is meant to be will be.

Opening Up to the Divine Light Within You :)

May 15, 2020

I stayed inside for this meditation. I used a beautiful scenic picture of nature as the background, and had relaxing music playing as well. We looked within ourselves, found any places of tension or stress, and then shined our inner Divine golden light in those areas. That healing energy helped to bring peace and balance to those spots. We then focused on bringing balance to our reproductive areas, strength and adaptability to our knees, and finally clarity to our feet so we know which way to go on our paths.

Releasing Concerns to the Cloudy Sky Above Us :)

May 14, 2020

I was guided to go outside. It was a cloudy day, but I was moved to focus on the sky. So we imagined laying down in the grass on Mother Earth as she infused us with her energies of strength and adaptability. Then we focused on releasing to the sky above us anything that was no longer serving us, trusting it would be brought back up to the light to be transformed, back into love. Then I called upon Archangel Gabriele, the messenger angel, to be with us. He had a message encouraging us to express our inner truth, to use our unique gifts and then share them with the world. The recording magically stopped on its own at that point; a sign the angel was with us.

You Shine Like The Sun :)

May 13, 2020

I was guided to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and clear blue sky. So we ended up doing an open-eye meditation receiving healing energy from the sun, being reminded that we have an inner light that shines just as bright. We also focused on the clear sky reminding us of our endless potential to create and accomplish anything. Finally, we received a message from the nature spirits encouraging us all the work we’ve been doing and all the seeds we’ve been planting will lead to a great harvest of blessings for us.

Your Life Is Limitless Like The Sky

May 12, 2020

was guided to go outside for this one. I was also guided to look up at the sky and use it as my background. We ended up visualizing being outside and laying down, looking up to the sky. As we looked up at the limitless sky, we were reminded of our own limitless possibilities, along with the endless possibilities for everyone around us. We also imagined what it would be like to lift off and take flight, like a bird, into the sky. So we imagined flying around the open sky. We were reminded of what it’s like to be a child and allow ourselves to explore and just be; without any doubts, blocks or barriers. Then a few angels stepped forward to deliver their messages for us. They included Indriel reminding us to shine our inner light; Opal reassuring us that we serve as role models for children all around us and to lead by example knowing our lost loved ones are with us supporting us; Serephina informing us happy changes are coming to us and our families; and Bridgette with a gentle reminder not to let anyone or anything bring us down.

Speaking About Jesus, The Divine Healer :)

May 11, 2020

I had another meditation session earlier today. For that event, we all drew cards. My card was, “Jesus, the Divine Healer.” I was humbled and awe-inspired to receive that card. I took it as confirmation that he was with me and us for that meditation. That was the first time I ever saw that card, so it was very special and meant a lot; especially after I was gifted an eagle feather a few days earlier. That’s a prestigious honour and I look forward to helping people with that feather and giving them a voice to be heard.

Anyway for this meditation earlier today, I opened up and called upon our guides, angels and ascended masters, as I always do. Then I listened and watched to see what my guides had for me to say. I always channel my meditations, so nothing is scripted and I just let messages from through me. In this case, all I kept hearing was Jesus’ name. I’ve learned to trust what I get and go with what I receive. So, I expressed that Jesus was making his presence known, that he was with us, and wanted us to know that. Then I went on to channel a Divine message from him. It was so heavenly and magnificent. Unfortunately I didn’t record it, but trust me it definitely happened. I had a couple witnesses who were meditating with me to prove it.

Anyway, this whole meditation left such an impression with me that I was moved to do this recording with me explaining what happened. I go on to discuss what it meant to communicate with Jesus, as well as a variety of topics, including how to receive messages, the importance of faith and knowing Truths once they become clear to you, how everything I do is authentic and unplanned, how to trust whatever you receive, and communicating with the ascended masters, like Jesus. All of this was unscripted. I just felt it was important to be as authentic as I could be. 

