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The Angelic Love & Relationships oracle card deck and 52 page guidebook with expanded messages can be used to receive angelic guidance on love and relationships, in your daily life. The 50 cards cover a wide variety of subjects, including approaching new relationships, commitment between couples, the issue of love triangles and signs of a possible return of someone from the past. These cards are very easy to use. Follow your intuition and explore using the cards in whichever way is best for you. Each card reveals a meaningful message, with an associated expanded explanation provided in the accompanying booklet. Shuffle the deck and select from one to four cards, allowing the angelic realm to present helpful messages to you. When you have chosen each card carefully read the message displayed whilst noticing the relevance to your personal circumstances. You are welcome to develop additional methods of working with the cards. Use the cards in the most comfortable way for you. About the authors: The Angelic Love & Relationships Oracle cards have been carefully and sensitively produced by Asha Rogers Webb, Spiritual Healer and Channeler, and Kerin Webb, Spiritual Healer and Psychic/Medium.

Angelic Love & Relationships Oracle Cards

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