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Soul Connections When Two Hearts Meet Love Oracle Cards with 30 page guide book (Produced by Psychic Mediums who are Twin Flames and channelled by Spirit). The cards are beautifully designed and back of each oracle card are a pair of doves which symbolizes peace, fidelity and love. Each card has a specific image that reflects the channelled message being presented. On the front and back of each card pink flowers have been incorporated into the design. The pink flowers combine innocence, love, passion playfulness, and sensitivity. The 52 cards beautifully edged in red to represent love. As psychic mediums and Twin Flames we are very familiar with the events that often follow in the wake of an initial meeting of a Divine Soul Counterpart. We are deeply aware of the uplifting miracles and synchronicity that can occur in tandem with the challenges, as signs from above, of the veracity of the relationship and therefore, with the support of Spirit, we've produced these oracle cards to help many people to more successfully navigate their soul connection journeys. Our own story was featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine, which told how we were led together by the Spirit Realm. We also understand from a first-hand perspective what it means to learn to trust the ongoing guidance that is available from Spirit on the journey of discovery that occurs when we meet a Divine Soul Counterpart. Use the cards for guidance from Spirit regarding your current relationship or any possible new love. The cards can help you gain a better understanding of the underlying dynamics of your relationship using the messages presented to you. Select one or more cards using the suggestions provided in the guide book to allow Spirit to present meaningful messages to you.

Soul Connections - When Two Hearts Meet Love Oracle cards: A 52 Card deck with g

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