Meditation For Sleep Time :)

May 10, 2020

I was guided to do a meditation for sleep time. Feel free to use this one as you lay down to go to sleep. We focused on looking back on the day and remembering the best memories. We breathed in those beautiful memories and the associated energies that came with them. Then we released through the mouth any moments that caused us any discomfort. We also worked on integrating the lessons we learned from the day. We continued to relax even more, allowing our muscles and tension to unwind as we drifted off to dream world. We started visualizing our biggest dreams happening and felt the associated emotions, before releasing attachments to them, trusting in the Creator’s Divine Plan. Just before we drifted off, a nighttime dream angel had a very important message for us. It was a card confirming the dreams and desires that come from our souls will come to pass for our highest good.

Stay Open to Receive Blessings :)

It’s cold and snowy out today. So I was guided to do an indoor meditation. I called upon our guides and angels to join us. They gathered behind us and around us. So we began releasing any judgments and fears to them in exchange for faith and live. We started feeling lighter and began to all be lifted up into the air. As we floated in the air, we called upon the flower angels to guide us. They gave us an important message; that we will receive financial support and that all we have to do is be open to receiving the blessings. It’s an important message during this time with the virus leaving so much up in the air. Ultimately, we don’t have to worry about how we’ll be paid or supported financially and otherwise; all we have to know is that we will be supported. So, continue to allow yourself to receive the many blessings on your way. They also had a message for us about protecting ourselves by staying in our light. The meditation was magically cut short when my phone stopped recording. So I take that as a message to continue to allow yourself to be and just float, trusting all will work out in Divine Order.

Releasing the Past to Make Room For Future Abundance :)

May 9, 2020

With the energies of the full moon still in the air and snow falling on this evening on May, I was guided to do an open-eye meditation. We focused on the timing of the full moon and how it’s another chance to release the past and any negative energies that we’ve built up over the last month, especially in regards to the virus. We also focused on the beautiful snow falling. It was a perfect reminder to release the remnants of any negative energies from this past season in our lives in order to make room for new energy to come. Our night time dream angels also had messages for us, reminding us to release anything we’re carrying in order to make room for new energy and the prosperous season to come. We also had a message about the colour white, as in the colour of snow, and how it symbolizes purity and divine blessings raining down on us from above. Finally we got a message about the crystal selenium and how all of this happening around us is there for our spiritual awakening and activation. We will be protected and guided the whole time.

Stay Open to Receive Blessings :)

May 8, 2020

It’s cold and snowy out today. So I was guided to do an indoor meditation. I called upon our guides and angels to join us. They gathered behind us and around us. So we began releasing any judgments and fears to them in exchange for faith and live. We started feeling lighter and began to all be lifted up into the air. As we floated in the air, we called upon the flower angels to guide us. They gave us an important message; that we will receive financial support and that all we have to do is be open to receiving the blessings. It’s an important message during this time with the virus leaving so much up in the air. Ultimately, we don’t have to worry about how we’ll be paid or supported financially and otherwise; all we have to know is that we will be supported. So, continue to allow yourself to receive the many blessings on your way. They also had a message for us about protecting ourselves by staying in our light. The meditation was magically cut short when my phone stopped recording. So I take that as a message to continue to allow yourself to be and just float, trusting all will work out in Divine Order.

Releasing to the Super Full Moon :)

May 7, 2020

It was a Super Full Moon last night. So, I went outside in the early morning hours and did an open-eye full moon meditation. We focused on the moon and released to it all of our negative energies that we’ve built up over the last month. Then we opened ourselves up to receive healing energy from the beautiful and bright moon beams coming from the super moon. Finally, we received messages from our night time dream angels. They included focusing on the healing energies of the colour red and allowing it to fuel our passions. There was also a message from the fairies about having fun and enjoying nature, and finally one from the snake, reminding us to release, shed our old ways and to regenerate and start anew with new intentions and a clean slate.

