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7 Chakras Essential Oils - Concentrated Natural Oils (15ml / .53oz)


✅Chakras essential oils for Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflection, Meditation, Environmental Scenting and Energy Work (Root to Crown) These fragrant oils are the perfect companion for your meditation, reflection and/or environmental scenting. Additionally, each drop of every bottle bouquet is designed to provide you with a feeling of compassion & inner peace to raise your vibrations.

✅ 50% MORE: You will use these every day! And, since each bottle has 15mL / 0.53 oz, you won't have to worry about running out soon so you can enjoy your spiritual calm more often without the hassle of reordering often.

✅ RELAX AND PROSPER from the benefits each chakra oil can provide for your well being. From helping to balance your specific chakra to enjoying the unique aromas they each have to offer.

✅ PERFECT FOR AROMATHERAPY Can be applied in your bath, used as a personal perfume or in your favorite oil burner or mister. These essential oils do not contain allergy prone carrier oils such as coconut, sesame or almond oils.

Chakras Essential Oils Kit

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