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Chakra Balancing Bath Salt Trio 


✅ Heal and transform your energy with Raya’s Garden Chakra Herbal Salt Bath Trio. Healing, Love and Harmony.

✅ Handmade with salt and natural herbal ingredients that promote relaxation and comfort. The herbs used throughout encourage blood flow, relaxation, cleansing, and rejuvenation to name a few.Leaving your body in a calm state ready to receive.

✅ The herbal salt bath balances your Heart, Throat and Root Chakra's and infuses them with positive energy, strength and grounding.

✅ Add herbal bath salts into a bathtub filled with hot water and lay full body in infusion for a minimum of 20 minutes.

✅ You can use each mixture alone or a bit of all three together! As your body soaks open yourself to receive as you repeat the affirmation;

Healing : I am healing and will be ok.

Harmony: I am in harmony , even when it feels like chaos.

Love : I love you 

Chakra Balancing Bath Soak Trio

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