Great Things Are On The Horizon For You :)

May 6, 2020

I heard the birds singing, so I was guided to go outside and stay in my backyard for this meditation. We visualized our guides and angels gathering around us, recycling any of our negative energies back into a form we can use; love. I called upon the healing energy of Reiki to be with us, as well as the multi-dimensional healing energy of Shamballa. So we allowed those energies to flow to us. Then I called upon the angels to offer their messages for us. They gave us messages confirming our strong connection with animals and to let them guide and speak to us us; even those who’ve passed on. They also reminded us about our connection with children, and that we serve as teachers to many by our example, but we can also learn a lot about having fun from them. We also received several messages that we’re completing a challenging phase in our lives and that great things are now on the horizon. So it’s a great time to wish upon the stars and dream big knowing even more amazing dreams can and will come to pass.

You're Stronger and More Powerful Than You Realize! :)

May 5, 2020

In this meditation, we visualized gathering in a circle with our guides and angels holding our hands and connecting us together; infusing us with their unconditional love. Then we imagined a large body of water in front of us in the middle of the circle. A dolphin came up out of the water with a mermaid on her back. The mermaid then gave us a beautiful message reminding us how powerful we are, how we have unlimited power within us, and how we can create miracles.

Messages From the Angels :)

May 4, 2020

I connected with the angels and archangels and we received beautiful healing energy as well as messages from them. Archangel Jeremiel came forward and had a message for us reminding us that everything will be ok; everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to, with hidden blessings we will soon understand.Then angel Rochelle let us know prosperity is on the way. Angel Vanessa encouraged us to always ask which way brings us closer to our divine life plan, especially when we're unsure of what to do. Finally, angel Astara helped us remember that we deserve the best and that we should aim for the stars.

Nature's Healing Abilities :)

May 3, 2020

I went outside on this cool day just after it rained. I was drawn by the birds singing. So we focused on listening to the healing energies of the birds serenading us. We also admired the trees growing taller and developing like us, as well as the grass below our feet. We realized how the grass grows over time, even after people step on it, and that sometimes not everyone notices the growth, but it’s there. The same is true for us. We also called in the fairies to join us. They gave us messages reminding us to laugh more since it’s the best medicine, and to detoxify ourselves from attachments and concerns by bathing ourselves in nature.

Mini-Chakra Clearing :)

May 2, 2020

I was guided to work through our energy centres (Chakras), visualizing the corresponding colour, allowing it’s healing energy to come in and lift away imbalances, and then chant the centre’s sound to bring even more balance to it. We worked through the root, sacral, solar plex, heart, high heart, and throat. The recording magically stopped there, so I guess those were the areas we needed to work on. I hope this helps you feel more aligned with your true self.

Walking Meditation to Help Find Peace By Appreciating Nature :)

May 1, 2020

I was guided to go outside and do a walking meditation. So I went along a short trail and just took time to appreciate everything around me. Along the way, we listened to the relaxing sound of flowing water, the soothing sound of birds chirping, we noticed a little bridge formed from a fallen tree, we saw our own shadows and reflections all around us, and the sound of walking through fallen leaves reminded us of everything we’ve already released with the changing tones. We also saw rocks to remind us to stay solid and strong. All in all, it was a great example how a short walk in nature can bring so much peace and relaxation to your life.

Joy Visualization, Bringing That Energy to the Moment, Water is Life :)

May 1, 2020

It was cold and rainy out. So I started this indoor meditation focusing on joy. We tried to visualize exactly where we’d like to be; a place that would bring us joy. We felt the energies of being there. Then we infused all of those positive energies into our physical bodies and realized we can experience that joy and happiness right now. We can take those peaceful energies to every place we go and every situation we find ourselves in, line magic. Then we called on the magical unicorns for a message to help us. They suggested to stink more water and appreciate the purification and cleansing powers of water. Very powerful message since it was raining out and made so much sense. A rainy day has become a beautiful thing now. Beautiful days of cleansing and purifying.

Allowing the Rain to Cleanse Us :)

April 29, 2020

It was raining out, so I was called to go outside and meditate in the rain. We started out focusing on a tree at the beginning as we listened to the rain fall. We visualized our spiritual, emotional and mental bodies bring cleansed and purified by the divine energy of the falling rain. I then started walking around, so it turned to a walking meditation. We started looking at the puddles building below our feet and were reminded to play around on the rain, like children would, to keep our spirit young and make the most of the situation. We then started looking at the puddles and the reflection of the trees and everything else in it. We were reminded that everything we do and say is reflected back to us. We live in a holographic world where everything I do is imbedded in you and everything you do registers within me. We all affect the whole. We’re all in this together. :)

The Butterflies Teach Us About the Process of Transformation :)

April 28, 2020

The butterflies reached out to me, so I was moved to do a meditation focused on them. We visualized a butterfly appear before us, and their presence reminded us about the process of transformation we’re all going through, and how we’re growing our spiritual wings and learning to fly. The butterflies also had messages for us about finding and using our gifts, taking care of our elders and our children as we're one big family, and the flowers reminded us to give and receive equally to balance all of our relationships. Our guardian angel held our hand on one side of us, while Archangel Michael held our other hand infusing us with courage and faith. He had a message about how by following all our other messages and working on ourselves, we’re attracting our soulmate(s). All the love we’re giving out will come back to us in Divine Order. :)

Just Enjoying the Moment :)

April 27, 2020

It was another beautiful sunny day. So I went outside in my backyard and sat in the sun with the trees and the sun as the background. We all visualized bring outside in nature, just allowing things to be as they are. We listened to the birds chirping, kids playing in the distant background, observing the tree, noticing how strong it is and realizing how much it’s grown, and continues to grow, just like us. The sun continued to warm us up and feel comforted in the present moment.

Releasing the Fear of Death or Sickness :)

April 26, 2020

I was moved to go to the graveyard to visit my late mom. While I was there, I was moved to do an outdoor meditation in front of one of the trees there. So I sat/layed in the grass in front of a tree. I then tried to connect with our ancestors and lost loved ones. They channeled many messages through me, including that we are all love, we are eternal beings, we’re all connected, and that they’ve always with us in spirit watching over us and guiding us. We then tried to open up more to allow all these truths and reminders in, as we also released any residual sorrows or fears, replacing them with love, knowledge and strength.

Open Eye Meditation With a Squirrel :)

April 25, 2020

I went outside to do another meditation. I was joined by a friendly squirrel who was playing in the backyard. So I ended up focusing on him having fun just being in the moment. He served as a good example and reminder to be fully present, to make the most of our natural surroundings, let go of any other concerns from the past or future, and simply enjoy the present; it’s called the present for a reason; it’s a gift! This appreciation of what was right in front of us helped us to remember to appreciate wherever we find ourselves, to let go of whatever else we had in mind, shift focus, adapt to the situation, and receive the healing energy that comes from simply being living in the moment. It also was a good example of how you don’t have to close your eyes to meditate. There are many forms, including an open eye one, like this. :)

One With Nature :)

April 25, 2020

It was a beautiful sunny day. So I was moved to do this meditation outside in my backyard. You can hear the natural sounds of nature in the background. We focused on the sun shining it’s healing light throughout all of our bodies. We visualized the sun bringing clarity to our mental body, peace to our emotional body, strength to our spiritual body, and relaxation to our physical body. Then we called upon our nature spirits, the fairies, to share their messages with us. They included environmental awareness, new opportunities, and  using our unique creative gifts to make a masterpiece. :)

Setting New Intentions For the Full Moon :)

April 23, 2020

I was moved to commemorate the new moon by setting new intentions. So I used a bird kite as the background. We visualized putting all of our hopes and dreams into that kite, and our guides, angels, and unicorns were there to hold the end of the kite with us. Then once we were done envisioning our goals and putting them in that kite, we let them go and watched as our guides, angels and unicorns started running with that kite. The air and wind helped the kite to take flight, symbolizing our dreams and goals taking off. Then our magical unicorns stepped forward with messages for us about the changes we're going through and that everything would turn out for the best, that it's ok to be unique and have your own intentions, the patience while we're waiting for our intentions to come to pass will be worth it, continue to imagine endless possibilities knowing they can and will come to pass, and finally the need to let go, forgive, and trust the process. :)

Listening To The Animals :) 

April 22, 2020

I was moved to connect with nature today. So I added stuffed animals to the background and we listened to the sounds of animals in their natural habitat. We enjoyed listening to their majestic sounds. Then we opened up to receive messages from them. White stag reminded us we are protected and to use our inner gifts, the lizard reminded us to shed what we don’t need, orca whale encouraged us to go on an adventure and try new things, and the dragonfly reminded us about our magical abilities. :)

Walking Through An Enchanted Forest :)

April 21, 2020

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Angelic Healing Circle :)

April 20, 2020

In this meditation, I was moved to be part of the recording. I lead you through a visualization of seeing yourself with your guides and angels gathered together in a circle around you. The send unconditional pink love energy to you as you release negative energy to them. They magically transmute that energy back to pure divine love and send it back to you. You begin to be filled up completely, and then eventually overflow and send love and light to the world. I then received messages from the angels to pass along, including about working with crystals, releasing fears through Archangel Michael, and balancing your crown chakra. :)

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Working With Crystals and Receiving Amplified Healing Energy :)

April 19, 2020

I was guided to work with crystals in this meditation. So we focused on our own special crystal appearing before us. We held this unique crystal in our hands and allowed it’s healing energies to soothe and strengthen us in any way we needed it. We then received beautiful messages about finding a new way to be even more loving, letting go of the need to control, and allowing our true selves to shine through. :)

Receiving Unconditionally Loving Energy and Helpful Guidance From Your Guardian Angels :)

April 18, 2020

I was moved to work with our guardian angels. So we visualized them standing behind us, with our very own angel with their hands on our shoulders infusing us with divine love. Then, I was moved to work with my Guardian Angel oracle deck and received insightful messages from them. They included reminders to open up at this time to receive help in all forms from others, thinking positively knowing we’ll get through this challenge, making the most of our time, and realizing our actions matter, can help the whole, and can inspire others. :)

Staying In Gratitude and Appreciation Unconditionally

April 17, 2020

We ended up focusing on gratitude in this meditation. We visualized going to the beach, enjoying the beautiful energy of the natural elements. We stayed in a state of appreciation for all the blessings around us, realizing they’re all free gifts and that we don’t have to move a muscle to earn them. We released judgement about how we think things should be and just embraced everything as it is, knowing all is love in action, and it’s all there to help us grow and to become unconditionally loving. :)

Balancing Your Energy Centres Through Chanting and Visualization :)

April 16, 2020

In this meditation, I was moved to work with our chakras or energy centres. We went through each chakra and allowed any blocks to come up. Then we visualized the corresponding colour and light coming in and circling around that chakra, helping to remove the obstacles to them rotating freely. Then we chanted the corresponding sound for each centre to bring each chakra into perfect balance and to raise our frequencies. Once our energies were aligned, we received helpful messages from the angels about continuing to call upon them to help us fulfill our divine purpose. :)

Letting Go of Control Issues To Improve Relationships :)

April 15, 2020

I was guided to focus on relationships in this meditation. So I added a happy couple statue to the background. We visualized our guardian angels infusing us with their endless love for us. We accepted that in as we surrendered any judgements or fears. We were magically lifted up into the air. Then we visualized the sun in the middle of our circle, infusing us with it’s unconditional love, as we released how we think things should be; instead receiving energy to accept things as they are, trusting in the Divine plan. Finally, the romance angels had a similar message for us about allowing things to be by giving up control issues. This applies to any relationship we have with anyone in life; the less we try to control or think things should be a different way, the happier we can be, trusting everything will work in Divine order.

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